Strength Training Exercises For Weight Loss

Strength training, also referred to as resistance or weight training, is a physical activity undertaken to target the various muscles in your body.

It aids primarily in building muscle size, strength, and endurance. However, this form of physical training is not reserved for body builders alone.

There are a host of other health benefits for people who perform regular strength training – which is the major reason behind its popularity across various age groups.

According to the Health and Fitness Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, strength training has remained a popular fitness activity for years.

What Is Strength Training

First, let us discuss why muscle strength is important for everyone irrespective of age or fitness levels.

True, you may not be aiming to win a bodybuilding competition, but having proper muscle strength means that even routine activities like carrying the groceries from your car to the house become much easier.

what is strength training exercises

Moreover, good muscular strength also increases your metabolic rate and helps relieve stress.

The basic principle of strength training is to apply a particular load or resistance to a specific muscle, which is then forced to adapt to the load, and thus become stronger.

Not only does this build endurance but is also considered as an effective exercise routine for fat loss since stronger muscles enable you to burn more calories with ease.

Equipment like resistance bands, free weights, and weight machines may be used in strength training exercises, although no particular gear is mandatory.

Strength or resistance training is broadly classified into two types:

Isotonic strength training

Which entails contracting your muscles through a wide range of motion by using weights etc., and .

Isometric resistance

Which is when you use a non-moving object such as the floor to contract your muscles. For example, performing push-ups.

The type of equipment you use or the specific strength training exercises you do will depend on your current fitness level, and it is best to go about this routine with a qualified trainer to help you derive maximum benefits.

Strength training improves your nerves’ ability to communicate with various muscles, in addition to enhancing muscle fibers.

This helps improve muscle size and definition within a few weeks. It also equips your muscles to easily perform a range of movements that involve the use of muscle strength.

Many fitness experts suggest a mix of cardio and resistance exercises if you are hoping to achieve a well-defined look.

This is because although strength training helps you to build muscles within 2-3 weeks, you may not be able to see the improvement in your body without adequate fat loss.

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Does Strength Training Make You Bulky?

Many are skeptical about strength training because there is a common notion that performing such exercises will make you look bulky.

But the truth is that this form of training actually develops your lean muscle mass, which replaces the fat in your body to give you a toned, slim look.

So do not be alarmed if your body weight seems to have gone up by a pound or two after strength training, you are actually on the path to a healthier body with a leaner look. Soon, you will be going down a dress size or two.

In addition, women produce significantly lesser levels of testosterone as compared to men.

Since this is the hormone that promotes quick growth of muscle mass, it is unlikely that you will end up with a beefed-up look simply because you are incorporating strength training in your exercise regime.

More Benefits of Strength Training for Stronger Muscles

There are multiple benefits that people who perform resistance training experience, and all of these combine to help you build those toned, strong muscles that you were aiming for. Here’s how:

Stronger bones

All that strength training is not just helping you build muscles, but also gives you healthier bones.

Since strong muscles automatically lead to stronger bones in your body, regular weight training can reduce the risk of bone injuries and diseases like osteoporosis.

This, in turn, helps you maintain the muscle you built.

Mental lifting

Unlike many other workout forms, strength training is one which gives you quick results.

You will notice something different about your muscles after just one session of resistance training.

This goes a long way in making you happier about working out, which gives you a mental boost and keeps you motivated to continue your exercise routine.

Better sleep

A study conducted by the Journal of Exercise Physiology Online found that elderly women who perform strength training had better quality of sleep as compared to those with a sedentary lifestyle.

This shows that strength training is beneficial across ages, and also keeps you in good overall health. It is needless to say, this also lends itself to better muscle health.

Start Your Strength Training Exercises Today

Lifting weights offers physical and mental health benefits. When you support your strength training with a fat burner like Primeshred, your metabolism is boosted and kicks into overdrive to turn your body into a natural fat-burning machine.

This means that your body continues to burn fat more efficiently even at rest. Irrespective of your age, sex, or fitness levels.

So start a strength training regime today and watch your body transform before your eyes.

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