Best Legs Exercises For Beginners (And Professionals)

Legs are another one of the most targeted muscle groups by bodybuilders, athletes and sports people in general.

Today we will take a look at four of the most effective and easy to do exercises for legs.

Training your legs will not only make them look good but it will also make them much stronger and resilient.

For that reason it’s highly recommended for people of all types to workout their legs since we use them every day.

Doing these exercises you will need to keep an eye on the load that is appropriate for you.

You don’t want to put extra weight because that way you will not be able to cover the reps recommended for your size and that can make the whole exercise to be inefficient.

Also using less weight means you will not be able to put the desired pressure on your muscles which also renders the whole exercise useless.

Front Barbell Squat

Some people will argue that this exercise focuses more on the butt than it does on the legs. They might be right but there is still no denying of the fact that this is one powerful leg exercise especially for beginners.

Favored by bodybuilders worldwide we decided to included in this list as it is one of our favorites and easy to do.

best exercises for legs at gym

They way to do this leg exercises is as follow:

For your starting position you will need to cross your arms and place them under the bar that was previously loaded with the appropriate weight for you.

Now with your arms crossed and perpendicular to the floor and the bar on top of your arms, make sure you are standing straight with your legs spread at shoulders’ width.

Start going down using only your legs and breathe in. Keep your head facing forward and your back straight. Go down until your lower and upper leg are locked at less than 90 degrees.

Now you start going back up to starting position as you breathe out. Again it’s very important not to go off balance and to keep your back straight as you want your legs to take full pressure.

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Bulgarian Split Squat

Next on the list is this great Bulgarian Squat. This exercise is a little bit more difficult as it requires more balance.

The tension you put on your legs is higher here as you use only one leg at a time. If you can master and do this leg exercise well then you will love the amount of work you can do in such a short time.

Legs Exercises For Beginners

The way to do Bulgarian Split Squat is as follow:

Start by standing about a meter in front of a bench. Your back must be facing the bench and the bench must not be higher than your knees.

Feet must be again at the width of your shoulders. Hold the bar behind your neck with your grip being wider than shoulder width. Lift one of your legs and place the foot on top of the bench.

Now start going down by bending your other leg as you inhale. Stop when your upper leg is parallel to the floor. Keep your torso straight and try to maintain good balance without shaking.

Now start going back up to starting position as you breathe out. Do the recommended amount of reps and then switch legs.

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Dumbbell Lunge

This leg exercise is very easy to do but still very effective for building quadriceps. This is a good exercise to do first as you will find it much easier and much more effective when your legs are fresh and not yet tired up.

So if you decide to include this exercise into your routine then make sure you do it first.

The way to do this exercise is as follow:

Stand straight up and grab two dumbbells in your hands. This will be your starting position.

Using your right leg, step forward about one meter while you keep your torso straight up. Keep your left leg stationary and begin to inhale and kneel down until your left knee hits the ground.

Now start going back up to starting position as you breathe out. Switch legs and repeat as much as recommended for you.

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Barbell Deadlift

Some experts say Deadlifts are a whole body exercises. They are very strength focused and can put a lot of tension on more than one muscle group.

There is a squat element in Barbell Deadlifts that is very good for working out your hamstrings. That is why we thought it’s a good idea to include it in this list.

Barbell Deadlift

The way to do this leg exercise is as follow:

Place your barbell on the floor and stand with your feet being a little bit less than shoulder width. Bend down by pushing your hip down and moving your knees forward. Grab the bar at shoulder width.

Now take a deep breath and proceed to lift the bar off the ground using only your legs. Assume a standing position with your back straight up and your head facing forward.

Start bringing the bard back down to the ground by bending at the hips.

And here is a small list of both newbie and pro friendly exercises that are favored by bodybuilders worldwide.

Combined then well with your workout plan and make sure you use a suitable diet for maximum results.

Be very careful with your leg workout tho as you don’t want to damage your legs.

Doing leg exercises comes with a decent amount of pain in your legs that might interfere with some of your daily activities so chose your workout intensity wisely.

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