How Much Should I Be Exercising To Lose Weight?

To be able to answer this question, you need to know what your goal is. How much you exercise will be based on how much weight you plan to lose.

Knowing this, you can start learning about how much calories you burn with different exercises.

As an example, let us assume you plan on losing 20 pounds in 20 weeks. This means you need to lose half a pound, weekly.

A pound of body fat is equivalent to about 4,000 calories. To lose a pound of fat through exercise, you need to burn an average of 600 calories every day.

How Much Should I Be Exercising To Lose Weight

Exercise Equivalents

To lose a pound a day, if you are about 220 pounds in weight, you can either, walk for 90 minutes, jog for 35 minutes or ride the bike for 40 minute a day.

This weight loss assumption is only for exercising and if you can tweak your diet and cut your calorie intake in the process then you should be closer to your goal.

Diet and exercise are two sides of the same coin you need both if you plan on losing weight.

You may also supplement your weight loss plan with one of the top fat burning pills in the market today like PhenGold.

This diet pill works at enhancing the body’s metabolic rate, suppress the appetite and keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

The best diet pills in the market would caution you however to consult your physician first to ensure that it is safe to take weight loss supplements.

With a healthy diet and weight loss supplements, you can cut down your exercise to just three times daily instead of everyday. Exercising can also increase your natural energy levels.

You will generally feel lighter and more active if you maintain some form of exercise. The challenge faced by most people is to keep exercising over a long period of time.

Most people would start to get bored after a spell and so they need to keep motivated.

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How Much Exercise To Lose Weight – Tips

Here are some things you can do in order to get the most of your exercises.

Take on an exercise partner

It is more fun to have someone else with you when you exercise. You will also feel a sense of responsibility over that partner even if it is your pet dog.

Having a partner would make you want to do your exercises knowing that someone else is counting on you.

Set aside a specific time for exercise

Put it down on your calendar if you need a reminder and to keep the designated time free of other appointments. This way you are committed to your exercise time.

Weight Yourself

If you have established a goal in terms of the weight, you would like to lose then you need to weigh yourself every day.

Knowing your weight will also warn you whenever you seem to be slipping back and regaining some of the weight you have lost.

Do not over-exert yourself by doing too much

You run the risk of getting injured if you start doing high-intensity workouts especially if it is your first time.

You need to start small with light exercises and build your way up to more strenuous ones. Form is also important and you need to make sure that you are doing your exercises the right way to avoid injuring yourself.

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Keep track of your work

You can do it by logging the time you spend on it. Logging your exercise time is also a good motivator especially when you view your time sheet at the end of the week and realize how much you have accomplished. This should inspire you to keep going.

Practice preparing your own meals

You should first learn which types of foods are low on calorie and then find recipes and preparation tips. Making your own meals feels so much better than just grabbing fast food. You will also be able to control your portions better.

Drink smart

Cut back on alcoholic beverage, soda and packed fruit juices. A glass of wine is equal to a few hundred calories and it is the same with beer and carbonated beverages. Prepare your own fruit juices as the commercial type contains a lot of sugar.

Be conscious of what you eat

Grabbing a few crackers and cheese at the hors d’oeuvres table will give you about 300 calories and you have not even had dinner yet!

Losing weight is a serious and arduous task and is composed of a balanced, energy-enriched diet and increased physical activity.

No matter how many pounds you want to lose, do not consume less than 1,800 calories a day.

Exercise to lose weight and have a proper intake of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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