Is Soy Bad For You?

Soy has been used by many in the health food community as the ultimate in healthy eating. There are people in Asia who eat soy products every day, and we see them live into their 90s with flawless skin.

There are billions of soybeans grown in America alone, and the farmers who grow these beans grow them for the benefit of the population.

Everyone who buys into the soy propaganda has no reason to think that soy is anything other than the perfect health food.

Why Is Soy Bad For You?

You may be skeptical about soy, and you are right to be skeptical. Soy is not a poison or toxin that will aggressively attack your body. However, soy is something that you have to be careful around.

Is Soy Bad or Good for You

This article will explore why soy is not as good for you as you think. The information listed here includes ways of moderating your eating in a safe manner.

Soybeans Contain Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogen is a plant-based estrogen that works just like the estrogen in your own body. You may wonder why estrogen is so bad for you.

Women have estrogen in their bodies, and men have estrogen levels that are much lower. Adding a bit of estrogen to your diet should not be such a bad thing. But you may not realize how much estrogen is in the soy that you eat.

Soy is found in many different substitute foods, and we are feeding children soy in their baby formula. The soy that is contained in just one bottle of formula is the same as four birth control pills.

A woman who took four birth control pills would experience a massive shift in hormone level after taking that pill. She would feel sweaty, irritable and gain water weight.

A girl who is eating any soy products in mass quantities is receiving more hormones than her body can handle. Our society is seeing girls start their periods at six or seven years old, and the phytoestrogens in soy products are part of the problem.

You may not notice a shift at first, but you must understand the dangerous impact phytoestrogens will have on anyone’s body.

Is Soy Bad For Thyroid?

You may not know what the word goitrogenic means, but it is a word that describes anything that suppresses your thyroid.

Your thyroid is an extremely important gland in your body, and suppressing your thyroid can have dangerous consequences.

Your thyroid can be destroyed over years of eating soy. So, you may lose many abilities when your thyroid has been crushed by the presence of too much soy.

You cannot get your thyroid back once it has been broken, and you will lose your ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

You may find it harder to control your moods, and you will begin gaining weight. Using soy as a way to lose weight is a particularly bad idea because you will gain the weight back after a time.

You cannot destroy your thyroid by having a few glasses of soy milk, but an onslaught of soy that shows no sign of letting up could cause major damage to your thyroid.

It is hard to know what is happening to you, but you will discover the truth when you go to a doctor for help.

Soy Contains Phytates

Phytates are an enzyme that stops minerals from being absorbed in your digestive system. You receive minerals from foods and beverages you drink every day. However, you must absorb those minerals if they are to be of any help to you.

Your body will get slowly sick without the presence of the proper minerals, and you must use supplements in extreme cases of mineral loss.

The phytates in soy are so potent that the soy must be fermented for a very long time before they disappear. You may eat fermented soy products like miso without trouble, but you will begin to lose minerals you eat if you are taking in copious amounts of soybeans every day.

Is Miso Soup Healthy

Your body will begin to reject your diet when you cannot take in the minerals your body needs to survive. You may choose to take supplements every day, but the supplements will not make your cramps or pain go away.

Your body will react to the lack of natural minerals it receives, and your supplements will only cover up the real problem. Consider how much damage you are doing before you put even more soy in your body.

Trypsin Inhibition

Trypsin is an enzyme used to digest proteins. You may eat a diet high in protein, but you cannot digest the proteins if soy has inhibited the trypsin in your system.

Your will begin to experience stomach cramps, diarrhea and internal bleeding when you cannot digest protein properly.

The stomach pains you feel are not the result of your body becoming accustomed to soybeans. Your body is fighting against the negative effects of soy. So, you will continue to feel the effects until you stop eating soy in such high quantities.

Internal bleeding is a rare side effect of trypsin inhibitors. However, you could endanger your life if your body does not react well to the soy you eat.

Internal bleeding could kill you if left untreated, and your doctor may not realize the source of the problem without your full dietary history.

Why Do Asians Look So Good In Their Old Age?

Many consumers in western culture do not realize how little soy Asians eat every day. The average Asian consumer uses less than two tablespoons of soy per day.

The number is so low because Asians use soy products as condiments that are placed on top of other foods. The common Asian diet is extremely healthy, and a small amount of soy will do no harm to you. Asians eat well, but they are not growing soy just for daily consumption.

Asians live a healthier lifestyle than people in the west. Their lifestyle has been used to prop up the soybean industry in the west.

Western farmers want to sell as much as they can, and the soy diet has been used to help drive sales. Soy is mainly used in fermented products and oils.

You will not find an Asian person eating soy at every meal, and you will not find Asians regularly using soy substitutes.

Asian culture cannot be whittled down to a single substance that makes everyone healthy. That sort of assumption is ignorant and deadly.

What Are Soy Products Made From In The West?

Soy products in the west are made from the industrial waste in factories after producing other products. The oils and raw materials used for processed soy in the west are industrial waste that is being repurposed from the factories where soy products are made.

The imitation meats you are eating contain very high amounts of monosodium glutamate (MSG). And the waste products left over from soy production are even higher in MSG. It has been linked to brain cancer and other health problems that are potentially fatal.

Migraines have been tied to MSG. So, anyone who starts eating soy products may assume the headaches are a normal byproduct of eating soy for the first time.

Such products will cause these headaches even when you have been eating soy for decades. You are signing up for a lifetime of discomfort. And you cannot stop it until you discontinue your use of soy products.

The products listed below will help you understand what you should not eat when you are shopping in your local market.

Is Soy Milk Bad For You?

Soy milk has a short history that is not savory in the eyes of onlookers. Soy milk is squeezed out from patties of soy that have been processed in a factory.

The unfermented soy creates a beverage that you can drink with reckless abandon, and you will have it on your cereal every day.

There are those in the food industry that believe this milk is the most destructive product that is made from soy. Children are drinking soy milk at breakfast every morning, and adults are having soy milk in their coffee.

Soy has invaded this part of the food industry more than any other. Trust me, it is not something you should be drinking every day.

Is Tofu Healthy?

Tofu was originally made from bean curd many centuries ago. Soy tofu is not a traditional food, and Asians do not eat soy tofu.

Why Is Tofu Bad For You

Asians eat tofu made from bean curd that is grown in the fields in their countries. You can find beans in almost every garden in Asia, and the home cook can create bean curd for tofu.

Read the label of every tofu you try to ensure it is made from bean curd.

Safe Soy Products

There are many soy products that you can eat safely, but you must be willing to invest a bit of time in finding products that are made properly.

Fermented Soy Products

Miso and other fermented soy products do not contain all the harmful toxins that are found in other soy products. Asians who eat soy every day are eating a fermented version that is very easy on the body.

The fermentation process makes the soy smell extremely bad. Yet, this kind of soy is much better for the body than anything else you can eat.

Fermented soy products are marked clearly on their packaging, and you may eat these products more regularly. Going on a diet that includes many different Asian foods is a good way of introducing soy into your diet in a safe way.

You are not ingesting massive amounts of soy all at once, and you will be able to eat soy the way Asians do.

How Do You Protect Yourself?

You must protect yourself from soy that is invading your diet by carefully checking the ingredients in the foods you eat.

Anyone can easily read the packages of the foods they purchase, and you can avoid soy that is not fermented at all costs.

Each product you purchase in the grocery store could have soy hidden in the ingredients list. You must try to avoid soy as much as you can.

Soy products in restaurants are harder to spot. You may read the list of ingredients in a dish, but you are not likely to see every single thing that goes into a dish. Ask your server or the chef about their use of soy in the restaurant.

Diners may have many of their dishes specially made without soy ingredients, and you will avoid the dangerous soy that you would prefer not to eat.

Asian restaurants are the only places where soy is used appropriately.

Do Not Buy Into The Culture

The culture that tells you soy is the only way you will lose weight is wrong. Everyone in the west is bombarded with ideas about how soybeans will change their diet for the better. However, you must do your own research before blindly following this movement.

Soybeans are not a health food that you can eat to magically lose weight. Soy is a small component of a culture in the eat that features very small people who live long lives.

Your research will show you which products are acceptable to purchase. Then you will learn how deadly soy can be for you and your family.

The most insidious part of the soy culture is how much we give to our children. Do not feed your children soy products all the time hoping to make them healthy.

A traditional diet with exercise will help your child live healthily while under your roof. You may see changes in your child’s body if he/she is eating soy products on a consistent basis.

Take a step back from the soy culture to see that it will do nothing for you but cause trouble in the future.

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