How To Improve Digestion Naturally At Home

Many people are asking themselves why is my digestive system so bad. While this may have to do with genetics, in most cases it has to do with the type of food we eat and how we eat it.

Having a lot of energy is a function of good digestion.

When you eat or drink, your body is able to extract the nutrients from what you consume and use it to build and nourish your cells providing you with the energy to meet your daily needs.

Digestion Process

The process of digestion begins in the mouth where the food is chewed and the enzymes in your saliva breaks down the starches.

When the food travels to your stomach, the different stomach enzymes continue the breakdown process.

what to take for better digestion

Digestion time varies on the type of food carbohydrates are the fastest to digest, protein takes longer but fat takes the longest.

During digestion, the all the organs of the digestive system work at extracting the nutrients and absorbing them from the food and liquids you consume.

By not eating too many different types of food at the same time, you can make your digestive system work more efficiently.

10 Tips to Better Digestion

If you are struggling with a weight problem and you always feel that you do not have enough energy, there are several things you can do to boost your digestion.

Below are some suggestions to help you do it.

Eat Proteins And Complex Carbohydrates Separately

These two types of foods involve different digestive processes thus if they are not eaten together, your digestive system is able to fully concentrate on one task at a time.

On the other hand, if both types of foods are present in one meal, the system will be forced to multi-task and there is a chance that digestion may not be performed completely.

Carbs need an alkaline environment, and proteins need acidic environment. When the carbs and proteins are found in the stomach, bloating and gas can occur.

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Separate Your Foods

Make meal combinations that put together protein and vegetables and carbohydrates and vegetables.

If you plan out your meals this way, they will be easier to digest and the process would use less energy.

Although it may sound strange, because we often combine these dishes, you should avoid eating pasta, rice, bread and potatoes with chicken, pork or fish.

Portion Control Your Carbs

One cup of cooked pasta or rice, or 2 slices of whole grain bread, or one medium potato, is all the carbs you need with 3 – 4 servings of vegetables.

Create Meals Using Fresh Vegetables

Include a variety of flavors to excite your taste buds. One good combination is sautéed garlic in olive oil with spinach with slices of raw red pepper, avocado, onion and black olives.

The combination of flavors and textures will make the food tasty and interesting.

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Combine Meat And Vegetables

Combine steak, chicken or fish with three to four servings of different vegetables.

what improves digestion

Sautéed mushrooms and garlic in olive, quick seared broccoli in olive oil and baked carrots have flavors that melt together.

Without the bread and potato in this meal, you won’t feel bloated or tired after eating.

Animal Fats Are Hard To Digest

Animal fats like cheese and red meat take the longest time to digest.

If you are trying to get rid of excess pounds, take out these heavy animal fats from your diet and you will notice that you feel better and have more energy.

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Take Your Time

Wait at least three to four hours before you eat your next meal. This will give your system the time to digest the food in your stomach.

Also, by not adding more food to partially digested food, you reduce the stress on your digestive system.

Eat Fruit By Itself And Not With Other Foods

Because fruits are high in sugar and sugar is a stimulant, fruits may be irritating to digest, thus you should eat it alone. You should wait for a few hours before you eat anything else.

Don’t Take Fluids With Your Meals

Taking a beverage while you’re eating dilutes the digestive juices in your saliva interfering with its job of breaking down the food in your mouth.

Avoid Foods That You’re Intolerant Or Allergic To

Without these your digestive system would be able to effectively do its job of absorbing nutrients for your cells.

Foods that often cause indigestion include milk and sugar, custard pastries, jams and jellies, and puddings.

The state of your digestive health is dependent on what you eat. By knowing the right food combinations and the timing of your meals, you would be able to create a good digestive environment within your system as well as have more energy.

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