Foods That Suppress Appetite Naturally

There are two types of foods, those that increase your appetite and foods that suppress appetite. If you want to lose weight and improve your physical appearance, then you need to turn to foods that will satisfy your hunger.

At some point, all of us have suffered through the embarrassment of an untimely hunger pang that sounded like the call of a belligerent whale.

what food suppresses appetite

If you are trying to achieve your weight loss goals, dieting is a tool in your arsenal. However, cutting back on the amount of food you eat results in feeling hungry pretty much all the time.

A perpetually grumbling stomach is one of the top reasons why most diets fail within a week or less. If you think the only solution to hunger pangs is piling on extra calories, think again.

Certain foods serve as appetite suppressants that signal to the brain that you are done eating. Eating these food items keeps your appetite in check while keeping you healthy and satiated.

Foods That Suppress Appetite

Here are 9 surprising foods that suppress your appetite naturally. Reach for one of these options instead of high-calorie snacks.


According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, eating avocados for lunch may work to suppress your appetite and keep you full till dinner time.

Known for its immense nutritive value, avocados are often called a ‘superfood’.

Chockful of healthy fats, they also contain an abundance of nutrients including folate, fiber, potassium, and vitamins B, C, and E in copious amounts.

The high content of fiber in avocados improves your metabolic rate and is likely to get you that much closer to your weight loss goals.


If you enjoy eating spicy food, here is some good news for you. Chilies and chili powder contain a compound called capsaicin which is responsible for sending your metabolic rate through the roof.

Research also indicates that chilies help curb your appetite so you eat less than you would otherwise.

Even a quarter teaspoon of chili added to your meal results in improved satiety so you end up consuming about 25% less calories as compared to what you would generally consume.

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Apples Appetite Suppressant

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is an age-old adage, thanks to the high water and fiber content in this fruit.

Not only do apples boost your overall health and wellness, but they also offer a few surprising benefits.

Apples work better than coffee when it comes to snapping you awake.

foods that curb appetite naturally

The fiber and water content in apples keeps you full for longer so you can stick to your diet without having to suffer through hunger pangs.

Instead of eating a bowl of fruit after your meal, munch on an apple 30 minutes before lunchtime so you can easily avoid binging on excess calories at lunch.

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Dark Chocolate

According to research, dark chocolate can be your ally when you want an all-natural appetite suppressant.

Not only is dark chocolate more filling that run-of-the-mill milk chocolate, but it also contains much lesser amounts of sugar, and helps to stave off cravings for both salty foods and sweets.

A study published in Nutrition & Diabetes Journal showed that those who ate some dark chocolate before their meals ended up consuming about 17% fewer calories.

So, if you are cravings something sweet, choose dark chocolate instead of other desserts.

Along with keeping your stomach fuller for longer, dark chocolate has also been linked to controlling your blood pressure, and boosting the health of your heart and brain.

Eggs To Curb Appetite

Eggs are one of the most common breakfast foods because they contain an optimal medley of proteins and fat.

Studies conducted by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Los Angeles show that applicants who ate eggs took more time to get hungry again.

foods that suppress appetite naturally

They also showed low levels of the appetite-stimulant hormone ghrelin and high levels of PPY hormone which helps create that full and satisfied feeling in your stomach.

If you do not enjoy eating egg yolks, you can eat egg whites only. They are rich source of of protein and work as an appetite suppressant on their own.


Of course, there are many reasons to drink water.

It keeps you hydrated, gets rid of most headaches, improves your complexion, and boosts the functioning of all major organs, tissues, and your digestive system.

Another great reason to drink up is that it can also help reduce your appetite.

Studies show that consuming a cup or two of water before a meal results in consumption of fewer calories without leaving you feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

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Popcorn is more than just a staple snack for movie nights. Since it is a whole-grain food, popcorn contains lots of fiber that keeps your stomach happy and full for longer.

This makes it the perfect snack for when your hunger pangs are troubling you. However, it is important to avoid adding too much butter, salt, cheese, or caramel to your snack if you want your diet plan to remain on track.

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Fermented food products like kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickles contain short-chain fatty acids that boost the connection between your brain and the gut.

These SCFAs cause increased production of certain hormones responsible for signaling satiety to your brain.

Pickles also contain probiotics or beneficial bacteria that improve digestive functioning, suppress appetite, and help you lose weight.


Instead of reaching for sugary cereal at breakfast, whip up some yummy oatmeal.

Not only will oatmeal keep you satiated for longer but it also acts as an appetite suppressant, keeps you hydrated, and supports heart health, thanks to the high quantities of protein, fiber, and beta-glucans.

Use these foods that suppress appetite naturally as snack options that are loaded with nutrients, weight-loss friendly, and tasty.

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