4 Biceps Curl Variations Every Bodybuilder Should Do

How to do biceps curl?

Biceps are one of the most noticeable muscle that is easy to spot by others. Having your biceps well developed is a clear sign that you are on top of your gains and you know exactly how the game works.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to working out for maximum size is the weight. Bulking up in size means you need to be able to rep with the heaviest weights possible.

One more thing is that you must not neglect the triceps in order to have a well rounded and even better looking arms.

biceps curl standing

So here we will show you some of the most popular biceps exercises that many people do to increase their arms in size.

Barbell Curl

The first exercise in this list is the Barbell Curl. The good thing about this workout is that it will allow you to work your muscles good with heavy weight.

Many new bodybuilders are better suited to lift a barbell than a set of dumbbells which means this workout will allow then to utilize their strength to the max.

When doing this exercise you need to look out for the movement pattern and you must never cut it short. And while lifting the barbell upwards, you must try to never lean backwards.

By keeping an eye on these two things and trying to do the exercise right means that you will be able to take full advantage without wasting any efforts you put into it.

The way to do barbell curl exercise is as follow:

Stand straight upright while you hold the barbell with shoulder width grip. This is your standing position with palms facing forward and elbows close to your body.

Hold the upper arms at one place and try not to move them while you curl the weight forward as you breathe out.

Continue with this movement until your biceps are fully contracted and the barbell is at your shoulder level.

Once you have the barbell at shoulder level you’ll have to start lowering it back down while you breathe in try to keep your upper arms at one place.

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Incline Dumbbell Curl

The good thing about this movement is that it pretty much removes that backwards movement we talked about earlier.

The way you do an incline dumbbell curl is as follow:

Your standing position is to sit back on the bench, with dumbbells held in arms length. Again, try to keep your elbows close to the body and your palms should be facing forward.

While not moving your upper arm you will need to lifting the weights upwards and breathe out. Only forearms should move until the weights are at shoulder level.

Hold the dumbbells in this position for a second for maximum tension and then slowly start lowering them back down as you breathe in and keeping your upper arm at one place. Then you repeat the same thing with your other hand.

Standing Biceps Cable Curl

With this exercise you will be able to workout not only the biceps but also the muscles surrounding it.

The movement pattern here is not so much stable here due to the cable which will force your surrounding arms and back muscles to work as well in order to keep you stable.

The way to do a standing biceps cable curl is as follow:

Stand up with your torso upright while holding a cable curl bar. Again your grip should be at shoulder level and your elbows need to be close to your body.

Palms should be facing up and your upper arms should be stable and not move.

Pull up the cable as you breathe out until you reach shoulder level and hold up for a second for maximum tensions.

Start lowering the bar back down as you breathe in and keep your upper arms stable.

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Concentration Curls

This exercise is pretty good for boosting your biceps into growth mode. While sitting down and the way this workout works you will be able to limit the unnecessary movement.

how to biceps curl

The way to do Concentration Curls is as follow:

Sit down on a bench holding a dumbbell between your legs. Place the back of your upper arm on the top of your inner thigh with your palm facing away from your legs. That will be the standing position.

Holding the upper arm in place you will begin to lift the weight upwards as you breathe out. Keep moving until dumbbell is at shoulder level and biceps is fully contracted.

Start bringing the dumbbell down as you breath in and keep holding your upper arm in one place.


So there you have it. Some of the most popular biceps workout that will help you grow your arms and get on top of your game.

There are a few key moments you always need to look out for when doing any biceps workout that apply not only for these exercises but pretty much for all biceps exercises.

  • You always have to keep your upper arm in one place and only move your forearm.
  • Always try to fully contract your biceps for maximum effect.
  • Breathe out as you lift and breathe in as you lower.
  • Always try to keep your back straight without moving it back and forth.
Following these simple rules will defiantly improve your workout quality and speed up your results.

However, you will achieve good results only when you do all the exercises for the whole body evenly and when you improve your diet. Without high protein foods protein intake, your biceps will be hard to grow.

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