Green Coffee Bean Extract

An Inside Look at Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee is considered to be one of the most popular drinks in the world today. Even if there have been debates about the health risks of consuming coffee on a daily basis, people cannot seem to get enough of the brown stuff. But what about green coffee?

When you hear the words “green coffee”, probably the first thought that will enter your mind is it is the unripe green berry of the coffee plant.

Green coffee is actually unroasted coffee beans; when the coffee berries are ripe, they are picked and the flesh is taken out, leaving only the seeds or what is known as the coffee bean.

The beans are then cleaned and dried, leaving behind a light green bean that is ready to be used for various purposes.

History of Green Coffee Bean Extract

The concept of green coffee is fairly new because it is only in the recent years that people have begun to take interest in the raw form of the coffee bean. Just like with roasted coffee, the beans are used, or rather, the pure extract from the beans is used.

But, the history of this extract goes back thousands of years. Actually, in the beginning, coffee beans were consumed as food. 1

East African clans would mill the coffee berries together, blending them into a paste mixed with animal fat.

History of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Afterwards, approximately 1000 AD, a kind of wine from coffee berries was developed by the Ethiopians, by infusing the dried beans in water.

In addition, coffee grew organically on the Arabian Peninsula where it was initially brewed into a hot beverage.

In spite of years of research on coffee and caffeine, studies failed to prove the benefits of drinking coffee, until now.

The superior antioxidant action noticed in recent research on coffee is thought to be uniquely due to phenolic acids. The extract consists of numerous polyphenols named hycroxycinnamic-acids.

The two of the most important being caffeic and chlorogenic acids. Caffeic-acid is the primary phenolic amalgam in coffee.

What is inside the beans?

Green coffee beans contains polyphenols that work to help decrease free-oxygen-radicals inside the body, acting as good antioxidants.

This bean extract is occasionally standardized to up to 30% to 50% Chlorogenic acid (CGA) 2, a complex ingredient in coffee that is popular for its beneficial effects.

Hot black coffee contains cafestol, a natural ingredient that gives coffee a mildly oily, bitter flavor, which is linked to negative consequences of drinking coffee as a stimulant; however, this compound is not found in green coffee beans or its extract.

Green Coffee Beans

Green bean extract contains Polyphenols together with clorogenic-acids, dicaffeoylquinic-acids, and caffeoylquinic-acids.

Chlorogenic-acids are cinnamic-acid by-products with organic influences generally linked to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities.

Dicaffeoylquinic-acids and caffeoylquinic-acids are the prime photogenic-acids present in nature.

All these antioxidants are not present in your daily cup of coffee because they break down when the coffee beans are roasted.

Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

The complete range of benefits of green coffee beans is only now starting to fully emerge. We knew that green, unroasted coffee beans are a potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging agent, but only recently have science discovered its weight management advantages.

Let’s see closely the health benefits of green coffee bean extract.

Green Coffee Extract For Weight Loss

Each time a natural dietary ingredient is praised as a panacea for weight loss, many would make haste to dismiss these claims, arguing that all the hype is just a marketing strategy to fool people into buying such products.

The truth is somewhere in the middle, whilst some products are nothing but too much hype and a good looking package, others are grounded in science and medical studies, actually delivering what they promise.

Green Coffee bean extract is a super potent anti-oxidant that can benefit our body in a number of ways.

One of the most recent scientific revelations is that green coffee bean extract is actually capable of facilitating weight loss, and not because of caffeine.

The up-to-now little known compound, chlorogenic acid is the one getting into the spotlight.

Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant found in over-abundance in green coffee beans. This antioxidant is responsible among other things, to regulate the liver and gallbladder function. 3

Green Coffee Weight Loss

Chlorogenic Acid in fact monitors and inhibits glucose release, absorption and use. In other words, chlorogenic acid is responsible for the low and stable release of glucose in the bloodstream.

This in plain term means that it helps you lose weight by inhibiting or slowing down glucose release.

As a consequence of this stabilized glucose, your metabolism gets a push and on top of that, your body seeks now to find energy not in food, but in its own fat stores. 4

In fact this study suggests that chlorogenic acid is a potent natural compound which compared to caffeic acid (also found in coffee) is responsible for “body weight reduction and regulation of lipid metabolism”.5

Chlorogenic acid found in Green Coffee Bean Extract does the following:

Effectively monitors glucose release, enabling the body to keep its glycemic index stable.

Urges the body to boost its metabolic processes and burn more calories.

It enhances the metabolism of stored fat. This is possible due to the fact that the body is tricked into using its own stored fat as an energy source, because of the stabilized glucose blood levels.

Aside from being a good fat burner, using green coffee extract has other health benefits as well. Here are some of them:

Lowered blood pressure

Green coffee bean extract could have some benefit in decreasing blood pressure; however, more studies are needed to confirm results. Chlorogenic-acids in unroasted green coffee-beans extract decreases blood pressure in healthy individuals. 6

The patient’s blood pressure lowering effect and wellbeing of CGA were analyzed during a randomized clinical trial.

It was found out that green coffee extract can lower a person’s blood pressure. The study had 28 subjects with hypertension as participants and when they were given a 140mg dose of green coffee extract, there was significant improvement in their blood pressure. 7

Reduced cholesterol

Green coffee extract may be helpful to reduce the amount of cholesterol. 8

What might make green coffee bean useful for cholesterol levels is the fact that it enhances the absorption of soluble fiber which can be an extra benefit in dealing with cholesterol.

Elimination of free radicals

Another benefit of consuming green coffee regularly is it gets rid of the free radicals in the body. 9

Because of the way cellular-health has developed over the previous decade, science now focuses on free radicals as one of the major offenders of poor health quality and longevity in the world today.

Free radicals are the culprits in decreased muscle tone, looking old and having a bad blood circulation. Using a green coffee extract is a good idea because it may help with all of these problems.

If you add all of these things up, they all contribute to a faster weight loss and overall health.

Svetol Green Coffee Extract

Svetol is the highest quality green coffee bean extract and is abundant in Chlorogenic acids.

A 400 mg dose of Svetol is the same as about 3 to 6 cups of green coffee.

Svetol green coffee extract is manufactured from decaffeinated Robusta, therefore there will be a small possibility of negative effects like insomnia or jitters.

The key reasons why you should go for this green coffee for weight loss

45%-50% Chlorogenic Acid
The only brand of clinically tested extract
Practically caffeine free (under 2%)
Appropriate for vegetarians & vegans & kosher
Authentic, certified and accredited manufacturer

Svetol has a profoundly special formula that ensures the absence of particular substances present in roasted coffee which, the medical community agrees, have possibly damaging influence on health, mostly in increased doses.

Svetol ExtractBecause of this, Svetol is guaranteed clear of cafestol and kahweol and also comes with a insignificant caffeine content (less than ¼ of a cup of coffee).

Svetol is pure and natural, clinically proven slimming product

Svetol’s weight reduction behavior was witnessed in an experiment performed on 50 persons. Results are published in a French publication, Phytothérapie. 10

During the period of 60 days, two groups of volunteers, all with a BMI over 25, were carefully watched. The first group received 400 mg of Svetol every day, and the second group was given a placebo.

After two months, individuals who were given Svetol had lost 5.7% of their starting body mass. Or in real numbers, people who used Svetol lost on average 11 pounds in 60 days.

Although this study does not show the enormous weight reduction marketed by many diet fads, it does indicate a stable reduction in weight caused by the use of Svetol.

Moreover, because the extract included in the test was decaffeinated, the weight reduction does not seem to be on account of a fat burning impact referred to caffeine.

If you are interested in Green Coffee bean extract for your weight loss goals, you won’t find better product than certified Svetol.

You can read my full Svetol review for all additional information and answers.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Considering the sheer amount of benefits of green coffee beans, the fact that it might have some mild side effects, doesn’t overshadow how an astoundingly powerful agent green coffee is.

Each individual may respond differently to particular ingredient. That’s why some people might find a supplement exquisite, whilst others would find it entirely useless.

As each person will have a different reaction to green coffee beans, some will get side effects, whereas others will exclusively know just its benefits. Those experiencing side effects of green coffee extract might get the following:

Side Effects

Insomnia and restlessness, increased heart race, nausea or mild headaches. These are harmless side effects, but if experienced for long period of time, stop taking the supplement and consult your doctor.


Although in small amounts, green coffee bean extract does contain caffeine. Those with caffeine sensitivity are cautioned to consult their doctor before taking Green Coffee bean extract.

A useful tactic is to avoid any other source of caffeine when taking this extract, this will keep caffeine intake to a minimum.


Some users report on having jitters due to taking this extract. Again, this might be due to caffeine sensitivity, or caffeine overload.

Monitoring one’s caffeine consumption can easily redress the issue and any other side effect experience due to caffeine.

Green coffee bean extract, unlike regular coffee used in beverages, contains an insignificant amount of caffeine.

That being said, green coffee provides the users with all the anti-oxidant goodness whilst it protects them from the jittery feeling that caffeine gives.

Caffeine Sensitivity

The caffeine sensitivity is worth mentioning. If you are someone for whom caffeine can cause things like nervousness and headaches, don’t immediately disregard the possibility that you can use green coffee bean extract.

Cup Of CoffeeTake into account the degree to which you are sensitive to caffeine, and consult your doctor as to whether or not a low dosage might be okay.

Remember that green coffee beans have considerably less caffeine than the more well-known black coffee beans.

You should also consult with a physician before taking any green coffee extract weight loss supplements.

You might have an underlying medical condition that may be affected when you take this extract.

Children or pregnant women should not use green coffee bean extract supplements.

Overall, green coffee bean extract is a healthy, natural ingredient that can be easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle and help them reach their health goals in a safe and natural manner.

Recommended Green Coffee Dosage

Capsules come in all sizes and amounts (200mg, 300mg, 400mg, 600mg, 800mg, etc.), it’s recommended that you take your dosage 30 minutes before each meal.

This boils down to about 2 capsules a day with a full glass of water to get the best results.

The dosage amount is up to you; some people prefer to start off lower and work up to see what is the ideal amount for them, some prefer to start higher and get results faster.

Either way, it’s certain that if you take green coffee bean extract, you can expect some sort of results.

What’s more is that even though you don’t need to change your diet or exercise routine when taking these supplements in order to lose weight, by doing so you can maximize your results—not to mention that eating right and staying active is actually good for you!

Picking the Right Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplement

The final step you have to take is to choose the best green bean coffee extract—unfortunately they are not all made the same way.

I suggest following these guidelines. Here’s a look at the most important things to look out for so that you can avoid expired or low-quality ingredients and even dangerous additives:

Pay attention to ingredients

If you are looking for green coffee extract weight loss supplements, you can try looking for them in health supplement stores across the country.

Make sure that you read the product labels carefully to ensure that the product contains pure green coffee extract and avoid the ones with “other ingredients” because these might be dangerous to your health.

These are not meant to frighten you. These safety tips are simply meant to help you choose the best green coffee bean extract supplement possible.

Some of these products will contain ingredients with words like “carbonites” and “sulfates.” These are fillers that will do nothing for you. They can actually dilute the usefulness of the product.

You should also be wary about free trial scams that make false promises about their product and have dubious payment schemes.

Trademarked Green Coffee Bean Extract

You certainly want to make sure you purchase your green coffee bean extract from a reputable supplier.

Research suppliers, read reviews, and find one you can be certain you can trust. From my experience there is no better product than clinically proven and certified Svetol extract.

Quality is obviously important, so look for supplements with a minimum 45% Chlorogenic Acid.


A new moment has arrived in the science of nutrition and health. Who would think that much of it would revolve around pure green coffee beans extract linked to natural weight loss?

When it comes to losing weight‚ exercise and proper diet are vital to success.

By beginning to lose weight at a moderate rate will conclude with better results in the long run and a much healthier lifestyle.

While no pill is a miracle‚ the right supplement can have you burning more fat in less time and getting that lean‚ hard physique you’ve always wanted.

Studies shows that including a supplement such as green coffee bean extract could increase the potential for weight loss.

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