Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This fact is ignored by many, and many problems may arise as a consequence.

The body needs to have enough energy at all times, as well as all other nutrients.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you should overeat for breakfast, but to take enough nutrients to make your body function properly.

Skipping breakfast is the worst thing you can do to yourself, because that way your appetite is not suppressed, but intensified, resulting in overeating for lunch or dinner.

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Overeating is bad for your digestive organs that are under a “state of emergency” and they’re trying to digest all that food.

Another characteristic of overeating is that you won’t be able to lose your body mass, because this is how you consume more food than when you eat breakfast. More food means more calories, and that means obesity.

Tobacco is known to affect appetite, so many people drink coffee and light a cigarette instead of a nice healthy breakfast. Eventually they eat some coffee biscuits or a candy bar. Wrong!

No matter how hard you try to put your appetite under control like this, you’re certainly not going to make it.

The solution is not to eat once or twice a day, but quite the opposite: arrange the daily amount of food for 5 meals. These are three basics: breakfast, lunch and dinner, with two extra snacks.

Of course, adjust your caloric intake in such a way that lunch still contains the most calories. Breakfast and dinner should contain slightly less, and snacks less than all of the aforementioned.

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Why can’t we ever skip breakfast?

Remember that feeling when you come to work and say to your co-workers, “yoo, let me go, I’m not awake yet”? You probably haven’t even had your coffee, and you must have missed breakfast? There.

At the beginning of each day you need to shake it up a little bit, put in some energy to make your day productive.

If you’re one of those people who skips breakfast, you might consider changing this bad habit. Here’s why:

Breakfast improves, i.e. speeds up your metabolism

Immediately after waking up your blood sugar levels are low, because you’ve just got up, and since dinner it’s been a long time, maybe 8-12 hours.

Your body was wasting energy during that time. So, within two hours of waking up, have some breakfast.

When you eat less and more often, calories burn faster because your metabolism is faster.

skipping breakfast gain weight

So you get used your body not storing fat tissue, because it will always have food at its disposal.

If you’re on a diet, it’s easier to lose weight if you don’t skip breakfast.

It’s been proven that those who eat this meal regularly are more likely to retain normal body weight, or even to lose weight.

Those who don’t know this think skipping breakfast will make it easier to lose weight. It won’t.

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Breakfast balances blood sugar levels

In healthy people, but also in diabetics it is very important to maintain as stable blood sugar levels as possible.

Skipping breakfast gives you stronger secretions of insulin for lunch so you will overeat. This can lead to a metabolic disorder and the result is fatty deposits.

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Breakfast increases work and intellectual abilities

When you don’t eat breakfast you are not focused on work and learning, your concentration and work performance drop, you feel sluggish and slow.

So make sure you don’t get hungry and make sure you have your first meal.

You set a good example for the household

If you have children, breakfast is something you want them to practice, and if they see from you that you don’t eat, they can also accept that bad habit. Besides, you won’t be grumpy and nervous.

When you eat breakfast, avoid sweets, as they increase blood sugar levels and will increase your appetite later. This is one of the reasons sweets are on the blacklist for all good diets.

What’s best to eat for breakfast?

For your first daily meal, always choose nutritious, natural fat burning foods, and as much as you can avoid industrial products.

This means that it is good to take eggs, dairy products, which are rich in calcium and protein, vegetables/fruits that have fiber, vitamins and minerals, integral pastries, oatmeal, muesli or cereals rich in carbohydrates and fiber.

Simply find the 10 minutes (or less) it takes for breakfast. Don’t look for an excuse for rushing to work or school, because there you can also bring milk and cereal.

Ultimately, you can also buy a healthy sandwich there and, with a glass of fruit juice, relieve hunger and be more productive than if you don’t eat.

If you have a health problem, or simply want to lose weight, you should write down what to eat for breakfast, as well as all the other meals of the day. All you have to do is set a realistic goal and move towards that goal.

Be healthy, be happy… From the very early morning.

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