Bitter Orange Synephrine

What is Bitter Orange?

Bitter orange is the name of a very popular plant called zhi shi in traditional Chinese medicine.

You may have heard this plant as Citrus Aurantium, green orange, sour orange, Seville orange, bigarade orange, and marmalade orange as well.

It is known for its stimulant properties, as it is natural source of synephrine and octopamine, two ingredients closely related to ephedra. The extract comes from the peel, rather than the fruit itself.

Ephedra was banned by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006, due to the number of incidents reporting harsh side effects, which include death. However, when used appropriately and with correct dosage amounts, bitter orange extract is not harmful.

Bitter Orange Uses And Benefits

Bitter orange is most commonly used in weight loss supplements as a fat burner.
It is also used to treat indigestion, nausea, heart burn, constipation, and nasal congestion.

It is also used in topical formulas to treat conditions such as: fungal infections (ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc.), muscle inflammation and pain, bruising, and inflammation of the eyelids.

Though this is not a fruit people eat out of their hands like a traditional sweet orange, it is the primary type of orange used in British marmalade, and can be used as a flavoring in sodas and candies.

Bitter Orange Synephrine

Bitter Orange is a plant rich in vitamins and minerals, and as such has many different benefits. It is commonly used to treat fungal infections, a variety of digestive issues, and inflammation and pain.

Fungal Infections

When applied to the skin, bitter orange oil can help treat a variety of fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, and jock itch. [1]

Digestive Issues

Bitter orange has been used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat everything from indigestion and heart burn to nausea and vomiting, to constipation.

It is either eaten (peel, leaves, and/or fruit) or made into a tonic, and the afflicted person drinks it to find relief. [2]

Inflammation and Pain

When the oil is applied to the skin, particularly the eyelids, it can help reduce swelling and pain associated with muscle and joints and even labor pain. [3]

Please see a medical professional before using bitter orange to treat any medical condition.

Bitter Orange Extract and Weight Loss

Why is this nutrient used in fat burners?

Actually, many scientists who are interested in losing weight claim that this herb has several very useful abilities such as the ability to increase the metabolic rate, to increase caloric expenditure, to increase energy levels, to promote weight loss, and of course fat burning abilities.

Bitter Orange FruitBitter orange is considered a chemical cousin of the ephedra plant, as the peel contains two stimulant ingredients synephrine and octopamine that act similar to ephedra.

Because of the FDA ban on ephedra, some sources say to avoid this ingredient whenever possible, but many others maintain you can get the almost same effect as you would from ephedra, without the side effects.

Many fitness reviews compare synephrine to ephedrine. Studies show that ephedrine is a more potent weight loss compound than its counterpart.

However, this alkaloid from bitter orange is proven to be safer and with lesser dangerous side effect than ephedrine. It is a legal diet supplement that is safe for use.

Although synephrine is not as potent as ephedrine, it is still a very effective stimulant that can help people achieve their goal body weight and body figure.

The reason bitter orange is a popular ingredient in fat burners, and is a highly recommended supplement for people who are trying to lose weight is because the stimulant nature of the fruit allows for an increase in metabolism so you burn more calories than you normally would, while also increasing energy levels and alertness.

Not only would you burn more calories, you would also have energy to do more, which also helps burn more calories.

As reported by the University of Michigan Health Library, bitter orange could possibly encourage fat loss as it has alkaloid synephrine. [4]

resting metabolic rateIn an educational editorial published by the National Institutes of Health, bitter orange was reported to have an impact on the increase of the metabolic resting rate and energy expenditure. [5]

Another study confirmed that it can improve resting metabolism. [6]

The resting metabolic rate is the quantity of energy used when the heart is at a resting rate or throughout a period of stringent and constant resting conditions. [7]

Improving this might be able to induce enhanced fat burning.

Synephrine (50 mg) on its own and in conjunction with certain bioflavonoids seems to enhance resting metabolic rate.

This study evaluated the thermogenic effects of synephrine on its own in comparison with synephrine coupled with the flavonoids naringin and hesperidin and placebo.

The main finding was that people getting synephrine and in conjunction with the flavonoids demonstrated increase in metabolic process 75 minutes after intake. [8]

Another study reveals another advantage of bitter orange. It can enhance the thermic effect of food, and particularly in women. In other words, body will use even more energy for fat burning. [9]

Synephrine from bitter orange is regarded as a substance that triggers adrenergic receptors (sympathetic adrenergic agonist) present in nearly all cells. Principally, synephrine seems to have affinity α1-receptors, which control cravings, and β3- receptors, which metabolism. [10]

Once synephrine binds to β receptors, it seems to activate lipolysis (fat burning) by discharging the enzyme adenylyl cyclase. [11]

Furthermore, this also enhances the body’s production of heat. i.e. thermogenesis. These effects lead to faster metabolism, so more calories are expended.

At the same time when it binds to α1-receptors, synephrine is considered to reduce cravings; however this effect is small and needs additional investigation.

When combined with the green tea and guarana, bitter orange is said to help improve oxidation levels in resting overweight men after a training done on a treadmill machine. [12]

Although mostly small, studies have indicated that bitter orange is a good support for weight reduction by increasing oxidation rates, and helping people use more calories while in resting state.

Bitter Orange Dosage for Fat Burning

In order to obtain satisfactory results everyone who takes supplements, which contain Citrus aurantium fruit, should be aware of the right dosage.

However, you will discover almost no information on the best dosage of bitter orange extract from scientific studies.

For this reason it’s advisable to adhere to the dosages proposed by manufacturers of any specific supplement.

Some specialists recommend a 100 to 200 mg dose taken every day.

Clenbutrol Contains Synephrine

Clenbutrol is a naturally derived fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolic enhancer.

A blend of powerful and highly concentrated plant extracts Clenbutrol acts synergistically to control appetite, alleviate sugar cravings and support healthy metabolic function.

Clenbutrol MaxScientifically formulated, Clenbutrol uses natural source herbal and plant extracts in the exact proportions proven most effective for reducing body fat in clinical studies.

Besides Bitter Orange extract (150mg) it includes Garcinia Cambogia (150mg), Guarana extract (114mg), and Vitamin B3 (21mg)

Each of these effective, yet safe ingredients pays a direct or complementary role in thermogenesis and metabolic activity, the process and rate at which stored body fat is burned.

In particular, the two most thermogenically active ingredients in Clenbutrol (bitter orange extract and guarana extract) are two plant extracts which have been scientifically studied in relation to their fat-fighting properties.

Clenbutrol acts as a catalyst to “rev up your fat-burning engine” while controlling your appetite and cravings for simple carbohydrates (sweets).

Find out more about Clenbutrol from official website.

Bitter Orange Side Effects?

While many people use bitter orange extract and never experience side effects, it is important to remember that all natural does not always mean safe for everyone.

A study publicized in Phytotherapy Research discovered that bitter orange was risk-free for human ingestion and has no dangerous side effects. It had been as well confirmed that Synephrine is not dangerous for ingestion. [13]

In accordance with a report released in Food and Chemical, Synephrine seem to be without negative effects at a serving of up to 98mg daily. [14]

In this study, some subjects experienced increase heart rate, but only when higher dosages were used.

However, for this reason it is not recommended that those with high blood pressure use bitter orange based supplements.

An additional research implies that Bitter Orange products could cause a false positive for amphetamines. [15]

This supplement is also not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers, as there is not yet enough evidence to show that this supplement would not harm an unborn child.

However, eating foods with small amounts of bitter orange has not been shown harmful.

So, in general, Bitter orange is safe to take responsibly, as per numerous scientific studies.

Bitter Orange Interactions

As with side effects, using bitter orange with certain medications may cause interactions. Here are the potential interactions to watch for.

If you are taking any prescription depression medications classified as an MAOI, such as Nardil or Parnate, do not use bitter orange. This can cause elevated heart rate or nervousness.

If you are taking the prescription medication like Versed, Robitussin DM, Plendil (lowers blood pressure), Crixivan (used to treat HIV/AIDS) bitter orange can slow the rate at which the body breaks the medication down to get rid of it, leading to an increase in the side effects you may experience with the medication.

As I’m not a doctor, I do not recommend you use this extract without first speaking to one to make sure you are not using any medications that will interact with it.

Bitter Orange Synephrine Conclusion

As most fat burning ingredients, synephrine is also a stimulant. Just like caffeine which is a common fat burning ingredients, synephrine is able to boosts your energy, to suppress your appetite (to some point), and to increase your metabolic rate and caloric expenditure.

As a whole, citrus aurantium can help you lose weight because of the amphetamine-like effects of the alkaloids.

Although, bitter orange extract is less effective than products that contain ephedra such as Ma Huang, it is able to improve fat burning and to boost your energy which will inevitably lead to weight loss.

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