At Home Workout Routine For Beginners

Are you keen to create at home workout routine but unsure of how to make it a regular part of your life for the long term?

It’s good to have a bit of a plan to know how to make sure that you’re enjoying your exercise routine AND seeing and feeling the results.

At Home Workout Routine For Beginners

Working out from home is a great option for many reasons; you don’t need to go anywhere for starters, and you don’t need to pay for any form of membership!

It can be particularly helpful when winter comes and you don’t need to travel to the gym. Home workouts sound like a smart idea, hey!

Let me help you with setting up your workout routine at home. I’ll give you an idea of the basic stuff you’ll need, and help you work out the best times for you to exercise this week. Let’s do this!

How To Create A Successful At Home Workout Routine?

To keep you interested and bring variation into your workouts, I recommend investing in the following items.

Chances are you might have a few of these already lying around at home. You should be able to buy the first three items for about $60 in total from stores like Kmart, Target and/or some sports stores.

  • Yoga mat
  • Weights
  • Gym clothes
  • Music (a radio, sound system or phone)

Implementing A Time And Place For Exercise

Let’s get you prepared to tackle a key challenge that can try to get in the way of your routine!

Choose a time where you can be on your own (as much as possible). Of course, this is not always easy, but the idea is to have you feeling as comfortable as possible during your workouts. Do what you can.

It might mean getting up a little earlier than usual for a refreshing morning workout outside.

Choose a location that is easily accessible. Your lounge room, garage or back yard could make a great spot. Fresh air or being able to open windows is ideal.

Be sure to have enough space for a yoga mat. You actually don’t need as much as space as you think; as long as you’ve got space for your mat and a bit of walking room around the mat, that’ll do just fine!

What other factors could impact on making the time to exercise? When you’re starting to set up a regular routine, take these into consideration:

Make It Realistic

How long can you realistically exercise in one go; 20, 40, 60 minutes? Would 2 x 60 minute sessions work for you, or 3 x 40, or 4 x 20? How much would you like to do? Where can you make time for it?

Choose The Days You Have The Least Amount Of Commitments On

If Mondays are usually quiet, try exercising on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you find you have more time on the weekends, exercise on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and consider doing a mini workout (e.g. 15 minutes) midweek. And don’t forget, you can change it as required.

During this time in your life, the weekends might be easier, but in a few months’ time perhaps weekdays after work could be more accessible. You have the freedom to be flexible later down the track.

Work It Around Your Lifestyle (Not The Other Way Around)

Could you get up a little earlier to exercise in the mornings, or will you feel more in the mood for exercise after work?

If you like to socialize regularly on weeknights, working out in the morning might be easier to implement.

Exercise When The Opportunity Strikes

If you have kids that do sports or other classes after school, could you fit in your exercise while they are at their extra-curricular activities?

Perhaps there’s a park nearby that you could go for a walk in and add in some lunges as well?

Struggling For Motivation?

Give these ideas a go:

Was there a time in your life when you felt particularly fit, healthy and energetic? Write down the words describing how you felt during that time and put it on your fridge to remind you of the reasons why you work out.

If you have a happy photo of that time that you can post as well, stick it there. Rather than it being motivation to get back to a particular body shape, let the desire to feel healthy and energized be the core motivation.

Think about a person in your life who inspires you to be fitter and healthier. What are you inspired by? How did that person get to a stage of being fit and strong? What have they sacrificed in order to get that way – getting to bed earlier, having a workout buddy, socializing a little less?

There is always some sort of sacrifice for the things you want. Let their motivation inspire you to take the leap and commit to a regular workout routine at home so that you can achieve the results that they are enjoying.

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Start Your Home Workout Routine Now!

Don’t overthink it. Rather than waiting for the “perfect” time to start an at home workout routine, start now. There won’t be a perfect time because life will always have other pressures and commitments popping up.

Start implementing your routine, and it will help you get the other stuff done. Get into a rhythm and you will start to feel more energetic and healthier.

You’ll likely find yourself feeling more engaged and productive in your other commitments and activities too.

I make sure I have a quick stretch each day. Even if it’s just a few minutes each day, it can have a positive impact on your posture, flexibility, muscle strength and blood flow.

I prefer to stretch in the morning. A quick stretch can help you wake up mentally, get your body warmed up and wake up your muscles, and help you feel invigorated for the day.

It’s amazing how small routines can make a big difference, especially in winter!

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Here’s a quick guide incorporating five basic stretches to get your at home workout started.

5 Morning Stretches To Energize And Get Your Day Started

Hold each stretch for up to 30 seconds. If you wish to repeat the same action, have a small break between each stretch.

home workout routine for men and women

Please take care when stretching; be gentle with yourself and do not force. You should get a pleasant sensation, but no pain.

It is very important to harmonize your breathing during stretching. With proper breathing, the muscles relax even more, and at the same time the blood flow is accelerated.

Stand up and stretch on your tip-toes

Without overly straining your shoulders, stand up and stretch up your arms to the sky. Stand on your tip-toes and reach up! Feel the stretch from your toes to your finger tips.

Lying down stretch

Pretend you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with the tips of your fingers and your toes trying to touch the wall in front, stretching your body as much as you comfortably can. You might like to wiggle your toes and fingers too. Enjoy it!

Roll in in a ball

Bring your legs to your chest, hugging your legs in. Always a great feeling. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest, interlacing your hands over your shins. Keep your body tightly together and gently rock from side to side, massaging your back.

Hip stretch

Lie down on the floor and hold each elbow with the opposite arm behind your head. Splay your knees out, keeping your feet together.

Gentle side stretches

Sit with legs crossed and gently have one arm for support to your side, slightly away from the body. Extend your other arm slightly over your head, and feel a gentle sensation along the side of your body. Repeat on both sides.

Enjoy stretching your body and feeling the benefits in being able to move your body more freely and with more ease.

There are so many wonderful benefits of exercising regularly. Now is the best time to get back into it! If you fail with your routine, that’s fine.

Work out what went wrong and be flexible, changing it up as required. Keep going. You’ll feel the benefits, and once you start your at home workout routine and start feeling more alive and energized you won’t ever want to stop!

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