PhenQ Ingredients

How PhenQ Ingredients Fight Your Excess Fat?

Here, we will provide you a comprehensive review on what PhenQ ingredients are all about to help you understand more about them and how they can help you to lose weight.

Basically, this is a diet supplement that is made of natural ingredients that helps your body to start burning off those extra fats that you were trying very hard to get rid of.

Main PhenQ Ingredient

α-Lacys Reset®

Phenq includes some proprietary formulas together with other pure ingredients.

The proprietary preparations were designed to take full advantage of the ingredient proportion and unification process.

PhenQ Ingredients DetailsOne such powerful formula that is able to help consumers shed pounds and get rid of fat is known as α-Lacys Reset®.

It is a well measured combination of Alpha-Lipoic Acid [1] and Cysteine [2].

This proprietary blend is the foundation of PhenQ tablets, and it supports people to achieve accelerated weight and fat burning.

As outlined by the official website, α-Lacys Reset® was created to assist your body get rid of fat more smoothly.

It will help in intensifying the metabolic rate at which food is converted into energy.

This patented formula has been clinically proven to be effective in helping consumers get rid of fat and slim down.

The clinical results of tests carried out on α-Lacys Reset® are given below:

7.24% Reduction In Unwanted Fat
✅ 3.44% Decrease In Excess Weight
3.80% Improvement In Lean Muscle Mass

This patented formula has no negative effects and can boost fat burning and lean muscle gain. And when you have more muscles, they need more energy, meaning you will burn more calories because of that.

Other PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ also include some other proven, safe and effective fat fighters that guarantee even faster weight loss.

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax Powder is another proprietary formula made of capsicum, caffeine, piperine and niacin (vitamin B3).

Capsimax PowderThe fusion of these ingredients in a balanced and stable ratio results in the invention of the Capsimax Powder that is the second most significant component of this supplement.

This formula is important as capsicum and black pepper or piperine have superior thermogenetic characteristics.

Would you like to know how this is useful for your weight loss? Well, when your core temperature grows it instantly has an effect on the body fat; i.e you will be burning more fat.

Thermogenesis contributes to the decrease of extra fat resulting in a slimmer figure. [3][4][5]

One study also implies that black pepper may be capable to stop the creation of new fat cells. [6]

Calcium Carbonate

If you read through a Phenq evaluation you will discover the fact that it also includes calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate CaC03For this reason many dieters are questioning the formula given that calcium is known to be helpful for strengthening bones.

However, studies have confirmed that calcium taken in the appropriate amounts will help manage healthy weight and even promote fat burning.

One study demonstrates plainly that people who used calcium supplements shed more excess fat and decreased their weight [7].

Scientists also think that it has the power to signal the system to stop depositing excess fat, so you will actually use your fat stores as a source of energy.


Caffeine is a standard ingredient and practically any person who has ever wanted to reduce their weight has used it.

The main reason why caffeine is used in this supplement is that it decreases tiredness and makes users focused and alert [8].

Caffeine AnhydrousThis will also provide you more energy and strength to exercise and improve your figure [9].

Also, appetite is reduced to great extent when caffeine consumption is higher.

Therefore when you are less hungry and you have a blast of energy then you are guaranteed to lose weight.

One or more studies show that having high amounts of caffeine can cause weight reduction due to thermogenesis and improved fat burning processes [10][11].

It’s actually wise to take the caffeine in this tablet into consideration when watching your other caffeine sources. You have to keep in mind not any substance in excess is good.

Make sure you drink less coffee and caffeinated drinks while using this supplement to prevent nervousness and other possible PhenQ side effects connected with excess caffeine.


Nopal cactus is able to do amazing things for a person who aims to reduce extra weight.

Nopal FiberThis cactus is loaded with dietary fiber which means it can be an excellent way to keep your appetite at bay. And if you take fewer calories in, you inevitably pack on fewer pounds [12].

Nopal is also packed with amino acids, and they are responsible for your additional energy needed for your faster weight loss [13].

Nopal is also known for helping flush fluids from your tissues into your bloodstream and that way it can decrease additional weight caused by water retention.

Chromium Picolinate

It is significant to notice that Phenq results prove that the inclusion of chromium picolinate is just as important as the other components.

Chromium is found in fresh vegetables and various meats as well as in whole grains and some other natural foods.

Asking yourself how precisely it can help you to slim down?

Natural ChromiumChromium Picolinate has the capacity to manage glucose levels and to make sure that your body resists cravings for sugars and carbs.

Not just is the blood glucose level normalized but your excess weight may also be treated with its support.

An 8-week study at Cornwell University revealed an absence of carbs and sugar cravings in people using additional Chromium in their diet [14].

Are you wondering how this process works? Chromium allows your cells to take in as much glucose as they can, and quickly. After being filled, the craving stops so you won’t consume more sugars than you really need [15].

Meaning your muscle tissue has all the glycogen needed, but your system does not desire any additional sugar. Therefore, you won’t take in unnecessary calories.

L-Carnitine Furmarate

L-Carnitine is the fat burning ingredient numerous fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen suggest you to use [16].

After you take L-Carnitine, it will improve the transport of fats into the mitochondria of your cells.

L-Carnitine Amino AcidAnd mitochondria are the driving force of your cells wherein calories from both sugars and fat are used up.

Because of that, you’ll experience an increased fat burning, and consequently a faster weight loss.

If you are having a regular workout routine, you will reap some additional benefits from L-Carnitine.

Not just will you burn more calories during your training, you will also have additional energy and your recovery time will be shorter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PhenQ Phentermine?

It’s a common question because of the product name. But as you can see above, PhenQ doesn’t contain phentermine.

The name is derived from fact that PhenQ gives similar results, but without real phentermine, and of course there are no side effects associated with phentermine.

Does PhenQ work?

PhenQ reducing food cravings, increasing your body metabolism and also increasing the amount of calories burned and fat.

You can learn from PhenQ testimonials that most users in average will lose approximately 2-5lbs each week when taking this supplement. For the best results it is advised to do healthy diet and exercise.

Are PhenQ Ingredients Safe?

The ingredients in PhenQ are completely natural and work as fat fighters. Because they are natural, almost no side effects were reported by the supplement consumers.

Is PhenQ Safe For UseSmall percent of users can experience some mild PhenQ side effects, however, it is not made of artificial chemical ingredients and it will not have any dangerous side effects for anyone who takes it.

As a completely natural diet pill, PhenQ ingredients are of highest quality and you can be assured that you will be free from typical diet symptoms like lethargy and dehydration.

You can be sure that your money spend on this dietary supplement will not go wasted as it will be your solution to all your struggles in weight loss.

PhenQ is one of the top selling over-the-counter diet pills in the USA and the rest of the world.

I believe that its popularity is because it’s manufactured in FDA approved laboratories using the finest grade ingredients.

How To Take PhenQ?

Ideally, PhenQ should be taken for at least 3 months to see visible results of fat loss in your body.

This has been proven by science that 3 months or 12 weeks is the best length of time for diet supplements to really work for you to start seeing visible results.

Taking these diet pills is very easy and you will only need to take 1 pill twice a day before meals.

Without need for some drastic lifestyle changes, you will still be able to see results in weight loss on your body.

Do I need to do exercise?

For the best result, the answer is Yes. Exercise is not only for weight loss but it’s very good for your health, right?

Users lose approximately 2-5lbs each week. Walking 30 minutes 3 times per week is enough to burn more fat.

How Much Is PhenQ?

PhenQ diet pills come in a bottle and each bottle can last for a month. The price of a single bottle is $69.95 and with 2 bottles, you will also get an additional bottle for free.

Reason To Try Phenq

For 3 bottles of PhenQ you’ll get additional 2 bottles for free, and it will cost you $189.95 or only $37.99 per bottle.

PhenQ Ingredients Conclusion

The PhenQ pills contain several weight loss ingredients – fat metabolizers, fat binder, appetite suppressants, thermogenic boosters and energy stimulants.

These are organic compounds that together help burn away the excess fat deposits stored in your body.

Burning off fat is not an easy task and many of us struggled to get rid of it for years. When you buy PhenQ, you will see real fat loss results as it can help your body burn off 5 times as much fat.

The higher your metabolism rate is the more calories and fat your body will burn. PhenQ ingredients speed up your metabolic rate that helps you to burn off excess fats that are stored in your body.

Apart from making your body much more efficient in fat burning, PhenQ ingredients will also help you keep your cravings at bay.

After taking PhenQ, you will have better control and resistance to cravings for junk food and snacks.

When your cravings for high calorie food are controlled, you will tend to consume fewer calories. With that, you will reduce your chances of overeating and gaining weight.

All of my research has led me to conclude that PhenQ ingredients are really potent and this is the reason why it is the #1 rated fat burner online.

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