PhenQ vs Phentermine

PhenQ vs Phentermine Introduction

Despite the fact that the healthiest way to get rid of fat is still by having a proper diet and physical exercise, if you are not noticing the results that you had expected there are alternative options that may speed up your weight loss process.

One of the most popular ways to lose excess fat is by using some slimming product, but with a large number of weight loss pills in the market picking the best one can be challenging.

PhenQ vs Phentermine PillIt is not easy to tell the difference between weight loss products.

What works and what pills that are scammy or even dangerous?

We believe it is natural that many buyers go for brands that they recognize brands that have been discussed in media for years and years and that people refer to when they are talking about fat loss.

The problem with these older brands is that they are addictive and dangerous, with bad side effects.

PhenQ and Phentermine are probably two the most popular weight loss medications.

But the question is, which of these two is superior and which will assist you to slim down easily and without resulting in dangerous side effects?

Phentermine is one of the first brands dieters think of when looking for weight loss pills.

It is a super well known as an effective weight loss aid, and everyone knows what it is. Everyone has also heard the horror stories!

PhenQ vs Phentermine – Hard Facts

So, how does PhenQ compare to Phentermine? First off we´d like to discuss each product and tell you about the pros and cons as well as the history behind it.

Later, we´ll present you a direct comparison so that you can make your own choice.

PhenQ Facts

We would like to start this PhenQ review out with telling you that this product is NOT Phentermine!

PhenQ is a brand new modern fat loss product designed to be just as effective as old style pills like Phentermine, but without all side effects the old products had.

PhenQ is made in FDA registered pharmaceutic labs – we are not talking about cheap Asian pills with unknown ingredients here.

Buy PhenQ OnlineThis product is a 100% documented and safe quality pill that has absolutely no dangerous side effects at all.

Thousands of buyers have reported success with PhenQ, and none have had problems. Scientists have finally proven that it is possible to manufacture an effective fat loss aid that does not give dangerous side effects. Read about PhenQ customer’s experience here.

PhenQ Supercharges Metabolism! Effective fat burners like this product turns your body´s inner thermostat UP, making you burn fat without effort. You will be turned into a 24 hour fat burning machine in a safe way!

Energy Level goes WAY UP! You will notice this within days.

You will lose up to 2-5lbs a week! An extremely fast fat loss rate!

No Dangerous Side Effects with PhenQ! Scientists set out to prove that this was possible – and they succeeded with this award winning weight loss pill.

PhenQ is the new Phentermine – more effective, and without the downsides.

Phentermine Facts

Phentermine was launched back in the late 50s, and it is safe to say that this is an old pill with many bad side effects [1].

The product was very effective for its time, and many used it to lose weight. It is still sold in many parts of the world despite its dangers, and it of course requires prescription.

The FDA warns against using it because of the deaths associated with Phentermine [2] as well as because of its addictiveness. [3]

It affects parts of the nervous system, making hunger sensations less troublesome. Its chemical composition is a lot like amphetamine [4], a well known narcotic substance.

Phentermine has a number of well documented side effects [5], including the following:

⚠️ Inability to sleep, High blood pressure, Irritation, Anxiety, Euphoria, Mouth dryness, Blurred eyesight, Acid reflux, Changes in sex drive, Diarrhea, Wooziness, Headache, Arrhythmia, A feeling of sickness or vomiting, Lactic acidosis, Psychosis, Skin irritation, Stomach pain, Weakness, Lethargy, Pupil dilation, Elevated Thirst, Erectile Dysfunction, Hallucinations, Aggression with desire to attack, Intermittent blood pressure levels, Fainting, Episodes of mania and after that episodes of depression, Tremors, shaking or wiggling, Overactive reflexes, Panic, Agitation, Extreme nausea or diarrhea, Stomach pains and more.

Phentermine is often sold by fly-by-night Afghan online pharmacies as a generic drug. It is often called different names on other markets.

Some names used for this pill are Adipex P, Adiphene, Anoxine-AM, Ionamin, Duromine, Metermine, Mirapront, Obephen, Obermine, Obestin-30, Phentremene, Phentrol, Phenterex, Phentromin, Pro-Fast SA, Qnexa, Redusa, Panbesy, Phentermine Trenker, Obenix, Oby-Trim, Teramine, Zantryl, Sinpet, Supremin, Umine and Weltmine.

No matter what name is used, one thing is certain: Phentermine is dangerous to use.

Phentermine bottleIf you are thinking of buying Phentermine or any of its countless clones, we would like to make sure that you understand a number of things:

Phentermine is extremely addictive. If you use it over longer periods of time you will get in trouble! Never, ever use the product longer than a few weeks before you take a break from it.

Only use Phentermine together with a legal prescription! You risk getting caught in drug tests, and you will have a hard time explaining to your employer that you are no amphetamine addict, just a dieter who made a bad choice.

NEVER use Phentermine if you have medical condition like high blood pressure, an overactive thyroid, glaucoma, heart or blood vessel disease! You risk your life, it is not worth it.

NEVER use Phentermine if you are pregnant or are planning to be – this goes without saying!

Many medicines can interact with Phentermine. A few of those are: Dexfenfluramine, Fenfluramine, Furazolidone, or Phenelzinecan. Combining them with Phenetermine can result in headache, high blood pressure, slow heart rate, fever and lung problems.

Guanadrel/Hylorel and Guanethidine/Ismelin can get their effectiveness ruined by Phentermine. Antacids as well as Aacetazolamide, dDichlorphenamide, Methazolamide may decrease the excretion of phentermine.

Never, ever buy the old Phentermine pills when there are safe fat loss alternatives on the market. They have dozens of documented side effects, and some of them can kill you.

The FDA warns for them and the age of the design should be a HUGE warning sign as well. That stuff was released back in 1959! That´s almost 60 years ago!

With modern safe alternatives there is no need for the Phentermine pills anymore. We cannot believe that some variants still are for sale in the US. Plus the thousands of pills that dieters order from offshore Asian pharmacies.

PhenQ vs Phentermine Comparison

Here are a few simple facts to make it easier to choose:

PhenQ vs Phentermine
Product Name
PhenQ BrandPhentermine Brand
SafetySafe For Long Term Use!!!Dangerous!!!
Clinical TrialsClinically proven – more info about PhenQ ingredientsSeveral older tests
Side EffectsMild, temporary side effects – more info about PhenQ side effectsInsomnia, Lactic acidosis, High blood pressure, Irritation, Anxiety, Euphoria, Dry mouth, Unpleasant taste, Blurred vision, Heartburn, Changes in sex drive, Clumsiness, Confusion, Diarrhea, Dizziness, Pain in the head, Arrhythmia, A feeling of sickness or vomiting, Psychosis, Skin rash, Stomach pain, Fatigue, Pupil dilation, Erectile Dysfunction, Aggression with urge to attack, Intermittent blood pressure, Lightheadedness, Episodes of mania accompanied by episodes of depression, shaking or wiggling, Overactive reflexes, Seizures, Hallucinations, Agitation, Severe nausea or diarrhea, Fatigue…
AvailabilityWithout Prescription!!!Prescription ONLY!!!

PhenQ Is A Superior Fat Burner

PhenQ is the best fat loss pill on the market. It is a safe and effective MODERN fat loss product that works.

This is is the best supplement you can use for weight loss. It is a clinically proven fat loss formula that delivers real world results for dieters all over the planet.

PhenQ is a fat burner pill, and fat burning is the best and most effective method for weight loss.

This dietary supplement burns fat and suppresses appetite at the same time!

This fat burning supplement is the result of years and years of hard work in FDA pharmaceutical registered labs.

The goal with the project was to make a pill that had the benefits of Phentermine, but without any of the side effects.

The result was a success – The PhenQ is performing even better than the old Phentermine pills when it comes to appetite suppressing and fat burning.

Why choose PhenQ over the competition?

It increases the body’s fat burning ability the most of all brands
✅ It increases metabolism the most
Suppresses appetite very effectively
✅ The average fat loss is 3 to 5lbs every week!!!
Money Back Guarantee

The PhenQ maufacturer is so confident in the product that they offer a strong money back guarantee. If you don´t lose weight after 60 days of following the instructions, you will get a refund.

With a guarantee like this you have nothing to lose and all to win! Get your old confidence back again!!!

Top PhenQ Results

We believe the PhenQ to be the best buy on the internet. Fat burners are the best weight loss products and this particular brand is the best on the market.

You cannot go wrong with these safe and effective diet pills!

You should take action right now, and start your new slim life!

Change Your Life Today!!!

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