10 Proven Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

There has often been the wrong premise that chocolate isn’t healthy and that it does not help the health of those who eat it.

When it comes to chocolate, it is usually in a negative context. People talking about its high caloric value and the presence of saturated fatty acids in milk.

There are a number of other accusations – that it causes acne (although only hormonal are responsible for it), to contain large amounts of caffeine (it contains caffeine, but in very small quantities), to cause addiction…

But, these may indeed be nothing but rumors. Nothing conclusive has definitely been found that nails down every little bit of chocolate on earth as unhealthy.

Nevertheless, here are some of the facts about dark chocolate, which highlight how it may be beneficial for everyone.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Numerous studies have shown that dark chocolate provides various health benefits. Cocoa is responsible for the beneficial effect of chocolate on health, because it contains many useful nutrients.

However, due to the bitter taste of cocoa, sugar, butter and milk are added to the chocolate. This makes chocolate tastier, but at the same time unhealthy.

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

In order for chocolate to be considered healthy, it must contain at least 70% cocoa.

However, do not overdo it with dark chocolate either, because even small amounts of dark chocolate work wonders for health. It is enough to eat about 200 grams of chocolate a week.

Dark Chocolate Nutrition

Chocolate has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that are important for our bodies to perform properly.

It has been discovered that it’s components of Vitamins A, B1, C, D E

Chocolate is also rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron.

Flavonoids have the ability to prevent body fats from blocking the arteries. These flavonoids additionally contain antioxidants that have been known to reduce the danger of cancer.

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Your Heart

Chocolate has nitric oxide that helps in blood pressure maintenance and heart nutrition.

Swedish scientists conducted a study involving more than 31,000 women. Those who consumed dark chocolate in moderation on a daily basis had a 3 times lower risk of having a heart attack.

Another study conducted by scientists from Germany showed that dark chocolate reduces blood pressure levels and the risk of heart attack and stroke by as much as 39%.

A study by Australian scientists has shown that dark chocolate helps in healthier weight loss in obese people who exercise. Interestingly, chocolate contains 5 times more flavonoids than apples.

Dark Chocolate For Diabetes

In a small study by Italian scientists, participants, who ate moderate amounts of dark chocolate daily, showed a reduced risk of developing insulin resistance after 15 days.

Flavonoids increase the production of nitric oxide, which helps control the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Chocolate For Weight Loss

If you are wondering how you can eat chocolate if you are on a diet, the good news is that dark chocolate really helps with weight loss.

Scientists from Denmark have proven that dark chocolate successfully satisfies the craving for sweet, salty and fatty. This will make it much easier for you to stick to a weight loss diet plan.

Chocolate Boosts Energy Levels

Chocolate has caffeine, theobromine, tyramine and phenylethylamine that contributes to the reduction of fatigue.

These additionally provide an additional boost of energy needed to get through the day. Cannabinoids also are found in chocolate, that contributes to a happy and safe feeling.

Dark Chocolate Against Stress

U.S. scientists have recently confirmed that stress causes a craving for snacks, especially chocolate. Best of all, chocolate lowers levels of the stress hormone (cortisol). People who ate dark chocolate daily for 2 weeks had significantly lower cortisol levels in their body.

Many have observed that consuming chocolate improves their mood and puts them in a positive mindset throughout the day. Increased happiness is commonly seen, in addition the capacity to reduce pain.

Chocolate For Brain And Concentration

The next time you are under stress, eat a few cubes of dark chocolate. In addition to reducing stress levels, it will improve the concentration you need.

Scientists have proven that cocoa stimulates blood flow to key parts of the brain. The effect of cocoa lasts 2 to 3 hours, so it is a better choice than coffee.

A study by Norwegian scientists has shown that people over the age of 70 have significantly better results in cognitive tests if they consume foods rich in flavonoids (cocoa, dark chocolate, red wine).

Dark Chocolate Against Cough

A recent study by British scientists showed that consuming dark chocolate for a period of 2 weeks significantly alleviates the symptoms of chronic cough.

Dark chocolate contains theobromine, which scientists claim has miraculous healing properties. Just 30 grams of dark chocolate contains as much as 450 milligrams of theobromine.

Chocolate In Pregnancy

Mothers who ate dark chocolate during pregnancy pointed out that they coped better with stress, compared to mothers who did not eat dark chocolate.

Also, Finnish scientists have proven that babies of mothers who ate dark chocolate during pregnancy are happier and laugh more.

UV Protection

British scientists have proven that chocolate flavonoids have the power to protect against UV rays. After only 3 months of consuming dark chocolate, the skin needs 2 times more sun exposure to develop skin redness or burns. People who ate milk chocolate did not develop UV resistance.

These are just several of the healthy qualities that are found in chocolate. Still, a ton of analysis is ongoing to seek out out more regarding why chocolate isn’t only sinfully delicious but also a positive for individual’s well-being.


For chocolate lovers out there who cannot survive going for days without their favorite indulgence, you have got to grasp that eating chocolate in moderation brings about a lot of health advantages.

Since chocolate is often considered a sinful, decadent delight as a result of of its delicious taste and texture, it may be quite tough to hold on to the thought that it has health benefits.

The antioxidant advantage is perhaps the most notable of all the benefits of chocolate. Antioxidants are one the most important tools in fighting the battle against cancer.

Of course one should wisely consume fruits and vegetables also to provide their body with these powerful tools.

But take heart in knowing that once in awhile, indulging in your favorite dark chocolate not only tastes wonderful, but has some health advantages too!

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