11 Weight Loss Myths

Popular Weight Loss Myths Debunked!

In today’s world there is great emphasis put on the ideal weight and outward appearances.

With all of the Hollywood stars getting more skeleton-like everyday, they are really setting an example and it may be too extreme.

So many people have been trying to lose weight, for so long, in so many different ways, that there are now many myths surrounding weight loss and many of them are totally false.

Let’s examine several of them to determine how they started and why they are untrue.

Skipping Meals Helps To Lose Weight

Many dieters will skip an entire meal in an attempt to lose weight and from the amount of calories consumed and this might make sense if you then don’t consume them later in the day.

However there is a big BUT involved here. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is one of the worst things you can do when you want to lose weight [1].

Skipping Meals

Skipping a meal slows down your metabolism and means that the calories you do consume are not utilized by your body in the most efficient manner.

Breakfast speeds up your metabolism after a night sleep and this will help you burn the calories that you do consume.

? Tip: Always eat a good sized breakfast. Eggs to supply the protein, fruit for carbohydrates and micro-nutrients, a glass of skim milk for dairy and calcium. This will keep you full and fuel your body in a healthy way.

On Nutrition Food Labels, a Serving Size is Equal to a Portion

Nutrition food labels are notoriously difficult to read and interpret. It is no wonder that things get confusing. When reading the label pay close attention to the data regarding serving size.

If the serving size is stated as 1 cup and the container holds 2 cups you must multiple all the stated values x 2 if you eat the entire can or package.

Portion size than would equal 2 cups because you ate all of it. To fully understand how to read nutrition labels I will provide a link to the Federal Government website [2].

? Tip: Track calorie intake by determining your serving size. Make healthy food choices by selecting smaller portions and selecting items lower in fat, salt, sugar content and higher in fiber and vitamins.

It Is Healthy To Get Skinny Fast

This weight loss myth his so far from the truth!

There are many ways to actually lose weight and get healthier in the process, but when you are trying to lose weight, it must be done at a reasonable rate or it could be quite detrimental to your health and your appearance [3].

? Tip: The very best way to get skinny fast is with proper diet and exercise. This is also the healthy way to lose weight.

By lowering the amount of calories that you ingest while still maintaining proper nutrition levels and adding more physical activity to your normal amount you will see better weight loss than with any other method.

Our bodies use calories for energy. When we get too many calories that we don’t use, our body stores them for future use. This is where fat comes from.

By lowering the amount of calories that you ingest and raising the amount of activity that you do, your body will begin to draw on those stores of calories which in turn burns the fat making you lose weight.

Building Muscle Will Bulk Me Up, Not Make Me Look Slim

Building muscle by lifting weight is very helpful when you are losing weight. Muscle burns calories much faster than adipose tissue (fatty tissue) does [4].

Muscle continues to burn calories while you sleep so a good weight training workout is just the thing to rev up your metabolism to lose weight fast.

Building muscle burns calories

? Tip: New research shows that weight lifting can be done in short spurts of intense activity, followed by giving your body a rest to heal.

Exercise on reality tears the muscle in many places and the muscle needs a day to rebuild itself. This is the body’s way of making itself stronger.

When doing your weight lifting exercise always do more repetitions before moving to a heavier weight.

Eating More Protein Will Help Me Lose Weight

This weight loss myth has no scientific research to back it up. If you consume more calories then you expend you will gain weight [5].

It does not matter whether these calories are from protein or fat or carbohydrates they all will be turned into fat if not burned as fuel.

? Tip: Protein foods do take longer to digest and therefore make you feel full longer. Eating more protein helps with hunger control while dieting.

Carbohydrates are Fattening and Should Be Avoided When Trying To Lose Weight

Carbohydrates are the body’s main fuel source. Vegetables and fruit are carbohydrates and are packed with good nutrients and anti-oxidants that are very necessary for good health.

The new food guide suggests that we should cover half of our plate with fruits and vegetables [6] which are complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are good

It is the simple carbs we need to steer clear of; candy, soda pop, alcohol and all highly processed foods. [7]

? Tip: Do not consume your calories in liquid form. Instead of drinking juice eat the whole fruit instead.

This way you are getting the fiber and vitamins as well as the juice of the fruit. It will make you feel full longer and is much healthier for you [8].

To Lose Weight I Must Give Up My Favorite Food

The Golden Rule of Weight Loss is Calories In < Calories Burned Period.

You should not give up your special foods, it’s just another weight loss myth. That will only lead to your feeling deprived, depressed and unhappy.

Eat your favorite foods in moderation. Remember portion control is the way too success.

? Tip: Many special foods can be made with fewer calories without sacrificing taste at all. The internet is full of delicious low calorie dessert recipes [9].

I Have To Go Hungry To Lose Weight

There is a difference between true hunger and emotional eating. It may take some time but if you can recognize the difference between the two you are well on your way to your ideal weight.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating comes on suddenly and you crave a particular food like ice cream or pizza. Real growling stomach hunger is open to many food options [10].

? Tip: Do not feed your feelings; instead feed your body.

There Are Certain Foods You Should Never Eat When You Are Dieting

All natural unprocessed foods are good to eat when dieting. No one food in itself should be avoided.

When it comes to processed foods, you may use some of them for sure, but there are also some which you should avoid [11].

Remember as stated earlier you need to establish a calorie deficit in order to loss weight. Burn more fuel then you put in the tank.

? Tip: Do not starve yourself. It is much better to cut back 10 to 15% on your calorie intake.

This will help you lose weight slowly and gradually which is the best way to lose for long term results.

This will help to integrate it into your lifestyle for sustained weight loss.

I Have A Slow Metabolism and Will Never Be Able To Lose Weight

Another weight loss myth busted! Many of us have slow metabolisms but that does not mean we can not lose weight as well as any other person.

Your Resting Metabolism Rate or RMR [12] burns from 65 to 75% of all the calories you consume.

That means these calories are burned just to keep you alive; to keep your heart beating, to digest your food to keep your body temperature in the normal range.

Dieting is responsible for only a small percentage of the overall calories burned.

It is true that with each decade that we age our RMR will decline by about 1-2%. This decline needs to be offset by eating less or being more active.

This does not necessarily mean exercise as in gym workouts, work more activity into your daily living naturally by gardening, climbing stairs, walking to the mailbox etc.

? Tip: Increase your resting metabolic rate by lifting weights or some other physical activity.

I regularly get down on the floor and play with my dogs and when I’m outside with them they almost yell ‘run faster Max run faster’.

You get the picture; simply increase your activity on a daily basis so that your body can burn calories while you sleep.

It’s Not Safe To Take Fat Burners When I Want To Lose Weight

Dietary supplements are generally recommended for weight loss, but you have to choose it wisely.

Some dietary supplements make you lose weight through an increased frequency of bowel movements, which alters your natural stomach metabolism and causes dehydration and nutritional deficiencies.

Some supplements work through eliminating fat in our diet by excreting it in our stools. This is not recommended as we lose many essential fatty acids which are necessary for good health.

Also, there is a great variation in the contents of fat burners and different suppliers sell the same ingredients in their supplement but in vastly different amounts. So, check out the label for every supplement you take into consideration.

There are prescription medicines like Phentermine, that can cause you various side effects, and if used incorrectly can make you addicted to them.

? Tip: A good option is to try an all natural dietary supplement that helps you lose weight by an approach that has been proven to work. One of such products is certainly PhenQ fat burner.

PhenQ is not just a simple fat burner but it also works as an appetite suppressant, and improves the metabolism of your body and boosts your energy levels naturally.

If you are overweight then you are going to feel a lethargic all the time and would it would seem that you do not have the energy to complete even the simplest of tasks.

PhenQ provides boost in energy levels that is highly effective in various ways because you will be able work more, concentrate better and remain active for longer hours.

PhenQ Fat Burners

Being overweight not only makes feel self-conscious but it also affects your health in various ways.

Therefore, it is highly essential to reduce your excess weight and ensure that the fat that you have lost does not return. With the help of PhenQ, not only will you lose weight relatively quickly but also safely.

PhenQ is manufactured in FDA approved facility and the manufacturing process and other quality standards adhere to the FDA regulations strictly.

This is to ensure that consumers opting for the fat burner do not encounter any kind of dangerous side effects from it.

All the necessary health regulations and other necessary precautionary measures are present in all the manufacturing and testing facilities to ensure that PhenQ is able to deliver what it promises without any side effects.

Some might say that other instant fat reducing options are available in the market including methods like liposuction.

Yes, these methods of fat reduction are effective but not only are these procedures expensive and painful but you might have to repeat them from time to time because these are not permanent solution.

On the other hand, with PhenQ you will notice that you are burning off your fat effectively and for a long term.

PhenQ Reviews

With an effective rate of 2 to 4 pounds of weight loss per week, you will surely agree that PhenQ is the ideal weight loss solution once you start taking them.

This natural fat burner will stimulate natural weight loss by speeding up your metabolism, attacking your fat reserves, reducing your hunger and generally stimulating your body to be a fat burning furnace.

You can start losing your excess weight by ordering PhenQ from its official website.

Weight Loss Myths Conclusion

Weight loss plans do not have to be radical or extreme for long term success. Never allow yourself to be overly hungry so that your blood sugar drops too low.

Then when you can’t wait for supper and you have a little treat, like just one candy, your pancreas will pump out insulin giving you a spike and it is insulin that makes you store fat. Food needs to be ingested for fuel not for storage.

If you feel you need to turbo charge your weight loss in the beginning you may consider fat burners just to give you that welcome kick start where you need to see immediate results.

Another place where fat burners are useful is if you have reached a plateau and nothing you do seems to move the scales in the right direction.

Here is another place where products like PhenQ can really help.

I hope this article was helpful in debunking some popular weight loss myths.

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