Hot Food With A Cold Drink Slows Down The Feeling Of Satiety

In this summer time we often have no appetite, because warm external temperatures can affect that.

On the other hand, all people on diets don’t usually even think about the temperature of the meals and beverages they consume with them.

Temperature affects the proper digestion of food, and thus weight control, which we always try to tame.

Cold food: from idea to doom

Some 35 years ago, the media began to control what and how we ate, and the first diets emerged that took into account food temperature. These were so-called “cold diets” propagated by some models and actors.

By logic, it should have been obvious that by eating cold foods that, by the way, are low-calorie foods, we lose more weight. How to? Simply – we digest food, and your body consumes part of the calories to warm up the food you eat.

What a stupid idea! All this diet can make is dysbiosis 1 and not so naive problems with digestive organs.

Your body is not a robot, and doesn’t work by the logic of physics. You can burn your excess fat in dozens of better and healthier ways.

Hot food? Certainly!

Whether you’re eating healthy or less healthy, it’s always a good idea to eat hot foods. So, not hot to burn yourself, or completely cold around room or fridge temperature, but pleasantly warm. Why?

When fats and oils are cold, they are harder to break down, i.e. harder to digest, so there is stomach pain and a feeling of weight.

As for cooked meals, they should also be taken warm. You only shouldn’t eat hot vegetables and fruits that are normally eaten raw.

Salads are an obvious example, we all like them but not immediately cold from the fridge but about 15 minutes later, when they get a little closer to room temperature.

Hot Food With A Cold Drink

On the other hand, potato dishes are best eaten chilled (say potato salad), because starch in potatoes changes its structure and becomes the most digestible when cooled.

Maybe that’s why potato preparation like this is often combined with some main protein dish, like trout or some other fish.

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Hot meals with cold beverages? That’s a bad idea!

Do you remember what your grandmother told you about cold drinks and hot meals? No? Back in the mid-20th century, women and men knew that it was bad to combine hot food and cold drinks.

There are several important reasons why it’s wrong:

  • This combination slows down the body’s response time to satiety and increases your chances of overeating.
  • Teeth decay occurs faster when you cool them after a hot meal.
  • Extremely cold beverages cool the fats from food you took in, so they digest more slowly.
  • You’re increasing your chances of dysbiosis.
If you look at what almost all the fast food restaurants in the world are doing now, you’ll see they’re doing just that: they’re offering you hot food with iced beverages that boost your appetite.

Goal: You’ll spend more money on food, because you’re not full-fed, that is, you haven’t had an impulse yet that your meal is over. And that means more weight.

For those of you planning a diet, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of combining hot dishes with cold drinks. It’s better to drink room temperature beverages or even hot drinks with a meal.

After all, this is exactly what many Eastern nations traditionally do, and people’s traditions helping them to live healthier than Western nations.

Nothing is more natural than nature itself. Cheers!

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