Muscle Building Diet Plan: Diet To Build Muscle

Below you will discover some basic directions on how your muscle building diet should look if you want to get good results from your workouts.

Daily Calorie Intake

People who are on the path to muscle growth need to make sure they increase their daily calorie intake.

The working out process destroys muscle fiber which is getting rebuilt and replaced and this is what makes muscle grow.

If you don’t have a suitable diet with enough calories then you might end up wasting your workout.

Muscle Building Diet Plan

One famous way to do that is by multiplying the following:

  • Men – 1x body weight in kg x24
  • Women – 0.9x body weight in kg x24

Then you have to multiply based on your body fat percent:

  • Men 10-14% and Women 14-18% = 1.0
  • Men 14-20% and Women 18-28% = 0.95
  • Men 20-28% and Women 28-38% = 0.90
  • Men over 28% and Women over 38% = 0.85

Then you need to multiply based on your daily activity:

Very Light: x1.3, Light: x1.55, Moderate: x1.65, Heavy: x1.8, Very Heavy: x2.

That depends on your activity level, workout intensity, goals and more.


Male 77kg, 15% body fat, moderate activity will go as followed:

1 x 88kg = 88; 88 x 24 = 2112; 2112 x 0.9 (body fat) = 1900; 1663 x 1.65 (activity) = 3136 daily calorie intake.

Female 62kg, 14% body fat, light activity will go as followed:

0.9 x 58kg = 52.2; 52.2 x 24 = 1252.8; 1252.8 x 1 (body fat) = 1252.8; 1252.8 x 1.55 (activity) = 1941 daily calorie intake.

That’s just one example of how many people do it but of course you will have to adjust it according to your situation and depending on your cycle (bulking or cutting).

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How Much Protein Build Muscle

Another very important thing for building muscle is protein. Protein is of grave importance to build muscles.

Many people have the common problem of working out hard and barely seeing any results. The most probable reason for that may be the lack of protein in their diet.

One good way to determine how much protein you need per day is to convert your body weight from kg to pounds.

It will look something like this: 88kg = 194 pounds. That means you will need a minimum 194 grams of protein per day.

IMPORTANT: This is a very basic way on how to calculate the minimum amount of protein you need. The number needs to be increased based on your activity level, your bodybuilding goals and etc.

The best way to take your daily protein is with your food. There are plenty of natural foods that are very rich on protein such as chicken meat, pork, cheese, eggs, fish, nuts and more.

Another good way is with protein powder.

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The next important step is fats. But not just any fats but good fats from meat, nuts and more.

You don’t have to be afraid of taking such fats as they are good to build muscles and they increase the number of anabolic hormones that boost up the development and the growth of your muscles.

Carbs To Build Muscle

Carbohydrates are no less important for bodybuilders. They are a huge source of energy for the body and they act as your bodybuilding fuel.

A process called Glycolysis will split glucose and produce energy for your body. Carbohydrates also provide tons of very important vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B9 and more.

You also get tons of miners like iron, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus and more.

Diet To Build Muscle

When you keep the appropriate level of carbs in your body, it helps you stay in anabolic environment longer. Foods high on carbohydrates are grain, corn, rice, fruits, vegetables and more.

Having a good pre workout and post workout meal is also very important for amplifying results and build muscles.

As we now know, carbs are the fuel so a good thing to do before workout is to get some slow burning carbs like the ones you get from pasta and grains.

This way you can train longer and harder for bigger and better muscles.

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Other Muscle Building Tips

Ask For Professional Help

Here I would like to start with the most common mistake that many novice bodybuilders do. They don’t ask for help and guidance in the gym.

Working out the right way is the most important for the effects of your training. For this reason it is always best to have a professional around you who can advise you and point out your mistakes.

Rest Your Muscles

Sleeping and relaxing is also one of the most important parts of muscle building since the actual ‘muscle growth’ and recovery happens when the muscles are resting, not while they are being worked out.

Water Intake

Water, the source of all life. Our strength level is tied up with the amount of water we have in our body. Bodybuilders need to drink a lot of water in order to perform as best as possible.

Muscle Building Supplements

Supplements are around for quite some time now. Many bodybuilders use more and more of new supplements every day to boost their performance and get the body they have always wanted.

There is nothing wrong with that but there are a few things to keep in mind before taking any supplements.

You need to find a good brand, you need to know yourself: are you allergic to something or not, how big a bodybuilder are you, you need a suitable diet and schedule and more.

You can’t just take some and fall asleep. For best results make sure you consult a professional before start using anything.

So here you have it. Some good ways to improve your workout and speed up your muscle growth.

Summing it up, do your exercise the right way, eat enough calories, take enough proteins and carbs, drink a lot of water, sleep a lot and workout hard for maximum results.

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