Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

Pure Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

Coffee is the favorite drink from all over the world. That is one of the largest industries in the world. Just few years ago we would never thought about properties coffee seeds have, we were only interested about tasty potion we need in the morning.

Some year ago we finally find out all positive properties green coffee seeds has. If you are looking the way to lose some weight green coffee may be the perfect product for you.

This doesn’t mean we will start making coffee from green seeds. No, we need green coffee bean extract. This extract is full of Chlorogenic acid (CGA). This acid is very useful when it comes to weight loss.

How to get this precious extract? First thing we need to do is not to roast coffee beans. Instead of roasting coffee beans we have to soak them and then take extract. From this extract we can make use of green coffee.

The taste of this coffee has nothing with the taste of roasted coffee. It doesn’t taste nice but it can do great things for our body.

When you decide to use any kind of dietary supplement to help you lose weight your priority should always be standardized preparations. The same apply when comes the time to select the best green coffee bean extract that can really help you to lose your excess pounds.

This is why I want to recommend you Green coffee bean extract. It is an herbal extract of decaffeinated green coffee beans that has been clinically proven to work positively to reduce body weight and proportion of body fat.

Green Coffee Plus

Benefits to expect:

  • Prevent the absorption of sugar from food in the intestines
  • Reduce the amount of calories ingested
  • Significantly speed up the metabolism
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve concentration and mental abilities
  • The product is 100% organic – no artificial substances
  • Less than 2% caffeine (made from decaf beans)
  • Vegetarians and vegans can use it
  • Help without dangerous side effects
  • Not addictive

This product has 45-50% CGA or chlorogenic acid, which is recognized as an effective ingredient that helps with fat burning. With Svetol you will lose some weight, you will feel better and happier.

What is so special about Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

So you have heard of Green Coffee Bean Extract and how it benefits weight loss and increased energy. Now there is a trademarked version of the product. The name is Svetol®.

Why do they need a trademarked formula of this product? Is it different? Why should you buy it?

So what are the benefits to taking Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract over the regular green coffee talked about all over the place?

  • Patented version
  • Standardized GCB extract
  • Protects you from knock-off products
  • Clinically studied and tested formula
  • Clinically studied dose

A patented name really protects the consumer, which is a good thing.

I can only imagine how many people out there were ripped off by companies selling green coffee that either wasn’t up to the dosage, wasn’t pure and didn’t have the 50% Chlorogenic acid.

If this Svetol catches on, I really do believe it could be the next big supplement for weight loss.

Svetol® is extracted from unroasted Robusta coffee beans and unlike the roasted coffee is rich in active substances, primarily chlorogenic acid (contains at least 45-50% CGA), caffeic acid, and quinine.

The reason why it is labeled ‘green’ is because the extract is actually taken from a coffee bean before it has been roasted [1].

Green Coffee Extract (GCE)They contain exceptionally high levels of antioxidants, and importantly high levels of Chlorogenic acid [2].

Coffee roasting at high temperature causes degradation of valuable active compounds that are found in green beans, especially chlorogenic acids whose loss can be over 70%.

This natural extract is almost completely decaffeinated (residual caffeine up to 2%), but it still contains active substances in high concentration and that way it really works for your weight loss.


Svetol Green Coffee Extract 200mg 6-8:1 (delivering at least of 90mg Chlorogenic Acid), corresponding to 2400mg-3200mg daily serving of Green Coffee.

How Does Svetol Work?

Green coffee bean extract can help you to lose weight in several ways. Those who take it can benefit from –

  • A Faster Metabolism
  • More Energy
  • More Stamina
  • Antioxidants

All of these benefits contribute to your ability to lose weight. Here is how…

Metabolism boost

The faster your metabolism is the faster your body burns the calories that you consume. This can only be a positive thing when you are trying to lose weight.

More energy and stamina

When you are on a diet getting everything you need done can be a struggle.

Most people find it hard to keep their energy levels up if they are dieting. The last thing you want to do after a long day at the office is to go to the gym.

The energy boost you get from green coffee beans is a nice boost. It means you can do more. The more you do the more calories you burn, which means that you lose weight faster.

Detox With Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract

The fact that green coffee beans contain such high levels of antioxidants means that your body benefits from a mild detox whilst taking the product.

A cleansed body works more efficiently, this means that your body burns and uses the calories you eat more efficiently.

Not only are green coffee beans natural, they are very powerful. The fact that this plant extract helps you to lose weight in three different ways is one reason it is such an effective dietary aid.

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract – Scientific Proof

Clinical studies show that Svetol ® can modulate glucose metabolism by inhibiting glucose-6-phosphatase which initiates the mobilization of stored fat reserves and reduces body weight [3] [4].

Antioxidants and chlorogenic acid constituents of coffee are responsible for helping to control weight.

Green Coffee BeansThey act to slow down the production of glucose in the body after a meal stimulating activity of certain enzymes secreted by the liver, thus reducing production and fat.

Recent studies have shown that using green coffee bean extract can actually help you get slim.

The results of clinical studies conducted and published in the French science magazine «Phytothérapie» shows the effective action of this extract to weight loss [5] [6].

A group of volunteers received 400mg of decaffeinated extract of green coffee per day, while the other group received a placebo.

After 60 days, the members of the group who received the green coffee bean extract lost more than 5.7% of their initial weight.

On the other side, members of the group who received placebo lost only 2.8% of their body weight.

In addition, clinical studies on green coffee extract intake for a period of 8 weeks have proved:

Loss of body weight by 10 %
✅ Proportional increase in muscle mass compared with fat by 8%
Reduction in body mass index by 8%

While this study does not show a drastic or rapid decline in excess pounds, as is the case with many diets, it causes steady weight loss without big shock to the body.

And because the green coffee bean extract used in the study was decaf, it can be concluded that burning of excess fat was not connected with caffeine.

Also Chris Kilham, the famous «Medicine Hunter» and professor of ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts is exploring curative effect of plants from different parts of the world. He said that green coffee beans can greatly help in the fight against excess weight and diabetes. [7]

Coffee, one of the most popular drinks around the world, contains many natural ingredients that work as antioxidants. It is already known for its preventive effect against mild depression, Parkinson’s disease and colon cancer.

According to new findings, it helps in regulating blood sugar, reduces the production of fat and allows a moderate weight loss.

The beneficial effects of Svetol ® include the regulation of blood glucose levels, weight loss, decrease of body fat, and improved cognitive functions [8].

Other Proven Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Can be helpful to relieve hypertension. Several researchers have found that green coffee extract may be helpful in reducing blood pressure levels.

A research of 28 individuals demonstrated that after using green coffee seed extract, the subjects witnessed decreases in high blood pressure.

The subjects consumed 140mg of extract every day, and it appears to be quite useful in reducing high blood pressure [9].

Raw Coffee Beans

Possible effect on lipid metabolism. There is moreover indication that chlorogenic acid carries hypoglycemic factors and might have an effect on lipid metabolism, leading to reduction in blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

In a research available in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, rats were given GCE for 3 weeks to evaluate the influence of chlorogenic acid on fasting plasma glucose, triacylglycerols, and blood cholesterol.

It was discovered that the extract considerably reduced cholesterol levels by 44% and tryglycerides by 58% [10].

Green Coffee Plus Reviews

I scoured the Internet looking for reviews of people just taking the Green Coffee Plus and this is what I found..,

“I was surprised to notice a drastic decrease in my appetite that lasted for hours. Even if that were the only benefit, it would be worth it, but I understand that it has other benefits that can enhance weight loss.”

“This seems to help my husband with his weight loss. If he forgets to take it, he can really tell the difference, he is hungry all day, but when he takes it he even turns down food. Good effective product.”

“I have used Green Coffee Plus for 3 weeks and I lost 8 pounds. I’m happy for now, but hope to lose even more in the future. My appetite is almost completely gone and I feel energized during the whole day. It really works for me! “

“I have taken this as directed for about two weeks, and have seen not results–actually I have lost only 2 pounds. If I get better results when I finish the bottle, I will (1) order some more; and (2) write a better review.”

Naturally, some do not get the desired result. However, generally speaking the few negative reviews come from people who had unrealistic expectations of the product.

Some people seemed to think that they could take the supplement, eat what they liked and still lose weight.

In reality, this is not going to work. If you eat more calories than your body burns, you are still going to put on weight.

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract has been clinically proven to speed up weight loss, but it only boosts your metabolism by a certain percentage it does not supercharge it.

Provided you are realistic about the product and take it as instructed Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract can be a great diet aid.

It is pure, natural and contains a high level of Chlorogenic Acid, which has been clinically proven to be the most important component in boosting metabolism.

But, let’s be totally honest here, there is no magic pill out there. But, if there was a natural and powerful supplement that could ‘help or assist’ you with your weight loss and people using it are convinced that it is a kind of ‘magic’- wouldn’t you want to know about it? Wouldn’t it make your life a little easier?

Why not regular coffee?

Once we have roasted green coffee beans, their antioxidant level will increase in the same time chlorogenic acid will decreased.

Cup Of CoffeeWhen I’m talking about weight loss with green coffee beans I’m talking about this chlorogenic acid.

This acid will block fat accumulation if there is no chlorogenic acid there is nothing to help us lose our weight.

We will stay with wonderful taste but without healthy ingredient.

Unfortunately green coffee extract is not even close to regular coffee when it comes to taste and smell.

If you want tasty potion choose black roasted tasteful coffee, but if you want to lose weight choose untasty green coffee extract.

Instructions for Use

As a diet supplement, get one pill half an hour before breakfast and another half an hour before lunch with a glass of water.

Are There Green Coffee Side Effects?

It is important to realize that the pure versions are very potent. If they were not they would not be effective at helping you to lose weight. Because it changes the way the body works not everyone can safely take these green bean coffee pills.

This potency is good, but it means you have to be cautious about taking the supplement. If you are in good health, aged over 18 and do not have any pre-existing conditions you should have no problems taking the supplement.

However, even a few healthy people can experience mild side effects. For this reason, we recommend that you introduce the pure green coffee pills into your diet gradually, but we think this is the wise approach with all fat burners or any other diet pills.

As far as side effects go the one that you may experience is trouble sleeping. This is why the product directions recommend that you only take Green Coffee in the morning and early afternoon.

Pure green coffee bean extract works mainly by changing the way your body turns the food you eat into sugar. It has a marked effect on your metabolism and appears to speed it up.

This means that if you have thyroid problems or diabetes you need to consult your doctor before taking it.

If your doctor agrees that it is safe for you to take you will need to monitor the effect the supplement has on your body closely.

People with a heart condition, on blood thinners or with liver problems also need to be careful.

To be safe anyone with a pre-existing condition or on medication should check with their doctor before taking any type of green coffee bean pills.

Most people do not suffer any side effects when taking GCBE pills. Some people do, however, usually they normally discover that they are taking poor quality versions.

Some unscrupulous firms sell pills that are stuffed with cheap fillers or chemicals. These fillers could be anything, even very dangerous sibutramine [11]. and can cause all kinds of side effects.

If you find yourself getting headaches or don’t feel that the pills are working it makes sense to stop taking them.

However, as with any other dietary supplement it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 18, people with heart problems, high blood pressure and diabetes type I.

Green Coffee Extract Alternative

You may have already heard about Irvinga gabonensis, also known as the African mango. African tribesmen take this fruit for its energizing effect.

Pure African Mango contains nothing but a 18000 milligrams (500mg 36:1) of pure extract in every capsule.

It contains the natural ingredient directly from the fruit, ensuring that your body gets the right amount of compounds that help with the anti-oxidant effects.

Pure African Mango ExtractIt increases fat oxidation and metabolism. This is because of the thermogenetic, or fat burning properties of Irvingia gabonesis.

In addition, it must finding to increase the body’s metabolic rate, doubling the fat-burning effect and speeding up your diet.

This is also one of products that have knowing to increase anti-oxidant activity as well as help with weight loss and cardiovascular health.

It suppresses your appetite. While other products may increase your food craving, this supplement does the opposite by releasing a hormone which makes you feel full.

The extract from the fruit have knowing to concentrate the hormone leptin, which is responsible for telling the brain that the body no longer requires food, and thus tells you to stop eating.

When you take this regularly, you’ll find yourself taking fewer portions and finishing your meal in half the time. This alone can produce major results.

Because the extract comes from the fruit itself, there are no synthetic additives. This guarantees the absence of any side effects in the body.

In fact, 99% of all people did not see any lingering effects except for the weight loss.

Learn more about this natural extract in my in depth African Mango review.

Does Green Coffee Plus Work?

This Green Coffee extract supplement is one that you can use to assist you & improve your results with your weight loss efforts.

In order to get the best results, I suggest that you also eat a healthy diet and combine exercise into your weight loss journey.

If you do this, you can increase your chances of long term weight loss and your ability to keep the weight off.

Where To Buy Green Coffee Bean extract?

You can not buy this specific brand in any stores. If you have decided to try this promising supplement, you really should buy it from the official website.

This way you know you are getting a supplement with 100% pure coffee bean extract & many other benefits.

60 capsules (a month supply) are priced $37.00

120 capsules + 60 free $65.00 (Save $33)

180 capsules + 180 free $97.00 (Save $87)

It is very important to buy the genuine product. There are some fake versions out there, which is why I recommend that you only buy this product direct from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict On Green Coffee Plus

A Promising Fat Burner


Contains residual caffeine, so may not be for people allergic to this ingredient
❌ Not for people with some medical conditions
No free shipping outside UK


Improves metabolism and causes the body start to use up fat which results in weight loss
✅ Manages glucose levels in the blood which is beneficial for diabetic patients
GCBE provides a lot of energy
✅ Provides Appetite Suppression
High Antioxidant Content
✅ Detox Functions
Suitable for vegetarians/vegans & certified kosher
✅ No significant side effects after the consumption

If you are really looking to drop weight and you have the determination to combine sensible eating with a Green Coffee Extract in addition to exercise and drinking water, then you will most likely really enjoy using it.

My research shows that people who use this particular product do lose weight faster and easier than by dieting alone.

Like I said there is no ‘magic pill’ , but using a weight loss supplement like this top green coffee extract, can definitely help. Plus there are no significant side effects that I uncovered.

If you are overweight and you’ve already try so many thing, different treatments, different medicines, products, supplements and nothing worked this could be the perfect solution for you – Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract.

It’s a relatively new method, but already there is an army of people who finally managed to lose weight. This could be solution that you have been waiting for so long time.

It’s proven, healthy and most of all safe way to lose weight.

With green coffee you will lose weight but in the same time you will gain extra energy, your metabolism will work much better, your health condition will be much better.

If you are looking for the perfect green coffee you should go with Svetol. This green coffee really stands out among all others.

It has a big percent of green seeds extract. Green Coffee Bean always out quality on first place.

It is a product with long tradition (from 2006).

Green Coffee Bean Extract has shown excellent results in clinical studies, and has been endorsed by the weight loss community as promising fat burning supplement.

Participants were asked not to modify their habits regarding diet and physical activity, and yet still achieved remarkable weight loss without any kind of side effects.

I have no other choice but to recommend this natural extract to all people looking to lose weight safely.

With Svetol Green Coffee Bean you will lose weight and your health will improve. How much will you lose depends only on you, will you exercise, will you walk more, are you going to change your eating habits.

If you do your best you will be amazed with the results. If you don’t do anything else than popping pills your results will not be so much satisfying.

With Green Coffee Bean Extract you have means and the rest is up to you, how hard you are going to work.

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