PhenQ Review

Is PhenQ A Premium Fat Burner?

It is very easy to gain weight for some people. A little loss of self control on the amount of food they eat and they start packing on the pounds in no time at all. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they need to start losing weight until they have put on too much weight.

The task of slimming down now becomes very hard because the body has become accustomed to the amount of food intake. It also becomes very difficult to increase physical activity because of the lack of energy.

If you have reached this point, then a good option would be to take weight loss supplements that will help you control your food intake and increase your energy levels so that you can increase the amount of physical activity you do on a daily basis.

One of the best fat burners that you can opt to go with is PhenQ. Here are the reasons why this diet pill would be one of your best options.

PhenQ is a unique dietary supplement that offers fast results for people wanting to lose weight, burn fat, boost energy, suppress appetite and even build muscle. The secret behind this product is a patented formula of 8 potent, clinically tested ingredients that work in synergy to provide best effects.

Phenq ReviewsWeight loss of average 2-4lbs a week
✅ Stimulates metabolism
Increases fat burning
✅ Suppresses appetite
Increases energy levels
✅ Reduces physical fatigue
Boosts thermogenesis
✅ Restores mental alertness
Boosts work out performance
✅ No dangerous side effects
Produced in FDA approved lab
✅ Compliant with USA and EU safety standards
Money back guarantee

This product is a great combination of science and nature. All ingredients are completely natural, but each is proven to be potent for weight loss in clinical studies and research.

How does PhenQ work for your weight loss?

For weight loss first you need to know is how your weight fluctuates. It’s so simple. If your body needs 1800 calories to maintain itself and you consume 2500 calories then you are going to gain weight.

If you take in 1400 calories and your body needs 1800 calories to maintain it then you will slowly begin to lose weight.

Burning fat is a simple math problem. Your body will access the stored fat to make up the difference, thus burning fat.

Metabolism can be increased by the increased intervals of food consumption and increasing your muscle mass. Putting all this factor together makes you burn fat faster.

Burn Fat 24/7

Fat Burning 247PhenQ is a diet pill that tackles weight loss from several angles.

It increases your body’s ability to burn fat, enhances your metabolic rate, helps suppress your appetite and even improves your mood making you positive about your weight loss progress.

The product itself has fat burning abilities that will make your body burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is normal to see people who use PhenQ supplement lose 2 to 4 lbs a week because they are burning fat 24 hours a day. Just remember though that correct diet and exercise will help you achieve the best results.

Metabolism Overdrive

Using this potent fat burner will boost your metabolism, releasing your stored fat for energy, so your daily calorie spending will be increased.

Contrasting traditional dieting when your metabolic rate slows to compensate for fewer calories, this dietary supplement can support a high metabolism to offer you superior fat burning.

Reduced Cravings

When your body becomes accustomed to taking in too much food, decreasing this amount will only make you feel hunger and lose focus on your main objective.

Reduced CravingsOne of the ingredients of this supplement helping you feel fuller for much longer periods of time.

This product is a very effective appetite suppressant and you will not even notice that you have started to go on a diet.

Decreasing food intake is the first step to achieving your ideal weight.

Snacking between meals is also a big problem for any dieter, so reducing your hunger levels can easily make the difference between you losing weight or not.

More Energy

The next thing you need to do is to start exercising. The more your body becomes physically active, the more fat is burned in the process.

One of the great benefits of PhenQ is that it will give you the energy you need to become physically active.

Putting on too much weight makes a person become sluggish, move a lot slower and shy away from physically demanding activities simply because they lack the energy to perform them. PhenQ will give you that extra energy so that you can start performing the activities that will make you burn fat.

What Are PhenQ Ingredients?

Definitely – a powerful combination of fat fighting ingredients, but read on…

PhenQ Ingredients

α -Lacys Reset® (25mg)

PhenQ is the exclusive fat burning product that features α -Lacys Reset. Studies on this fat burning supplement have recognized α -Lacys Reset to be the major factor for its success.

Essentially, the formula was developed with the use of advanced technology. Scientists behind α -Lacys Reset selected 3 key aspects while developing it.

First, it should help your body burn more excess fat, then it should be able to lower your appetite and finally it should help you lose weight safely and naturally and effectively.

α -Lacys Reset, is actually a patented formulation. It is a mixture formulated with alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.

Together they are incredibly effective in burning the body fats, suppressing appetite and decreasing the body’s fat ratio. At the same time, when combined together, these become much more effective!

Alpha Lacys Reset

As said, α -lipoic acid and cysteine has been subjected to great clinical researches and trials.

There is actually evidence that α -lipoic acid by itself has a great potential like a remedy for overweight individuals. [1]

Cystene has been proven as a potent appetite suppressant since it can lower levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone) [2]

Basically, α -Lacys Reset works as a metabolic enhancer. Without question, it is what brings PhenQ its fat burning improving abilities.

Alternatively, the results of this blend are not restricted to the principle of accelerating metabolic process, medical research imply it can additionally help with promoting the development of lean muscle mass. And the more muscle you have, the more fat you will be burning.

Therefore, if the body gets rid of extra fat and is stimulated to improve lean muscle, the outcome is a leaner figure!

L-Carnitine Fumarate (142.5mg)

L-Carnitine Fumarate supports the transformation of fat into energy. It so fuels your system, providing you additional energy to carry out your activities or exercise routines.

Therefore, it helps more fat to be released from deposits, so you can use more fat for energy production.

L-carnitine carries long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells. Mitochondria create nearly all the cell’s source of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), used as a supply of energy.

L-carnitine is able to do this celluar process both when you have some physical activity and when you have a rest, yet study suggests it is particularly efficient throughout strenuous training.

One research from Scotland noticed that along with its effect on fatty acids transport, L-carnitine additionally improves insulin’s actions on muscles. [3]

Chromium Picolinate (80mcg)

Chromium Picolinate works to enhance the efficiency of insulin, which is very important, as insulin controls how much fat your body stores. It significantly enhances the body’s glucose and fat metabolism, helping the breakdown of glucose and fat. [4]

It mainly works by dealing with the glucose levels and supplying the cell resource to burn off for energy. When consumed, chromium will help the cell to accept a good amount of sugar, leaving an individual with lower appetite.

Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg)

Caffeine CoffeeCaffeine Anhydrous: This effective natural stimulant interacts with the central nervous system to enhance mental and physical performance.

It boosts performance and prevents drowsiness in the short term, meaning that you can carry out specific activities for a longer time.

Clinical tests confirm caffeine consumption is associated with weight loss through processes of appetite suppression, thermogenesis and fat oxidation. [5]

Capsimax Powder (15.5mg)

Capsimax Powder. This is a patented mixture of of capsicum, piperine, niacin (Vitamin B3) and caffeine.

Chili Pepper CapsaicinCapsicum helps absorption of other ingredients through increased blood flow to small vessels and fatty tissue, therefore improves the effectiveness of PhenQ.

It is also potent thermogenics that can help you to burn more calories every day.

So it is helpful to burn fat effortlessly as body with increased temperature require more energy. [6]

Piperine on its own is an effective ingredient in the treatment of excess weight, bad ldl cholesterol, and body fat.

Niacin functions as a fat burning ingredient by supplying the body with the energy to get rid of all the unwanted fat. Additionally, it is able to lower cholesterol levels.

Nopal (20mg)

Nopal is a sort of cactus also known as Prickly Pear. It is rich in fiber and packed with amino acids. Research has shown that prickly pear could have the ability to assist men and women looking to slim down.

In a 12 weeks study, 125 overweight individuals were split into 2 groups.
First group started to take a placebo, while the second one took Prickley pear. Both groups had a reduced calorie diet and some moderate exercise regime.

By the end of the research, the individuals who consumed Prickley Pear lost a minimum of 5% more pounds than the individuals who consumed the placebo. [7]

Calcium Carbonate (625mg)

Calcium Carbonate: Important for many processes in the body, particularly for mineralization of bone. Clinical study reveals that high calcium diets may decrease storage of body fats and improve weight loss. [8]

PhenQ Testimonials

PhenQ has provided great results to many men and women across the world, helping them lose weight and have better and healthier life. Many of them are so satisfied that they have decided to make testimonial about their great weight loss success.

At the age of 31 I’ve started feeling depressed because of my excess weight, and this resulted in very low energy level and bad moods all the time. My poor husband didn’t know what to do with me.

PhenQ became known even in Germany and once I’ve heard some good testimonials from my coworker, I’ve decided to give a try to it. I’ve chatted with their live support, and I placed my order.

Shipping took a few days, but that was worth waiting for! Just about 7 days after I’ve noticed that in the morning I get up fresh and full of energy, not any close to way it was before!

And after about 1 month of taking that supplement, my weight reduced by 6 Kilo’s (~13 pounds) – that was simply amazing.


I have understood now what does good body metabolism mean – without any diets you can lose weight, just because your body is functioning properly and burning fat properly, thanks to PhenQ.

So if you are suffering from excess weight or having low energy level or just feeling old and depressed, you probably simply need to help your body to improve metabolism. – Gerdie, Germany

“I have been using PhenQ for over a month and was really surprised at the amount of sustained energy I have.

Now I awake feeling well rested and stronger, and have more confidence.

Ghislain PhenQ Testimonials

For now I’ve lost over 10 pounds of fat, but what is even more important to me is I really feel like I am getting my life back.

Thank you so much for this product.” Ghislain

PhenQ Instructions

Every container has 60 pills and the consumer uses 2 pills daily with some water. Therefore one bottle will last you 30 days if you regularly use the product.

It is recommended that consumers get one early in the day with morning meal and another one around lunchtime.

You should not use PhenQ fat burning pills throughout the evening or before sleep since it contains caffeine.

Although the PhenQ dosage is 2 pills daily, some individuals can take less than the suggested and actually still enjoy in weight reduction.

You don’t need to make any adjustments to your daily diet or physical activity while using PhenQ. Still, a healthy diet and lifestyle is certainly beneficial.

It will promote your fat burning campaign and improve your self-confidence and emotional health.


Are there any PhenQ side effects?

Manufactured in a FDA registered laboratory, PhenQ is legal and safe way for losing your extra weight. There have been no dangerous PhenQ side effects reported.

PhenQ Side EffectsThis dietary product meets all the international standards and is approved to be used in USA, EU, Australia and across the world.

It is also important to know that it has had no documented negative interactions with prescription or OTC drugs. There is also a customer care center on the official website that will help you with any of your doubts, even about PhenQ side effects.

A minimal number of consumers who are hypersensitive to caffeine might experience some side effects such as insomnia or slight elevation in heart rate and blood pressure.

It contains only 150mg of caffeine which is the amount as in a cup of coffee.

The product has undergone years of research and testing just to ensure the safety of its consumers.

If you are using it as manufactures suggest you shouldn’t have any side effects. However, it is always good to inform your doctor whenever you want to use any kind of dietary supplement.

Does PhenQ Work For Both Women And Men?

Sure, this supplement is useful for both men and women. Still, the outcomes will be different from one individual to another.

The basic rule is– the more excess fat you have, the better your starting effects are going to be.

Due to its formulation made of potent ingredients, this supplement will reduce your cravings, improve mood, boost your energy levels, and enhance burning of fats – irrespective of whether you are a man or woman.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

It is quite difficult to see how many pounds you can lose since outcomes are personal and will be determined by several things, like adjustments in your eating routine, the level of physical exercise, the frequency of using these tablets.

You should experience weight reduction even with no exercise or diet altering. On the other hand, if you include exercises and healthy eating, your benefits will be considerably better.

We can learn from PhenQ consumer reviews that an average weight loss of 2-4lbs a week is experienced and when used for longer time an average weight loss of 20-25lbs in just 2 months is expected.

Should I change my eating habits and start exercising?

The answer to these concerns is really complex. Assuming you have kept up a healthy lifestyle, in that case you do not have to make any change.

Yet, if your regular food intake includes mainly of soft drinks and pizza, then you have a lot of space for diet adjustment.

You do not have to begin with any physical exercises if you have not exercised before using PhenQ. No matter what, you should experience positive changes in your weight. On the other hand, with some moderate activity, you will notice significantly better results.

By following a healthier diet and with some mild exercises, you will not only help boost your weight loss, but you will be more enthusiastic and energized for all your daily activities.

Where Can I Buy PhenQ?

You should only buy PhenQ from its official website. There are fraudulent products online which do not include proper ingredients. Also, buying from Ebay or Amazon is not advisable because there you have little or no consumer protection.

One month supply of 60 tablets costs $69.95. In my opinion it is a bit highly priced for just one bottle of pills.

I know they are offering free shipping with every order, so it might be just calculated into the amount, but still I would like a bit lower price for a month supply.

The most popular option is ‘3 Bottles + 2 FREE’ package for $189.95, and there the price is more than fair as it reduces the cost to 63 cents per tablet.

Plus, if you get this, basically 5 month supply, they are offering you FREE detox supplement, to make your weight loss results even safer and faster.

The manufacturers are so proud and confident in their product, that they back it with a 67 day guarantee, unconditionally!

If you are not completely content with PhenQ, just get back the unopened bottles within 67 days of when you got your order. They will return you 100% of the price.

My Final PhenQ Verdict

A Premium Fat Burner


Not suitable for caffeine hypersensitive people
❌ High price for a one month supply
Occasionally, it may be in short supply, since it can not be found at GNC
❌ Involves every day use


Boosts fat burning process
✅ Reduces cravings
Increases energy levels
✅ Can assist you to lose 2-4 lbs in a single week
Prepared in GMP and FDA accredited facilities
✅ No prescription needed
No harsh negative effects
✅ Superb consumer reviews
Free shipping all over the world
✅ Money back guarantee

With all the great benefits it offers, such as being 100% natural and having several ways of action with the intention of helping you burn more fat without side effects, PhenQ dietary supplement can be a life changer for all people fighting with extra weight for the ideal body.

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