What Comes Out Of Your Body When You Detox?

Ever wonder what comes out of your body when you detox? Each day, we encounter all sorts of elements that are potentially harmful to our bodies, from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we take.

Because they come from the environment, these substances are called as exogenous toxins. Toxins naturally produced by our bodies through the process of digestion, metabolism and cellular respiration are called as endogenous.

Aside from that, the by-products of immune function and endocrine metabolism are processed and recycled, which then circles around the body should be eliminated as they are potentially harmful.

Harmful environmental chemicals (e.g. herbicides, car fumes and pesticides) are called as xenobiotics, defined as a chemical substance that is usually toxic to living organisms. They are known as persistent organic pollutants because they do not decompose and could take a century to crumble.

Now, xenobiotics can enter the body and once inside, they often adhere to the fatty parts of our body. Because they are fat-soluble, they are only dissolved in oily parts making them hard to eliminate since they stick to our fat cells.

Other harmful substances such as free radicals and heavy metals are highly reactive and are also hard to remove from the body since they attach strongly to other cells.

How Healthy Body Detox Works?

To reduce the negative impact of toxin and nontoxic chemicals, one should perform the process of healthy body detox.

This process is a biotransformation, mainly the process of converting metabolic wastes and fat-soluble toxins into water soluble to make way for elimination.

What Comes Out Of Your Body When You Detox

For heavy metals, certain body enzymes are added so they become less reactive. Excretion, also called as elimination, is the process of removal of the body’s transformed toxins via sweat, urine, feces or exhalation.

Defining Toxicity

Toxicity is simply defined as the degree to which something can damage an organism. When talking about toxicity in detail, there are two basic levels you need to know: internal and external. It is easy to differentiate the two.

External toxins come from the food we eat, the air we breathe and practically, any element that comes in contact with the skin.

On the other hand, internal toxins are produced by the body. These are unstable molecules or ‘toxins’ called as free radicals, generated from cellular metabolism.

Normal cell functions generate free radicals, but these are generally not alarming. It is because they are kept under control by the body’s natural antioxidants.

Free Radical Generators

The problem lies when we are exposed to ‘free radical generators’. Cigarette smoke is among the primary source of free radicals. The food and water we take harbor free radicals as well.

When there is a buildup of toxins, they interfere with the normal body functioning by causing cellular inflammation or irritation.

Aside from microbes that yield metabolic wastes, negative beliefs, worries and emotions contribute to biochemical toxicity, which in turn hinders the natural flow of our bodies’ vital energy.

There are several signs where you can sense your body is getting out of balance. Weight gain, joint pain, chronic bad breath, insomnia, fatigue – all these are signs that our bodies may necessitate an intervention such as a detox.

We are naturally designed to eliminate toxins in various ways in order to maintain homeostasis. But, it isn’t only the people diagnosed with an organic disease who manifest ‘toxicity’. Every day, we are bombarded with ‘free radical generators’ ample enough to cause toxin congestion in our bodies.

Leading Sources of Toxins to Watch Out

Toxins are present in practically everything, from drinking water, processed foods to personal care products. Toxins come in three forms – physical, mental patterns and emotional.

Environmental toxins are the most prevalent and are present in the water, air and food we eat. Thinking negatively can also contribute to toxin buildup of the body.

Likewise, stress can greatly affect your immunity, leading to high susceptibility to disease and illnesses.

Environmental Toxins – Its Impact on Diabetes and Obesity

There are plenty of studies supporting the connection between environmental toxins and its impact on obesity and diabetes.

Organic pollutants such as pesticides, plastics, heavy metals and petrochemicals can be burdening to the body, causing insulin resistance and may hinder cholesterol and glucose metabolism.

Toxins can trigger insulin resistance and obesity through many ways including oxidative stress, inflammation, altered thyroid function, impaired appetite and cell growth.

Furthermore, it has been revealed to increase the level of cholesterol that causes fatty liver. Based on animal studies, toxic substances increase weight gain even without an increase in the calorie consumption of the animals subjected to environmental toxins because of changes in the fat storage.

In JAMA study (2008), it has been discovered that the petrochemical called bisphenol A (BPA) that lines canned good containers and water bottles increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and impaired liver function due to the toxins that delay normal metabolism.

Though we cannot avoid exposure to environmental toxins, there are many different ways to minimize exposure.

Tips to Reduce Exposure to Toxins

1. Avoid plastics and canned goods with #7 recycling symbol on their labels as it may contain BPA.

2. Do not reheat food or microwave it in plastic containers. Instead, use glass water bottles or stainless steel containers.

3. Do not eat seafood with high levels o f mercury and even farm-raised salmon because they may contain high levels of PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl).

4. Always buy organic.

5. Read the product labels to make sure it is free from GMO and pesticide.

6. Choose personal care products with no phthalates content, often marked as ‘fragrance’.

Cleansing our liver and digestive system one to two times a year will greatly improve organ function by eliminative environmental toxins.

Stress as the Overlooked Toxin

In this modern life, stress is frequently used as a catch-all term for a demanding pace of life and the ever-increasing pressures that comes along with it.

Are you always worrying about money? Having a hard time juggling family time and work? Are you constantly keeping up with very busy schedules?

Chronic emotional stress can slowly impact your ability to handle day-to-day challenges, which makes it even difficult to reestablish balance.

Stress hormones are naturally irritating, something that the body cannot handle for a long period of time. When the body is flooded with Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, for extended period, it means the body is in constant flight-or-fight mode.

This state of chronic stress exposure may lead to negative effects such as exhaustion, disrupted sleep cycles and even disrupted brain chemistry, which may lead to anxiety and depression.

Why Do We Do Body Detoxification?

There are many different types of body detoxification and cleanse programs in the market. While some are tested and proven effective, others are either risky or unrealistic.

Before you try it out, it is important for you to understand the process of body detoxification and natural body cleanse so you will be able to appreciate the process and continue with the program.

4 Goals of Body Detoxification

1. To eliminate toxins and other excesses in the body.

2. To create a healthy intestinal environment with sufficient population of beneficial bacteria to achieve strong immune system and good digestion.

3. To calm the central nervous system.

4. To restore and maintain the digestive tract and lining.

It is not impossible to achieve all these goals. Once you attained these things, you will be able to enjoy a total rejuvenation and renewal in all parts of your body.

By getting rid of the unnecessary stuff that messes up your body and mind, you can achieve optimal cellular regeneration.

Body Detox Program

Natural body cleanse program not only restores normal body detoxification function but also fortifies the immune system, bringing the body in a healthy balance.

You can reduce the negative impact of stress by following a healthy routine with your mealtime, eating consciously and slowly, and making time for exercise and relaxation.

This can develop efficiency in your biological body processes. In this body detoxification program, the quality of meals will get rid of mood swing, stabilize blood sugar and enhance your focus.

When you detox naturally, it will be easier for you to create positive choices. When your mind clears up, sharper thinking will manifest and decision-making process will be less difficult and complicated.

As for your cravings, it will be tamed. Your taste buds will discover what ‘true’ sweetness or saltiness from the foods you will encounter. You will be amazed at how overly sweet or salty most processed foods are. You can easily avoid these types of foods without using willpower.

You’ll see that it will be more of a preference to eat this kind of food. With this natural body cleanse, you will clear out the excesses and imbalances, and in turn, you will have better access to your intrinsic wisdom.

What Happens When You Detoxify Your Body

When you detoxify your body, there are two unique processes that happen: Phase I and Phase II.

The main organ responsible for detoxification is our liver. Liver detoxification performs two phase processes simultaneously, by converting fat-soluble substances to water-soluble so they can be removed through the bile and urine.

Phase I Body Detoxification

In Phase I liver detox, every cell requires oxygen to work and this cellular process produces molecules called unstable free radicals.

Similar to the reaction of air on metal that causes rusting, the body also uses oxygen to produce energy, known as oxidation, which generates ‘free radicals’ as metabolic waste.

They are known to be unstable molecules because they have one unpaired and they circulate around the body taking up electrons from healthy cells. Because of these, free radicals destroy healthy cells and tissues.

To reduce the damaging effect of free radicals, the body produces antioxidants to protect tissues and cells from further damage.

There are different kinds of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E, bioflavonoids, carotenoids and other phytonutrients. Further, we source antioxidants from the fruits and vegetables we eat.

Fruits And Vegetables For Body Detox

Aside from free radicals, another end product of metabolic and energy production process is lipid-soluble toxins.

This type of toxin is stored in the fat cells and tissues. Elimination of toxins falls under the scope of the liver, which is the primary body organ for body detoxification.

To neutralize toxins, the liver produces a unique enzyme to convert lipid-soluble compounds into water-soluble in preparation for removal from the body.

In this process, the byproduct of Phase I is more toxic to the body than the previous form. These unsuitable intermediates should be processed efficiently and promptly by the Phase II liver detox to avoid further harm to the cells and tissues.

The Phase II liver detox pathway is known as conjugation since the liver secretes another enzyme to the reactive intermediates to make it less toxic and more water-soluble, ready for excretion through breath, perspiration, feces and urine.

Phase II Body Detoxification

The Phase II liver detox process demands several co-factors such as magnesium, Vitamin B6, B12 and folate to perform these reactions. If the needed nutrient co-factors are not present, the metabolic wastes won’t be successfully excreted from the body.

Just think about a five lane freeway in peak hours. This is the picture of your organs and tissues starting to release toxins that has been kept for some time. Toxins begin to build up and need to be eliminated.

Unless your body is keeping lots of extra nutrient, more than enough to perform Phase II liver detox, this heavy traffic will quickly be channeled in one lane.

Unfortunately, an average person does not have ample supply of necessary nutrients to perform the Phase II process successfully. This is the reason why a lot of cleanses fail and that many health experts believe that cleansing is dangerous.

Many body detoxification programs can cause ‘toxin dumping’ if the body isn’t prepared adequately.

What’s worse, if you are toxic enough to call for a cleanse, there’s a possibility to be deficient in the nutrients needed. Fasting can also halt Phase II activity.

As such, it is very important to prepare the body for body detoxification by nourishing it with plenty of amino acids and antioxidants before you detoxify your body.

Detoxify Your Body Using Drainage and Fasting

You can benefit a lot if you know how to detox properly. Body detoxification is practiced for many centuries and it is about cleansing and resting the body, nourishing it further to be able to eliminate toxins.

Detoxify Your Body Using Lymphatic Drainage Formula

With homeopathy, the body can gently activate its innate healing abilities. It works deep into your cells while working with your subtle systems by supporting our body’s internal communication.

The homeopathic drainage formula help upregulate your drainage pathways and keep a ‘memory’ on how to work effectively even if they don’t function optimally in the past.

It can also improve the function of your blood circulation, elimination and the lymphatic flow to make the most of your drainage capacity.

How to Detox through Fasting

Short-term fasting (between 36 and 60 hours) can have numerous benefits, provided the body has been well equipped for it. It can detoxify your body by lessening, if not remove, the body’s load of antigen, particularly if you are experiencing undiagnosed food allergies.

Are you experiencing an increased sensitivity to several substances recently? If so, then fasting may help you clear the body out for it to be able to adjust. In addition, fasting lets the intestines rest, strengthening the immune system.

How to Detox through Fasting

By planning carefully a short-term fasting, you can boost your body detoxification performance. Cleaning up the excess toxins that have accumulated in your system, the fast will boost the liver to perform more efficiently by detoxifying your blood from metabolic by-products and daily toxins.

Some toxins that are continually recycled by our system include cortisol (stress hormones) and adrenaline. They must be removed as it stimulates and re-stimulates the nervous system. Once you successfully completed the fast, you will feel rejuvenated and will be able to have better sleep.

Fasting Detox Benefits

During fasting, human growth hormone (HGH) can grow multiple times. Higher levels of growth hormones speed up fat burning, and have an anabolic effect.

At the same time, fasting improves insulin sensitivity and dramatically lowers insulin levels in the blood. Lower levels of insulin make stored fat in the body more available as an energy source.

Without food, the cells initiate the renewal process. It involves autophagy, in which cells digest and eliminate dysfunctional proteins that are built inside the cell.

To end with, fasting as a body detoxification technique, will free the dopamine and other brain chemicals that have accumulated in your brain. After completing the fast, you’ll notice an improvement in your focus and thinking process.

Along with your newly renewed nervous system, you will be able to live a life with an improved sense of clarity and calmness. Your ‘rejuvenated’ brain brings peace of mind so you can work and perform your daily tasks efficiently and effectively.

The amount of support you will give for your fasting depends on you. But, a short-term fast will certainly create a new foundation from which you will build.

It is important to learn how to detox your body properly and efficiently. When you detoxify your body – that is, eliminating toxins and pumping up the body with nutrients, you are protecting your body from diseases and regain your ability to have optimum health.

Homemade Detox Body Drink

Detoxification restores the body’s cells and improves its overall functioning, and therefore speeds up metabolic processes and improves weight loss.

Here is a simple recipe for a homemade detox body drink that is ideal if you want to lose excess weight.

What is a great about this homemade detox body drink, is the fact that it also purifies facial skin, while the hair becomes brighter and healthier.

How to make this detox body drink? In 2 litres of water, add a thin chopped medium-sized cucumber, one lemon and 10-15 leaves of fresh mint. Grate some ginger on top of that and leave the potion to stand overnight in the fridge.

Homemade Detox Body Drink

You should drink this homemade detox body drink every day and after a while you’ll notice that your hair is shinier, your skin is cleaner, and you have more energy for all the activities you do during the day.

In addition, you will digest food better, and therefore the feeling of bloating in the stomach will disappear. It is refreshing and tasty, you will certainly enjoy in it!

Looking for another healthy detox drink? Check out our article on apple cider vinegar (ACV).

How To Strengthen Home Detox

The healthy practices below are intended to improve detoxing your body, as well as promote peace both in mind and spirit. In most cases, they create a sense of being nourished and cared for.

Make sure you select the natural liver cleanse practices that fit you and one that help you attain your goals.

To help you enhance your home detox, it is advised to take extra care on both your body and being when detoxing your body.

Better try these activities for improving circulation, enhancing the release of toxins and renewing your spirit.

1. Detox bath – using herbal clay and salt. Body brushing can invigorate your blood circulation and cleanse your skin.

2. Saunas and steam bath –cleanse your sinuses and eliminate toxins by promoting perspiration.

3. Physical exercise – such as daily brisk walk will encourage drainage of lymph. Internal exercises such as tai chi, yoga and qi gong can help energize the entire body, calm the spirit and revitalize internal organs.

4. Deep breathing exercises, gentle meditations and tea sits – can help calm the mind and remove toxins from your lungs.

5. Aromatherapy and flower essences – can enhance and calm the spirit.

6. Skin massage – promotes further detoxification through the lymph system and improves immune function.

7.Taking time to unwind in nature – gives you a sense of connection to your soul. The serenity and quietness will nourish your spirit while subtly opening up your sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.

It provides a deep bond to your inner knowing and intuition. Eating a meal will be surprisingly profound when all the senses are all together engaged.

Benefits of Home Body Detox

Perhaps the best benefit you can get from a home detox is that you will be able to understand that you can create positive changes and you can get rid of unhealthy habits. You can learn how to make the most of your day caring for yourself.

Some people doubt themselves if they can consistently follow a home detox program. However, it is better to consider it as a commitment to your own wellness instead of imposing discipline on one’s own.

In turn, this will make positive approach to your health and wellness. People usually feel at ease when they follow a schedule. Most people experience clarity, focus, evenness and calmness throughout the day.

More than the weight you lost and the physical improvements you noticed, this natural liver cleanse will provide you a taste of what truly life should be when you nourish yourself everyday with good food, awareness, intention and love.

Beyond the pounds lost and the physical improvement, detoxing your body offers you a taste of what life is like when you nourish yourself daily with awareness, intention, good food, and love.

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