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Chromium Picolinate Information

Chromium is an indispensable trace element. It is not produced by the body and must be obtained from food.

It could be found in brewer’s yeast, whole grain cereals, prunes, mushrooms, broccoli, rye bread, wheat germ, oysters, peas, potatoes, green peppers, eggs, chicken, parsnips, apples, garlic, basil, banana, grape juice, red wine, and beer.

By eating a healthy and balanced diet, an individual should receive enough of this mineral; however, individuals that eat a diet high in refined sugar, additives, or processed food and are obese are at risk for a chromium deficiency.

Dietary needs

The typical American diet, high in refined foods such as flour and sugar, supplies little chromium.

In addition, foods containing this trace element are not especially popular with many people in the US.

And the amount of chromium in these foods can vary, depending on where they are grown, or how they are sourced and processed.

Foods Rich In Chromium Picolinate

It may be difficult to eat enough chromium-containing foods to meet your body’s recommended dietary intake, and even more difficult to measure if you your body can utilize the chromium you are getting.

More importantly, your body’s ability to absorb certain minerals can be affected by a wide range of factors like food combinations, drug interactions, age, stress or other lifestyle factors.

Chromium Deficiency

Some surveys show that about 90% of the Americans take with food less than the recommended amount of chromium per day. [1]

It’s also a fact that people who exercise excrete this trace element with the urine. Therefore, people that are active in sports are supposed to take more chromium with food. [2]

Without this nutrient in the diet, the body loses its ability to use sugars, proteins, and fat properly, which may result in decreased muscle mass or growth, improper function of the nervous system, and a diabetic-like condition.

People with these conditions can then go on to have several other health issues if the problem is not corrected.

Symptoms of chromium deficiency include: excessive thirst, frequent urination, frequent hunger, addiction to sweet foods, cold hands, drowsiness, and cold sweat, dizziness, or irritability. [3]

A chromium deficiency may lead to nerve problems and decrease the body’s ability to use sugar properly.

The lack of chromium in human’s body is proved to cause glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, both found in people with diabetes. [4]

Insulin resistance also increases risk for cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

One research at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests that low chromium levels are linked with a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. [5]

Causes of Lower Chromium Levels

As people get older the amount of Chromium absorbed into the body is reduced.

Other causes of decreased levels are stress, people who consume a lot of simple sugars, extreme exercise, unbalanced diets, pregnancy, and lactation all seem to contribute to lower levels.

Your intestinal tract absorbs very little of the Chromium you consume, only about 0.4%-2.5% of your daily intake will be absorbed. [6]

Studies have shown that taking Vitamin C and Vitamin B (niacin) will help in your absorption of this and other trace elements.

Chromium And Weight Loss

There are a number of ways that Chromium works to help reduce weight and improve body composition.

It has a very significant role in glucose metabolism, regulation of insulin levels, and maintenance of normal blood levels of cholesterol, as well as some other lipids.

Since the late 1950′s there have been a significant amount of studies done on this mineral and its effects on weight loss.

It is a part of the so called glucose tolerance factor (GTF) [7], which is a compound in the body, that takes part in modulating the actions of insulin for keeping the level of blood sugar.

Sugary CravingsStudies have shown that people with deficient levels of Chromium in there body are more likely to suffer from high blood sugar levels and show signs of type II diabetes.

The reason for this is that Chromium helps with the efficiency of insulin, which in turn helps reduce blood sugar levels in the body.

Appetite is another thing that chromium can possibly control.

Studies have shown it can help with satiety (feeling full) and decreases persons urge for fatty foods and can help control cholesterol levels in the body.

It is also believed that this nutrient increases protein synthesis, which aids the expansion of lean body mass.

On top of this researchers found that it may have antidepressant effects. [8]

Why Should You Choose Chromium Picolinate (CrPic)?

Chromium has a bad reputation because it is not easily absorbed by the body. This is why it is preferred to be combined with other compound that is better absorbing.

Chromium Picolinate is formed by the combination of the element Chromium and Picolinic Acid. [9]

There are a few other forms of Chromium found in supplements such as chloride, nicotinate, and citrate.

They all work for increasing the absorption and availability compared to isolated chromium.

In studies done on these compounds Chromium Picolinate was found to provide the highest amount of absorption into the body. [10]

Scientifically proven benefits of Chromium Picolinate

Enhances the Action of Insulin

Chromium is a vital contributor to controlling the level of blood sugar, by working with insulin.

It is commonly used to treat diabetes and hypoglycemia, due to its power to keep blood sugar levels in the limits.

A research carried out by the Human Nutrition Research Center U.S. Department of Agriculture discovered that when men and women who took medications for type 2 diabetes were given additional Chromium during 4 months, every day, insulin values and levels of cholesterol decreased considerably. [11]

diabetes and hypoglycemia

On the other hand, studies show diverse data when considering chromium’s helpfulness in protecting against diabetes mellitus.

Numerous studies show useful impacts, yet some others indicate that chromium is not potent enough to manage blood glucose in individuals at risk of diabetes without coupling it with some other treatment options.[12]

Affects Metabolism Of Fats

Chromium, also, has a significant role in reducing the level blood cholesterol, which is the main cause of diabetes. Only 200 mcg of chromium per day are enough to decrease the total amount of cholesterol in the body.

Chromium is necessary for healthy metabolism of fatty acids, among them blood cholesterol. Study reveals a connection between increased chromium consumption and healthier arteries and cholesterol levels.

A few scientific studies even indicate that those who die from cardiovascular disease have decreased chromium levels when pass away.

When scientists at the Department of Medical Education of Mercy Hospital analyzed the influence of chromium picolinate in people during 4 weeks, the subjects benefited from reduced levels of total cholesterol and reduced levels of bad ldl cholesterol when using chromium versus the placebo. [13]

Controls Hunger and Prevents Weight Gain

Chromium picolinate is linked to a reduced chance for excess weight, less fat gain and might actively influence food consumption.

At the moment, the precise activity through which chromium impacts appetite and weight is unspecified, but certain scientific studies discovered that increased chromium consumption is connected with a decrease in fat deposits and better regulated eating.

A research completed by the Biomedical Research Center at the Louisiana State University discovered that chromium picolinate efficiently supported reduction in food consumption in overweight women who had problem with carb cravings.

After evaluating the effects of chromium compared to placebo in 42 women during 8 weeks, the group using 1,000 milligrams of chromium every day witnessed less sugary cravings, decrease in appetite, reduced intake of food and a reduction in body mass. [14]

Supports a Healthy Metabolism and Energy Levels

Taking sufficient amount of chromium is extremely important for individuals who are dynamic and active, because chromium is required to increase energy expenditure, lean muscle and training effectiveness.

This is even more important if you are on some restrictive diet and you are regularly exercising, because chromium will help your metabolism going strong.

As I already said, during demanding exercises more chromium is excreted through urine and sweat, so taking some supplementary chromium is a must. [15]

Chromium Picolinate in Fat Burners

Chromium Picolinate (CrPic) can often be present in fat burners. But does Chromium Picolinate encourage fat burning or promote weight reduction?

The truth is that it doesn’t have fat burning potential, but as I discussed above, it has a potential to impact sugar levels and decrease appetite, thus it definitely promotes weight loss.

Chromium Picolinate is a part of amazing PhenQ fat burning formula.

PhenQ ReviewAs you eat a meal rich in carbohydrates, the glucose is passed into your bloodstream and transported to cells to be utilized as fuel.

When your cells get sufficient glucose levels, you stop wanting more carbs.

Chromium Picolinate will help your cells absorb the maximum glucose as they can, therefore you’ll encounter significantly less carbohydrate cravings, and it will help you intake fewer calories.

It basically just improves weight loss results created by other potent fat fighters contained in PhenQ, such as Alpha-Lacys Reset, Capsaicin, Caffeine, or L-Carnitine.

Another fairly good product containing Chromium Picolinate is Phen24 fat burner.

Here, it is a part of a Phen24 Night supplement, and is meant to reduce any craving you might be experiencing late in the day.

Daily Intake

The amount of chromium required by the human body is based on gender and age. [16]

AgeChromium (Daily Intake)
0-6 months0.2 mcg
7-12 months5.5 mcg
1-3 years11 mcg
4-8 years15 mcg
9-13 years21 mcg (females) 25 mcg (males)
14-18 years24 mcg (females) 35 mcg (males)
19-50 years25 mcg (females) 35 mcg (males)
over 50 years20 mcg (females) 30 mcg (males)

Through the years there have been studies on the chromium picolinate and its peak was in the middle 1980s, when it was suggested that 50-200mcg per day can have a considerable effect on improving health markers associated with insulin resistance.

If your personal needs for this mineral are even higher than average, it makes it even harder to get enough chromium through your diet.

Chromium Side effects

It is true that most of the studies on chromium picolinate show no side effects, though, in some cases mild gastrointestinal upset might appear but it has short persistence and disappears in few weeks.

In fact, chromium picolinate has been affirmed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) at up to 600 mcg of chromium daily.

In August 2005, the U.S. Funded Drug Administration (FDA) allowed a qualified health claim for CrPic in reference to insulin resistance which confirmed that chromium picolinate is a safe nutritional supplement. [17]

In this same year, studies conducted by the National Toxicology Program also confirmed safety.

Please Note

When buying supplements of any kind, you should really take time to read the label for instructions and contraindications so that you could take them correctly.

Since chromium picolinate can be bought without a prescription, you should be very careful.

Read all precaution and discuss your decision to take these supplements with your doctor if you have a history of allergies.

You should also ask your doctor in case chromium picolinate might interact with any medication you might be taking.

You should never give these supplements to children without approval form their pediatrician.

Pregnant women usually require a higher amount of vitamins and minerals in order to ensure the baby’s health.

It is not recommended to take a chromium supplement if you have diabetes because it may change the amount of insulin your body requires.

Because of the low absorption and high excretion rates of chromium, toxicity is not common.

Most of the research that has been conducted used 50-200mcg per day. Some studies have conducted trials at levels of 1000mcg per day.

The recommended amount by the Institute of Medicine is 50-200mcg per day. In trials done at levels higher than 1000mcg per day some subjects started to have side effects.

Anyway, before taking chromium supplements, discuss with your doctor the possible side effects of taking chromium supplements under these conditions. As always, prevention is better than cure.

Chromium Picolinate Conclusion

Chromium is an essential mineral that your body uses in trace amounts to help with sugar and lipid (fat) metabolism.

It helps the efficiency of insulin, which causes cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up sugar from the blood.

It helps move blood sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream into the cells to be used as energy and turn fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy.

Chromium PicolinateIt is also important in insulin metabolism. Insulin is an important hormone for controlling blood sugar levels as well as for metabolizing fats and proteins in the body.

Chromium may decrease the amount of insulin resistance present and thus it may change the type or amount of medication needed to treat the diabetes.

This is why several studies have been conducted on Chromium levels in relation to diabetes.

In order to enjoy a healthy level of chromium in your body, you should make sure that you have a balanced diet.

A lack in minerals in vitamins can actually lead to chromium deficiency.

People with Chromium deficiency tend to have higher blood sugar levels and higher cholesterol levels.

If you are suffering from this deficiency, you should know how important it is to correct your chromium levels.

Few problems have been found in people taking Chromium Picolinate.

Studies on subjects receiving high daily doses of this substance (over 1000mcg) have shown some kind of side effects.

In any case, you can go to your doctor to ask whether chromium picolinate will be adequate for you.

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