Paleo Diet To Lose Weight: Rules, Foods To Eat / Not To Eat

When you go on Paleo diet, there are usually two purposes – to help you to lose weight but also to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

With the amount of processed foods that so many of us eat on a regular basis, it makes sense that giving your body a break from all of those chemicals might be a good idea.

So, whether you are looking to lose weight or you just want to give your organs a break and regain some vitality, then the Paleo Diet might be an option for you.

What’s Paleo Diet?

If you have never heard of the Paleo Diet, then you should be reassured that it is nothing new.

In fact, it is completely based on what the people of the Paleolithic era ate – i.e. the “cavemen”.

Paleo Diet To Lose Weight

These people ate only foods that were grown naturally and the meat that they could hunt, and obviously had no preservatives, chemicals, or toxins in their diet.

However, this also means that since they existed prior to the agricultural age, there is no wheat or other grains in this diet.

The reason why so many people are switching over to this diet is because the people of the Paleolithic era were lean, had a lot of energy, and were able to live much healthier and active lives than we do.

So, by adopting their diet, you can get some of that vitality, too.

Paleo Diet For Weight Loss

The most obvious reason why the Paleo Diet is so popular right now is because it can really help you lose weight and keep it off.

When you aren’t eating processed foods, chemicals, and ingredients that slow down your metabolism, you are going to actually burn more calories than ever and you might even struggle to reach your daily caloric intake.

It is not unusual for people to lose three to five pounds during the first week, as the sugars, salts, and artificial ingredients make their way out of their system.

Over time, you will see that sticking to a Paleo Diet will enable you to lose excess body fat, have a leaner body, and it will even help boost your athletic performance and overall health.

Is Paleo Diet Healthy?

There are a few side effects to almost any diet and that is certainly true with the Paleo diet. One of the reasons for this is because it will come as a shock to your system.

This diet includes no refined sugars, no chemicals, and the salt in your diet will be greatly reduced. There is also no caffeine, so you might notice a difference in your energy level for the first few days.

However, after that period of time, during which you will get rid of your dependence on processed sugars and salt, you will start to feel better.

You will have more energy, and stop craving the processed foods that you have probably spent your entire life eating.

Most people also find that their gastrointestinal system starts to become a little more “regular”, and that they are able to lose weight and gain lean muscle very quickly.

Paleo Diet Food List

This diet is based on what “the cavemen” ate and that should give you some idea as to how strict it actually is.

This means that you won’t be eating macaroni and cheese or your favorite candy bar any time soon.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat healthy, flavorful, and filling foods as long as you know what to buy when you go shopping.

With most diets, people tend to look at the foods that are forbidden, rather than the foods that you can eat.

When you go on the Paleo Diet, as long as you stick within the foods that are on this diet, there is basically no limit to the amount that you can eat. All of the food is extremely high in nutrients and good for your body.

Here are some items that can commonly be found along the perimeter of your grocery store that will help you to get the calories you need while you are on your Paleo Diet.


You will probably eat more protein on the Paleo Diet than you will on any other diet, so you should try to eat lean protein, such as chicken, fish, pork, and lean red meat.

Paleo Diet Foods

Also, if you can find organic or grass-fed meats, you will get a higher quality of protein in your dish.


You will also end up eating a lot more fruit while you are on the Paleo Diet, so this is a great time to experiment with fruits that you have never tried before.

If you think only in terms of apples, oranges, and bananas, you will get tired of the diet pretty quickly.

Therefore, it might be time for you to experiment with different fruits that you might not normally eat, such as those that are popular in other cultures or countries.


You might not like your vegetables too much now, but on the Paleo Diet they are an extremely important part of where you will be getting your nutrition from.

You can choose from root vegetables, green vegetables, and of course you will probably find yourself eating a lot of salads while on this diet.

However, that doesn’t mean that your salads need to be boring – they can be full of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Nuts and Seeds

Many people think of nuts and seeds as only snacks, but they are a great source of protein and have fatty acids that your body needs.

You can add these to your vegetables, your salads, or any other meal that you make as well as snack on them with raw or dried fruit at any time.

Paleo Diet Food List Not Allowed

However, if you must know the foods that aren’t going to be on your dinner table, then you will need to exclude all grains, dairy products, legumes (beans), salt, processed oils, and refined sugar.

It also goes without saying that you will need to avoid any processed foods or foods that contain chemicals, additives, or preservatives. You must also stay away from artificial sweeteners.

While we are talking about foods that you can’t eat, there are two schools of thought as it pertains to just how strict you need to be.

If you have ever known vegetarians, then you know that there are some who are extremely strict, while others who might have the occasional piece of chicken or seafood.

The same also goes for people who are on the Paleo Diet. Some of them allow such things as artificial sweeteners in their sodas and a small amount of caffeine from time to time (in their coffee or green tea), while others frown on those foods.

There is a suggestion among many dieticians and weight loss experts that if you want to have a healthy diet, you should learn how to read a nutrition facts label.

With this knowledge you will stay away from the canned food, the frozen food, the cereals, and many of the items that are highly processed.

If all else fails and you can’t figure out what to buy in your grocery store, just ask yourself if a caveman would eat it. If you can’t see him opening a can or defrosting frozen food, then you are probably right!

Even before you go shopping, you should create a menu for your entire week. Knowing ahead of time what your plan is means that you will be less likely to fall off the wagon.

What Precautions Should You Take?

Before you go on any diet, you always want to make sure that your body is strong enough to handle it, and for many people this is a big change in their diet.

If you are unsure as to your current state of health, then talk to your doctor and they will probably already know about the Paleo Diet.

Many doctors agree that this is the ideal diet for almost anyone, especially those who suffer from gastrointestinal issues, those with blood sugar issues, and those who are trying to detoxify their body and live healthier.

The fact that this diet also helps you to lose weight should make any doctor agree with you giving it a try.

Is This the Right Diet for You?

Going on the Paleo Diet may not be the easiest thing for you and your family to do.  It will require you to really take a closer look at all of the foods that you are currently eating and it may be some time before you even feel comfortable eating out in restaurants.

However, whether you are going on the Paleo Diet for a short period of time or you want to make this a major life change, you will probably find that this diet enables you to live healthier, leaner, and with a lot more energy.

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