10 Fat Burning Foods

Fat Burning Foods Everyone Should Eat!

Gaining surplus fat can be dangerous giving an individual a reason to worry about their state of health.

Although excess weight does not entirely indicate poor health, checking on one’s fat helps the body fight some of the opportunistic diseases that could sprout as a result.

Strategies therefore need to be put in place in order to get rid of the extra fat when it accumulates in the body just to be on the safe side.

Many people feel uncomfortable with excess fat and many of them have made numerous attempts to get rid of this source of discomfort.

Apart from exercising, research has indicated that correct type of eating habits assist in shedding off the fat.

When one is seeking to scorch that fat certain foods are recommended in order to achieve this.

These fat burning foods, when taken properly in terms of amount intake per day ,not only help shed the fat, but also does so in a manner that does not cause any harm to the individual thus it healthy.

Before I mention 10 fat burning foods that I personally enjoy, I would like to give you some general advice regarding your eating habits.

Protein consumption

If your big belly is a nightmare to you, all you should do is to ensure you frequently consume reasonable quantities of protein.

Protein has been proven by health experts to improve thermogenesis, a process that enhances fat burning 1.

High-protein diet increases your metabolic rate of about 80-100 calories each day and minimizes the intake of calories. Protein intake also guarantees that no fat is regained.

Eating Fiber food

Eating foods rich in fiber has been found to bind water that finally settles in the gut as a thick gel.

Fat Burning Foods FiberThe gel considerably slows down the movement of food within the stomach and the small bowel.

The gel also slows the rate of digestion and digestion of food nutrients. The result of these actions is a continued feeling of fullness and less cravings that eventually lead to reduced belly fat.

Studies have also confirmed that the fiber can bind with fats in the stomach and that way some of the fats may remain undigested and taken out without absorption.

To achieve optimum result, you should take reasonable quantities of fruits and vegetables as they contain good fiber content 2.

Reduce on carbs intake

High carb food, for example pasta increases the amount of body fat. Studies indicate that when you cut down the carbs consumption, you will train your body to rely on stored carbohydrates i.e glycogen.

Because of that, you will be able to burn more fat and also to eliminate some of your extra water.

Avoid Salty Food

Salty food decreases intake of fluids and conservates water in the body 3. That leads to the feeling of sluggishness, puffy appearance and increased weight due to excess water in the body.

Due to these findings, it is advisable that you avoid salty, over processed and salt-seasoned foods.

The efforts to avoid salty foods should include the avoidance of frozen microwave foods since they contain large quantities of sodium.

On the other hand spicy foods are great for weight reduction. Take for example hot peppers and its fat burning abilities.

Reduce junk and high-calorie food

High-calorie and junk foods like cakes, chips, and cookies, among many others bring minimal nutritional value into your body and cause your body to have high calorie contents.

These foods make it impossible for you to regulate your fat as they prevent you from achieving your goals in all other efforts to reduce fat.

Drink more water

Drinking more water enhances body cellular activities that include the transportation and burning of body fats.

To lose excess weight, drink plenty of water free of calories as this will make you to feel full and eat less food.

You should, therefore, drink not less than 1 ounce of water per every 2-3 pounds of your body weight every day. This will be best done if you can have with you a bottle of water at work or wherever you go.

Reduce your alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption slows human body’s capacity of eliminating excess waste.

Alcoholic drinks like beer, wine or any other hard alcoholic drink contains high quantities of acids that may cause the irritation of your digestive tract thereby causing the tract’s inflammation.

My Favorite 10 Fat Burning Foods

In a world where people consider processed foods as the more affordable option, and that the healthier ones are out of reach for the average person, weigh problems are likely to abound.

The fact is that healthy eating is not expensive, and even if it were, it would be still worthwhile digging deeper into the pockets to access the best.

And now here are my favorite fat burning foods that I try to include in my regular diet menu.

The following fat burning foods delicacies not only help to protect you from weight gain but also help to trim down accumulated fats in the body.

Fat Burning foods rich in omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for human health and have to be taken through foods since the body cannot make them.

foods rich in omega 3Found in sea foods, rich in omega 3 such as salmon, tuna, fish oil among others, assists the body to make better responses to leptin hormone, a starvation hormone.

Leptin makes communication with the brain when the body has sufficient energy stored up normalizing the metabolic processes and enables an individual to eat foods at normal amounts.

Omega 3 also is sensitive to insulin hormone. The secret behind this is that when your body is sensitive to insulin, less insulin is produced after a meal making less fat to be stored.

Additionally, foods rich in omega 3 work like fat burners and may turn your body into a real fat burning machine. This is because the omega 3 fats make the mitochondria burn more energy 4.

Lean red meats

While most people find it quite difficult to keep their hands off meat, choosing the right red meat is vital for one’s health.

A person needs to go for the leanest pieces possible. Compared to vegetable proteins, animal proteins have proven to provide a greater array of amino acids.

Meat also contains great nutrients essential for health and hormone balance which plays an essential role in the ability to lose fat effectively. Lean red meats are a major source of zinc, b vitamins, and creatine.

Beans and other legumes

Legumes Fat Burning FoodsBeans are high in proteins which work well to reduce slimmers cravings making it able for them to regulate the amount of food they take in a day.

They work magic in the building of muscles and regulation of digestion.

These legumes are real fat burning foods and help to flatten one’s belly and reduce belly fat which is a threat to vital organs of an individual.

Beans are also rich in fiber which is not easily digested making an individual feel full for a longer time.

Green vegetables

They include spinach, cabbage, cucumbers, and broccoli among others. The soup from the green vegetables is quite effective in burning excess fat. The content of the soup improves the metabolism of the body.

Green vegetables are also a type of food that is rich in fiber. Vitamin A and C are among the vitamins found in green vegetables that help decrease oxidative stress and cut down on the stress hormones, which could store belly fat.

Folic acid which plays a crucial role in metabolism and digestion of proteins is found in these green leafy vegetables.

Properly metabolized proteins aids in the stabilizing of insulin levels thus ensuring that fat is not stored in excess especially in the stomach area.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breastsSkinless chicken breasts contain low content of fat compared to any other animal protein. It has small amounts of calories and is ideal for stocking of proteins.

It contains amino acid leucine, which is a branch of amino acid that helps to repair muscles. Leucine helps to regulate protein intake better aiding to fat loss and weight regulation 5.

When carrying out this function of assisting weight loss, leucine helps keep the muscles intact preventing muscle loss.

Remember not to eat the skin, since it contains loads of unhealthy fats.

Coconut oil and flesh

Coconut seems to be too oily and so many people would classify it among the foods that should not be touched when fighting excess weight.

On the contrary, the oily aspect of coconut is actually the biggest health resource. The oil contains a unique combination of fatty acids that the body finds easy to digest.

These are known as short and medium chain fats that are different from long chain ones found in animal fat.

When your body cannot burn fats quickly, it will store some of these in the abdomen and other regions of your body for later use.

However because you eat often, the stored content might be forgotten as the body strives to deal with the new incoming lot.

Coconut on the other hand is easily digested and so does not require excess storage. Moreover, it has a higher value because most of its components have other beneficial other uses such as formation of enzymes and cell components.

Green Tea

Freshly picked tea contributes to fat burning in a number of ways. The first mechanism lies in the fact that green tea is a stimulant.

Green Tea ExtractTaking a cup or two just before an exercise will give a person the energy to perform their best as stimulants adjust the body to believe that it has a lot of energy.

Secondly, tannins and catechins in green tea or other varieties facilitate toxin release from cells.

A clean cell will perform its duties better, thereby contributing to improved fat burning and overall wellness.

The third function drinking tea serves is that it increases body liquid.

A properly hydrated body can efficiently conduct transportation of metabolites to their appropriate locations.


The calorie count per a serving of potato is way lower than that of equal amount of bread.

By switching the latter with the former, you effectively reduce intake of carbohydrates and, if you reduce this further, you might provide the body with opportunity to make use of stored fats in order to match up to the deficit created.

Because of its slow digestion, potato stays in the stomach longer and so keeps hunger at bay and also minimizes appetite.

The process of its absorption also lasts even longer and so during this delay, the body has no option but to seek alternative energy sources from storage points.

Moreover, this fat burning food contains various minerals required by the body to manage itself. Most if these are found in the skin and that is why you are advised to consume potatoes wholly.


Mixed NutsHealth experts refer to nuts as small nutritional powerhouses; and why shouldn’t they be?

Nuts are not only full of unsaturated fats their oils also contain components that aid in dissolving vitamins to ease their transportation.

As sources of calories, nuts do not contribute to sugar spikes in blood; rather, they release a slow but steady stream of energy into blood, thereby minimizing exhaustion.

This means that you can exercise more and burn those fats.


While it is not advisable to consume too much honey in your daily servings, it is still way better than taking sugar.

Honey is not readily absorbed into blood like sugar, it has to be digested first and this minimizes the rate at which its components are released into blood.

This however applies only if you buy quality, unadulterated, honey. Read the label to ensure that your bottle contains no syrup.

All these and many other fat burning foods come in handy to anyone who is watching their weight, so try to include at least some of them into your daily diet.

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