Creating A Weight Loss Plan That Actually Works

We all know that there are no one-size-fits all answer to the problem of obesity. Every obese person would need to seek out a solution that will help them lose the weight.

Many opt to enlist the help of a physician or a weight loss specialist to come up with a weight loss plan.

Others decide to go it alone, gaining knowledge of what will work and what will not.

Whether you consult a physician or opt to do things on your own, there are a handful of simple truths that should form the basis of your weight loss program.

Simple Weight Loss Truths

The first simple truth is that achieving your weight goals will not happen in a few short weeks for it did not take that short a time to gain all the weight you have now.

The good news is that it is always possible to lose all the excess weight and achieve a fit and healthy body if you are willing to work hard for it.

Creating A Weight Loss Plan That Works

The main idea for losing weight is really quite simple if you think about it. All you need to do is burn more calories than you consume.

Therein is the rub for people who have been used to consuming large quantities of food. Because to keep to the main idea they have to significantly cut down on food.

Apart from cutting down on food an obese individual must also start to stimulate their body to burn fats. This can be done by engaging in regular exercise or taking up a sport.

When this happens and you stop exercising and eating healthy, you will not only gain all the weight back and some extra, you will also be in danger of acquiring serious medical conditions.

Maintaining a healthy physique is a lifelong commitment and a 360 degree lifestyle change and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to map out your weight loss plan.

Got to Start Somewhere

The first thing you must know is your body weight or your body mass index (BMI). The BMI is a scientific approach to knowing your body and what you have to work on.

It is the measure your body fat in relation to other factors like height, weight and even age.

The BMI is calculated by taking you height and weight measurements. The interpretation of the result is simple, you are overweight if your BMI exceeds 25 and you are clinically obese if it exceeds 30.

Now you know that your target number is 25 and below.

What Will Work for You?

When selecting a weight loss program your first consideration should be safety.

If you plan to embark on a diet plan, make sure you will be getting the all the recommended daily allowances for protein, minerals, and vitamins.

The diet program that will work for you is the one you can stick to for the rest of your life.

Fat Burning Diet At Home

You can either consult a nutritionist or a dietitian, or you can gain the knowledge yourself as the Internet has everything you can possibly need.

Again, when designing a diet the idea is simple, it is less calories.

If you do not know yet, the foods that have high calorie content include carbohydrates, fats, sugars and salt.

The food that you should be consuming should be high on protein and fibers, and you should also eat more vegetables and fruits.

A person trying to lose weight should keep their calorie intake at around 1,200 calories daily. You also want to get your physician’s approval before cutting your calorie intake significantly.

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Slow But Sure

Your weight loss program should be based on a slow and steady plan unless your doctor will tell you that a more fast-paced plan would benefit you. Try to target around a pound a week after a couple of weeks.

Your first two weeks on a low calorie diet will result to rapid weight loss and you might feel motivated.

But the weight you lose for the first two weeks is merely water weight. So the more reasonable goal is about a pound or two a week.


To burn calories you need to move around there is just no way around it. You have to spend at least an hour a day on exercise.

Other alternatives could be dance classes, sports, yoga and more. Again, picking a physical activity would have to depend on what you know you can do for a long period of time.

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Commercial Weight Loss Programs

If you wish to buy into one of those weight loss programs that are promoted, make sure you have all the details and requirements of the program including recipes and dietary supplements if any.

Before signing up with a fitness center’s weight loss program you need to ask certain pertinent questions first, such as:

  • Is the program run by qualified professionals?
  • Is the diet flexible and appropriate?
  • How many have completed the program?
  • How much weight was lost by the people who completed the program?
  • What are the reported side effects if any?
  • Is there a follow-through program to ensure that the weight is not regained?
If your goal is to shed 15 pounds or more, you should go to your doctor to get checked first.

This is the same for people with health problems or those taking medication on a regular basis.

Your doctor will check your general health to determine if you are fit enough to embark on a weight loss plan.

Fat Burning Supplements

While weight loss supplements may help in you losing weight, it can never be the basis of your weight loss program.

You can search high and low, read all the reviews you can get your hands on and take products that actually work, but without exercise and diet you efforts at losing weight will be futile.

It does not matter if you are taking some of the best diet pills and supplements, if you are not cutting down on calories and burning more than you consume, then you will not lose the excess weight you have been carrying.

PhenGold Reviews

But try taking diet pills like Phengold to support a healthy diet and regular exercise and the results can be quite staggering and quick.

This particular pill can help kick up the body’s metabolism as it staves off hunger.

You have to understand that diet pills can only do so much and for go so far. You cannot keep using them beyond the recommended period of time nor can you increase their dosage as they will no longer help your body.

Keeping the Weight Off

As you may have heard oftentimes before, losing weight can be easy if you really set your mind to it but the real challenge is keeping the weight off.

Your weight loss plan should help you change your entire lifestyle, getting rid of poor eating habits and lead you to be more active.

Staying fit is a lifelong commitment and this reality has been discovered by overweight individuals who have succeeded in achieving fitness as well as those who are less successful in their endeavor.

These days the goal of fitness is not only to look and feel good about yourself, it is more about making sure you are not in any risk of acquiring lifestyle-related diseases.

Eating healthy and exercising is truly the only ways to fitness but for you to be able to achieve this you need to set realistic goals and find a program that you can stick to for good.

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Most Weight Loss Plans Work

If you have a weight loss problem then you need to have a plan to address it. At any given time millions of people are in some form of weight loss program or another.

Some succeed initially but fail later on while some manage to lose the weight and keep it off.

Losing weight is definitely challenging but what is really more difficult is keeping it off.

We have seen it happen often enough, overweight people achieve great success after a few months of serious dieting and exercise only to gain it all back a few months later.

While supplements can definitely help, plain old healthy food and exercise is what’s really needed to address the problem.

Almost all commercial weight loss plans will work but only if you are motivated enough to alter you eating habits or improve your body’s calorie-burning through some form of physical activity daily.

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