7 Common Weight Loss Myths

Shedding off excess weight can be challenging especially without knowing the truth about weight loss.

When we start dieting, we always have in mind what we can and cannot eat, how much food we eat and much more. Believe it or not, many of these “rules” are actually completely wrong.

With the many theories and ideas floating around in the market, it is indeed hard to separate weight loss and facts.

To lose weight without compromising your health, you should look at and learn from the following misconceptions about weight loss.

Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myth 1: Follow Fad Diets

Fad diets are never considered to be effective in allowing you to lose weight permanently.

Sure, you can lose significant weight quickly but it would be easy to regain them back once you go back to your regular diet.

Also, the calorie restrictions may pose some health risks as you will not be receiving proper nutrients.

Again, you need to make healthy food choices and follow an exercise regime.

Weight Loss Myth 2: Stay Away From Carbs

Your body requires an energy source, which only carbohydrates can provide. By avoiding carbohydrates in your meals, you could easily feel weak and lethargic.

The trick is to avoid eating them in large portions and with fattening toppings such as mayonnaise and butter.

Choose low calorie carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat bread and oatmeal.

Weight Loss Myth 3: You Can Lose Weight By Just Taking Diet Pills

Although you might think weight loss pills are convenient, you should know it cannot work on its own.

You will need to make sure you are eating right and engaging in physical activities.

Keep in mind the best diet pills only work to accelerate the weight loss process. Even the top diet pills such as PhenGold should not be relied on solely to provide long-term solutions to weight-related problems.

Of course, they can still help and you should check out fat burning pills reviews to pick the right one for you.

Weight Loss Myth 4: All Herbal Diet Products Are Effective And Safe

Just because the product claims to be made from natural ingredients, they are safe for consumption. For starters, most have never been studied and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

For this reason, you need to be careful when taking fat burners or other weight loss supplements.

Read labels, understand what each ingredient plays in the weight loss process and even check online reviews.

You can also choose to speak to a professional health care provider before taking any herbal weight loss products.

Weight Loss Myth 5: Completely Avoid Fast Foods

Most individuals who are trying to lose weight stay away from fast food restaurants, thinking they could never offer anything healthy or substantial.

But these foods can still be a part of your weight loss program as long as you make some little sacrifices.

For example, choose grilled over fried and chicken breast over chicken wings.

Do not order the supersized portions unless you will be sharing it with a friend.

When ordering salad, avoid the high-fat and high-calorie dressings or at the very least, use only a small amount.

Weight Loss Myth 6: Non Fat Means No Calories

Foods claiming to be non-fat or even low-fat could indeed contain fewer calories than their full-fat counterpart.

However, there are non-fat processed foods which contain the same amount of calories because of the fat substitutes added to them like flour, sugar or starch.

It is always smart to read the Nutrition Facts at the back of every food package to find out the amount of calories each serving contains.

Weight Loss Myth 7: Skip Meals To Lose Weight

Many studies have already proven how skipping a meal will lead to a person consuming more calories at the end of the day.

This must be because a person would be hungrier and will tend to overeat when they do sit down to have their meal.

Experts advise to eat as many times as possible during the day as long as the overall calorie consumption is appropriate for your energy requirements. This strategy can even control your appetite.

You have to realize that almost every weight loss myth is based on some easy solution, but when it comes to weight loss there is no easy way, there is only the right way.

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