Pure African Mango Extract

100% Pure African Mango Extract – Irvingia Gabonensis

The African Mango extract has become popular thanks to the prestigious acknowledgment of Dr. Oz. Back in September 2010, he did a segment on this fruit and presented it as an answer for shedding unwanted pounds and to have much healthier life.

African Mango, also known as Ogbono nuts or Dika nuts, is native to the rainforests of Gabon in West Africa. Native people of this region have been used this fruit and its seeds for hundreds of years in for medicinal purposes and as an energy booster fruit [1].

However, it has recently been introduced to the rest of the world after its qualities and characteristics were highlighted by a series of research studies.

Pure African Mango Extract 900mg

  • There are several reasons you should choose pure African mango extract for weight loss:
  • It is scientifically proven to improve weight loss
  • Studies have shown a 5-7% of the weight reduction for only a month
  • It helps to increase the metabolism of fat
  • It causes fat loss without the need for major changes
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Boosts metabolic processes
  • 100% natural product
  • 900 mg Maximum Strength Extract
  • Improves your body’s lipid profile, including lowering bad cholesterol
  • Highly recommended by Dr. Oz and several other health professionals
  • Money back guarantee

Pure African mango extract has received great reviews of its users who claim to have more energy and have lost a lot of weight without changing anything in their diet and lifestyle.

How Does African Mango Extract Work?

Before delving into detail, it is relevant to mention here that metabolism plays a key role in the development and reduction of obesity.

Improving Metabolism

Decreased metabolism implies lower consumption of fats which in turn slows down the process of weight loss.

On the other hand, if metabolism gets increased, the extra fats being accumulated in the body are drastically melted away.

It is the foremost important characteristic of African mango that it improves metabolism and helps the patient lose weight in a quick and effective manner.

This natural extract controls Adiponectin, a key hormone responsible for energy intake and energy consumption.

As a result metabolism process is geared up in order to burn extra fats which get accumulated under the skin.

Regulating Leptin Levels

Leptin levels typically decline when you are dieting resulting in increased cravings, which is to a certain extent the reason why so many individuals find it difficult to stay with diets.

African mango extract might be useful for lowering these cravings therefore supporting fat reduction over a period of time.

African mango extract regulates the level of Leptin and decreases the craving for more food. So when you feel full, you will consume less food and fewer fats.

Leptin also maintains an ideal body mass index, prevents fat proliferation and helps in enhancing the amount of energy in the body. In simple words, the conversion of food to energy is enhanced with increased efficiency.

There are very few ingredients that help the body to produce more of this hormone. African Mango Extract is one of those few.

Gastric Emptying

African mango extract also slows down the process of gastric emptying. It means food stays in your stomach for a longer time and the user does not feel cravings for food.

Leptin Levels

This approach is helpful for people who earnestly want to get rid of extra weight but cannot do it only because they cannot stay away from food for a longer time.


It also contains a big amount of antioxidants that are useful for reducing harmful content from body. We daily absorb different harmful substances from various sources such as food, water, and air.

These toxins disturb the natural function of our body and lead to the development of several diseases. However, African mango contains various antioxidants that effectively eliminate such harmful substances from the body while making our immune system stronger.

African Mango Clinical Studies

Study 1

Trials published in the ‘Journal For American Health and Disease’ and ‘National Center for Biotechnology Information’ confirmed what hundreds and thousands of testimonials and success stories told us – African Mango really does work!

Scientists gave 150mg of the IGOB131, a seed extract of Irvingia gabonensis before meals to overweight patients.

The results were astonishing and showed an increase in metabolism which lead to smaller waist size, loss of weight and lower fat levels!

The IGOB131 group lost an average of 28 lbs, with decreased body fat by 18.4% and reduction of 6.7 inches from their waistline.

Moreover, IGOB131 group decreased total cholesterol by 26%, bad cholesterol by 27%, fasting blood sugar levels by 32% and serum CRP levels by 52% [2].

African Mango 900 Research

The real health benefits of this wonder fruit extract comes from the seeds.

African mango seed extract has been found to have significant effects on lowering cholesterol, specifically LDL or low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides (bad cholesterols), increase HDL (good) cholesterol, and help people lose weight.

Irvingia gabonensis critics claim that, like many other dietary supplements, it is a scam. However, the scientific researches supporting its benefits for weight loss.

Studies and researches have been done on the various components found in fruits and seeds, and so far, they show that large amounts of soluble fiber help slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood.

Soluble fibers also bind with bile acids in the intestine and together they naturally go out of your body.

This helps your liver to increase the breakdown of lipids and cholesterol to produce more bile acids. As a result more stored fat is burned off and bad cholesterol levels are reduced.

Study 2

Another in-vitro study [3] found that pure Irvingia Gabonenis increase the level of anti-inflammatory hormone adiponectin which is associated with lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Adiponectin is secreted by fat cells to increase fatty acids breakdown and cellular absorption of sugar in the blood.

It was also noticed an increase in the amount of leptin in the body, a hormone, which is responsible for the regulation of appetite.

When leptin levels fall, the food is difficult to resist and we eat more.

When leptin levels rise, foods do not look so good anymore, and we stop eating.

Pure African Mango extract helps your leptin levels remain exactly where they would be if you were satiated, so it will be much easier dieting.

On the whole, the outputs of the research are quite remarkable and are inclined to support the theories on how African Mango could be an incredible slimming help.

Remember that extract at 150mg, two times a day was used in this research. When you check out African Mango pills, you will want to get products that use the same or higher dosage.

What Dr. Oz actually said about African Mango extract?

Dr. Oz actually introduced this extract as a great weight loss breakthrough and even a miracle substance. Some pretty bold statements, especially coming from a legitimate doctor.

His claims are, amongst other, based on testimonial of Dr. Tanya Edwards who took African Mango supplement for one month.

And on her surprise, she lost 7 pounds without having to change anything about her diet or exercise routine.

However, Dr. Oz also warned people that not all supplements are equal.

And this is not surprise since whenever a new diet craze hits, probably twice as many companies rush to the market.

African Mango Extract 900mg

Dr. Oz warns all interested in this extract to make sure they buy a product that contains pure Irvingia Gabonensis IGOB131, which is essential extract of the African mango fruit.

Make sure it is without any kind of fillers or additives.

And also stay away from added synthetic ingredients because they are not needed for Irvingia Gabonensis to work, and can actually give you difficulties by making you feel jittery.

Finally, beware of free trial offers, because most of these are scams. They can be very difficult to cancel and supplements usually contain very little African Mango seed in them.

Read the ingredients and do your homework, because if you’re getting the real thing, you can lose extra pounds.

Pure African Mango Testimonials

I have been using African Mango pills every day for some 2 weeks, and have to say I’m quite pleased with them. They are simple to take, not very big and do not have an unpleasant taste.

I have a boost in energy levels and less need to snack. It has helped suppress my cravings and provides me energy without the jitters.

I have been using pills at the suggested dose. I haven’t modified my eating habits in any way and have lost 6 lbs in two weeks.

Pure African Mango Extract Consumer Reviews

If I was to eat more sensible and work out more I’m sure I would have shed a lot more fat.

I would recommend African Mango for anyone looking to lose excess fat. I’m not sure of any other health benefits, except perhaps a detoxing. I do feel healthier inside after using them for two weeks. – Ellie Baird

African Mango Extract Side Effects

There are a few side effects of the African Mango that might prove to be, well, annoying. Thus, before anybody goes for this method should be aware of the side effects.

There have been a series of tests that have been conducted on Irvingia gabonensis. They do not show any results of serious effects. These mild side effects include headache and excess amount of gas.

Severe side effects have not been reported. This does not nullify the chances of one or two side effects being reported in the future. There might be chances of allergic reactions, for example.

You can carry out your very own research on the African Mango extract. You will realize from your research that Irvingia gabonensis is not harmful.

But a major point to keep in mind is that the pill should not be used by children, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

If you have more doubts about side effects or if you are still not sure, you can talk to your doctor about it. Your doubts will be cleared and you will be able to use African Mango extract without any fear.

African Mango Alternative

Clenbuterol is a fat burner produced in the FDA authorized laboratory. Moreover, it has a GMP accreditation, meaning that the supplement has no impurities or harmful ingredients.

The main ingredient of this fat burner is the extract of a tropical fruit rind known as Garcinia Cambogia. The effectiveness of action of Garcinia is demonstrated in obstructing the enzyme that creates body fat.

Clenbutrol fat burners

The amount of pure HCA in Clenbuterol is 50% that is an adequate amount to get the best results in fat reduction.

Other ingredients are Bitter Orange Extract, known as a legal Ephedrine alternative and Guarana, rich in slow-releasing Caffeine.

As a result, the supplement has superior fat burning qualities.

Despite the presence of the top quality ingredients and notable fat burning effectiveness, the product is reasonably priced.

A month supply of Clenbuterol costs $61.99. But there is more affordable option – 3 month supply for $123.98, plus you get free 8 Training & Nutrition Guides.

The consumer’s feedback is great, because the fat loss effects are remarkable. Apart from superior effectiveness, no negative effects were recorded.

Check out my Clenbutrol review for additional information about this extremely potent fat burner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pure African Mango ingredients?

The only active ingredient is 900 mg of African Mango Extract. At the moment, the maximum strength you can buy.

How Do I Take Pure African Mango Extract?

Take one capsule 20-30 minutes before lunch and one capsule 20-30 minutes before dinner, or as directed by your doctor. This product is suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Do I need to exercise in order for African Mango to be effective?

It is not required to exercise in order for African Mango to be effective. However, as with most diets, best results will ensue while exercising.

Do I have to change my eating habits?

African mango is becoming a widely accepted for its weight loss characteristics. However, it does not mean that the person should rely on this fruit and keep on following previous habits.

To make your struggle fruitful, you will have to take care of your food.

However, African Mango does help suppress your appetite to some extent, making it easier for you to eat less of what you normally would eat.

Is African Mango safe to take?

Yes. It is safe, all natural and extremely good for your health. It boosts natural enzymes that help to digest fatty areas throughout the body, thus burning fat while also strengthening the digestive system.

It has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels, and improve the control of diabetes.

What are the results of African Mango?

In clinical studies, participants lost an average of 28.1 pounds in only 10 weeks with improvements in body fat, LDL cholesterol levels, and blood sugar.

Where to buy Pure African Mango Extract?

The safest place to buy Pure African Mango Extract is its official merchant’s website. Only there you can get the real deal and also be protected with their money back guarantee.

120 capsules cost £37

180 capsules go for £74 and the most affordable one is 360 capsules for £110

Final Verdict on pure African Mango extract

Appealing and Safe


  • The product does not yield results overnight
  • It is yet to be regulated by the FDA


  • 900 mg of Pure African Mango Extract
  • The product boosts metabolism and reduces weight
  • It drastically eliminates toxins from the body
  • A money back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer.
  • It works very well on commonly troubled spots like butt, thighs, and stomach

Medical studies have shown that people can lose up to ten pounds per month, reduce bad cholesterol, and boost energy levels and metabolism.

Participants lost their weight without increasing their exercise levels or reducing calorie intake.

The extract is relatively affordable and the only thing you have to do is to swallow one or two pills a day to get all the benefits.

If you decide to use pure African Mango extract, it will make your metabolism more active, thus allowing you to burn off more calories and lose weight more easily than on your own.

Pure African Mango 900 mg

If you’re struggling to lose weight, then the African mango is definitely for you. It is important to remember that it is not a “magic pill” though. You can’t just sit back and let it do all of the work.

Pairing it with consistent exercise and a healthy diet is the proven way to actually lose weight.

If you start using African mango that way, then you’re practically guaranteed to notice a difference in how you look and feel.

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