Capsiplex Review

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There are many people today who are struggling with excess body weight. Obesity is a serious issue for any individual, not only because of physical appearance but also because it is connected with several health threatening conditions.

Most of the dieters usually have the same problem – how to lose weight relatively fast, in a healthy and safe way. When you make a decision to lose, say, 10 pounds it doesn’t sound too problematic.

But, at the very beginning you may have many difficulties such as no spare time for exercising, or for preparing healthy meals.

If you are searching for an efficient and safe dietary help, you should learn about the advantages of Capsiplex as the part of a daily weight loss routine.

Capsiplex ReviewCapsiplex is a fat burning supplement with main ingredient being a chili pepper extract called Capsaicin.

Main benefits of Capsiplex:

Burn more calories, event at rest
✅ Increase your metabolism instantly
Reduce carbohydrate intake
✅ Fight food cravings, so you eat less
Increase energy levels
✅ Reduce cholesterol levels
Extra fast absorption of ingredients, works even quicker!
✅ All above without side effects!

Capsiplex is a natural fat burner, a dietary supplement that is taken as part of your weight loss program. Keep this in mind. It is a part of the weight loss program and not the entire program in its own.

How Does Capsiplex Work?

Chili peppers contain Capsaicin, which is what give them their intense spiciness and the burning sensation felt when these foods are consumed.

Capsaicin causes thermogenesis, or rising of the body’s temperature. Within 30-60 minutes of consuming Capsaicin, the body’s metabolic rate is raised considerably.

In a concentrated form, Capsicum extract enhances and increases the speed of the metabolic rate, which burns more calories and fat. The extract also helps reduce appetite. Spicy foods are generally more filling and provide energy boosts.

In order to achieve significant weight loss with this method, an intolerable amount of hot peppers would have to be consumed. There would be negative effects on your mouth, stomach, bowels and throat.

Capsicum for weight loss

Capsiplex’s capsule, however, contains the precise amount of Capsicum for weight loss without resulting in any adverse reactions.

The coating on the capsule of the pill is formulated to bypass the low PH level in the stomach and to instead deliver and release the Capsicum extract in the intestines where PH levels are higher. This way, there is no pain or discomfort.

By taking a Capsicum extract pill this way, the Capsaicin is undiluted in a powerful, concentrated form, but it’s still gentle on the stomach and easy for the body to process. A person who takes the pill can incorporate chili into his or her diet program in a pleasant way.

What are Capsiplex ingredients?

The makers of Capsiplex are honest about the amounts of active ingredients in their weight loss supplement. All the ingredients are natural, and there are no dangerous side effects from taking the pill. It has been tested repeatedly to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Capsicum 80.34 mg

The key ingredient of Capsiplex is Capsicum. Capsicum is not newly discovered – it is commonly found in diets all over the world.

Capsicum and the alkaloid Capsaicin is to be found in pepper fruits and chili, and provide the fruit with the strong itchy taste that can give our throat a good burn.

But there are much more in it than that. You can actually lose weight with Capsicum because of the thermogenic effect it can cause on your body, which means it can raise your body’s core temperature a tiny little bit, but just enough to your body will burn more calories at a faster rate [1]. Even more calories can be burned if the product is taken 30-60 minutes before exercising.

Chili Pepper CapsaicinAs a reaction of that you will also experience a boost in your metabolism, allowing the body to shed fat in a natural way. [2] [3]

When you are eating spicy food you have probably noticed that you tend to get full much faster compared to having a regular meal.

This is another benefit of spicy food, it has appetite suppressing abilities so you actually are eating less food than normal and over a given time frame it can lead to a couple of pounds of weight loss. [4]

However, to get the full effects of Capsicum, you would need to eat a large amount of hot peppers, not a very realistic thing to do, especially everyday.

Capsiplex has concentrated the extract of Capsicum into a fat fighting capsule, offering you weight loss benefits of eating a few hot peppers (without the heat).

Caffeine 138 mg

Caffeine CoffeeIt promotes weight loss by speeding up metabolism, appetite suppression and creating an environment in which the body can more easily break down fat. [5]

Caffeine is a fast acting energy stimulant and is often used by athletes to increase their energy levels during exercise and to help them delay the onset of muscle fatigue after their training. [6]

Niacin 16 mg

Niacin helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats, making your body utilize them more efficiently.

If you are deficient in niacin your metabolism will become slower, thereby increasing the potential for weight gains. [7]

Piperine 5 mg

Piperine has the potential to inhibit the body from creating new fat cells, and may be used to manage weight problems [8].

Black Pepper PiperineIt also has a variety of health benefits, including its ability to promote bioavailability of nutrients [9].

It’s not enough just to use a large amount of some product; we also need to ensure optimal absorption.

Piperine is added to enhance absorption of all other ingredients in this supplement. Because of that, you can expect maximum effects from the other ingredients.

The Capsiplex ingredients are so well planned that you would not even feel a lack of energy while your body is losing weight.

What are Capsiplex side effects?

It was known for long period and it is very well documented that capsicum works very good to help you burn more calories, but it caused side effects that prevented this extract to be used as a help in people’s diets.

If you want to lose weight by eating hot peppers, you would have to eat them in large quantities and suffer from burning sensations in your mouth and stomach.

Therefore, the problem was how to find a way to put the capsicum into the body without irritating or damaging any tissue in the process. After several years of research, company behind Capsiplex came up with the patented solution.

capsule coating

This supplement uses a special coating around each pill that prevents any mouth, throat discomfort, stomach upsets or bowel problems or any other Capsiplex side effects.

The Ph-neutral coating is designed to release the ingredients only when they are inside you intestine, so even if you don’t like spicy foods you will not have any problems.

However, there is a chance of some very mild side effects occurring. For instance, mild flushing, but this is perfectly natural as Capsiplex actually raises your internal temperature and thus melts the pounds away.

Some people also experienced upset stomach and mild jitteriness. Those people probably took more pills than recommended or they might be more sensitive to some of the ingredients.

You may experience some side effects if you are very sensitive to caffeine, and if this is the case, these pills may not be for you.

It can disturb your sleep patterns since it causes a boost of energy. Also, if you are allergic to any sort of pepper it is better to consult with your doctor before decide to try this supplement.

In general, you should not feel any side effects, especially any that would be too troublesome for you to continue using this product.

It reportedly does not interact with any other medication so that you can take the pills even if you need to take other medications.

However, if you are suffering from a certain condition and if you are taking certain drugs for that condition, I would urge you to first have a chat with your doctor.

There are just so many possibilities out there that no one can tell you this for certain apart from your doctor.

Capsiplex is considered to be safe for pretty much everyone. It is completely natural and isn’t addictive.

Because of that you can be confident that whenever you reach your weight loss goals, you can simply quit using this product without being affected by any negative drawback effects. So, not only you can use this fat burner safely, you can also stop using it safely too.

Capsiplex Testimonials

“I wish I’d have tried this before now. It’s amazing stuff. I’ve used other diet pills but they either didn’t work or had negative side effects.

Cat, Leicester, UK

I like Capsiplex, and it obviously suits me. Last night I went out in my old jeans. I kept them because they are so sexy and I promised myself that one day I’d lose weight and get back into them. My life is now so much better.”

Cat, Leicester, UK

Capsiplex Alternative

Even if this Capsiplex fat burner review makes the supplement look pretty decent, there may be an ingredient or two that can help you lose weight at faster rate.

PhenQ ReviewPhenQ is basically Capsiplex on steroids. It contains exact the same formulation (capsicum, pipperine, niacin) but it offers an additional fat burning power with several other very potent ingredients.

Actually, main PhenQ ingredient is α-Lacys Reset®, a patented formulation that increases speed of your metabolism and raises your body’s core temperature (thermogenesis)

Besides, it contains other proven weight loss ingredients such as Chromium, L-Carnitine, Nopal and Caffeine.

In my opinion, PhenQ is a better option than Capsiplex due to its advanced ingredients that can fix weight related issues much faster. It would be the best to read my comprehensive PhenQ review for all details.


Will Capsiplex burn my tongue like a hot pepper?

No, the formula is concentrated into a small capsule that is swallowed so there is no spicy sensation as when you eat a hot pepper.

How often do I need to take this supplement?

Capsiplex is a once per 24h fat burner and it is best to be used in combination with some moderate physical activity, and a well-balanced diet.

It offers you patented combination of ingredients including capsaicin, which is documented to have thermogenic characteristics that might help boost metabolic rate before, throughout and after exercise for those looking to improve energy and staying power.

If you are working out, take 1 pill with water 30-60 minutes before exercise session. If you are too lazy to exercise (and you should not be), take 1 pill with water before breakfast every day. You should not use it before sleep time.

Will I Lose Weight with Capsiplex?

Capsicum extract, the main ingredient in Capsiplex, steadily increases the body’s metabolic rate and burns more calories. The extract is also proven to reduce appetite.

Capsicum has been around for centuries, although only recently has it been used for weight loss. Capsicum is traditionally used in food, but it also has medicinal qualities.

There has been plenty of clinical data and testing conducted on Capsaicin, enough to prove that Capsiplex weight loss claims can be supported.

Capsiplex can be used along with exercise – or without exercise – while other fat burners require significant changes to a diet and lifestyle in order for results to show.

Will I Lose Weight with Capsiplex

If you exercise while taking this fat burner, you’ll see faster weight loss results. But even if you don’t exercise, you’ll see effective weight loss results for as long as you continue to use the supplement.

While using Capsiplex, you can eat as you usually do. No changes to your diet are required. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, no matter what type of diet you normally follow, you won’t need to make any changes or eliminate any foods.

Capsicum allows you to feel fuller after you eat a meal, so the desire to snack is greatly reduced.

However, I always recommend to all my friends to live healthier. It will improve the quality of life and will help lose weight easier and make sure pounds will not get back once you stop using fat burners.

What happens if I stop taking it for a few days?

If you miss a day, there’s no need to take extra capsules in one day to make up for the capsule you missed. Just start again the next day to stay on track for the best results.

Can I take Capsiplex with my other vitamins/supplements?

Yes. It can be taken with other vitamins and/or supplements. However, be sure to review the label to ensure Capsiplex is right for you and consult your physician if you have any concerns.

Can I take Capsiplex with my prescription medications?

If you are concerned about taking Capsiplex with your medications, you should check with your healthcare provider or healthcare professional if you have additional questions.

Can I take Capsiplex if I am pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to become pregnant?

Although Capsiplex has not been formally studied during pregnancy, in breastfeeding women, or in women trying to become pregnant, we recommend asking a healthcare professional if this supplement is right for you during this time.

Where to Buy Capsiplex?

Well, if you decided to try this fat burner you must know that the safest way to order it is through official dealer.

Capsiplex is available at a price of $39.95 for a month supply. They are offering 2 + 1 Free deal for $79.90

And 3 + 3 Free deal for $119.85, or only $20 per bottle, which makes Capsiplex one of the cheapest fat burners in the market.

If you live abroad – don’t worry! Shipping is free and available in all countries.

You are also protected with 60 days money back guarantee

Final Verdict on Capsiplex

Basic Fat Burner

It could be a sensible choice for people who never used any fat burner – to lose some initial weight and get the idea about such products.


Basic fat burning formula
❌ Some users may experience flushes


Studied product that provides you improved metabolism
✅ Melts away the accumulated fats without having an impact on your lean muscle
Decreases your appetite to some point
✅ Optimizes your energy levels
Safe fat burner
✅ Acceptable price
Sold with money back guarantee

Any solution that has scientific research, consumer testimonials and a guarantee is always smart choice in my eyes.

This is exactly the situation with Capsiplex and with the scientific tests actually outlining that it’s proven fat burner, this is definitely a product that I’d recommend if you would like to get in shape.

If you’ve never included chili peppers in your diet, now may be the time to add a little spice to your weight loss journey.

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