What Is The 17 Day Diet? Easy To Understand Guide

If the thought of going on a never-ending diet is something that you just can’t bear, then you might be interested in the 17 Day Diet.

As with any diet, you should know that the 17 Day Diet isn’t for everyone, and it won’t turn your entire body around in just 17 days.

But it can be extremely useful for people who are looking for a way to lose weight quickly while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Is 17 Day Diet?

This diet was developed by a family doctor, Dr. Mike Moreno, who was looking for a safe way to help his patients with their weight issues.

Because he had seen so many people go on the traditional long-term diets and fail, he wanted something that was quicker but would also help to set-up the body for long-term weight loss.

The theory behind this diet is that by confusing your body through a series of carbohydrate cycles you will boost your resting metabolic rate which means that you will burn more calories all day and all night.

The 17 Day Diet Reviews

One of the reasons why many chronic dieters have a problem losing weight is not because they don’t have willpower. But because they have slowed down their metabolism to a point where they need to virtually starve in order to lose weight – and even then some of them will have trouble.

We all know that crash diets are never a good idea and you may be currently paying the price in terms of a slower metabolic rate right now.

The 17 Day Diet works to overcome those problems and re-set your body so that it burns more calories, like it should.

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How Does 17 Day Diet Work?

Carbohydrates are the things that most of us just love eating – pasta, sugar, baked goods, potatoes, fruit. But carbohydrates have a way of being stored as fat and they can also cause unwanted spikes in your blood sugar.

So, this diet works by first shocking your system with a short period of reduced carbohydrate intake, during which time you should see some serious weight loss.

The period that follows involves a pretty strict regimen of what is called “carbohydrate cycling.

This means that you are going to vary the types and amounts of carbohydrates that you are going to eat during any given day.

This works to reset your metabolism and actually makes you burn more fat, even if you have been sitting at a weight loss plateau.

Finally, you will gradually introduce more traditional foods to your diet so that you can eat once again with the rest of your family or go out to eat, but do it in a way that will help you to maintain your body weight and health.

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17 Day Diet Meal Examples

When you first see some of the dishes that are on this diet plan, you might not be too excited.

However, keep in mind that you will only be sticking with a certain number of carbohydrates for a short period of time, so good meals are always just around the corner.

Because you won’t be getting the majority of calories from carbohydrates like you probably are now, your body will require more protein in order to maintain health and muscle mass and also to give you the feeling of satiety.

For this reason, you will see that there are a lot of eggs and lean meats (turkey, chicken, fish) on the menu, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

As far as fruits and vegetables go, when you are on the low-carbohydrate part of the diet, you will want to stay away from starchy foods like potatoes (high in carbohydrates) and fruits that are high in sugar or calories.

In other words, you can look forward to a lot of salads, grapefruit, berries, and a variety of vegetables cooked in a number of different ways.

In addition to eating healthier, it is also suggested that you drink at least one cup of green tea per day in order to ensure that you are getting the anti-oxidants that your body needs and also to help burn more calories.

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17 Day Diet Reviews

One thing that you will learn when you read the reviews for the 17 Day Diet is that most people agree that the fact that it is just 17 days makes it a lot more tolerable.

Of course, you may have to repeat those 17 days, and a lot of people choose to do this diet 17 days out of the month to retain their sanity, but if you only have 10-20 pounds to lose, those first 17 days might be all that you need.

Another thing that you will see mentioned in a lot of the reviews is the fact that since the 17 Day Diet includes no processed foods, you should expect to have more energy, less pain, and a lot less fatigue after the first two or three days.

Many people with chronic pain have found that this diet alone is enough to help them where medications have not.

You might be amazed to find out just what you feel like when you aren’t eating foods that are highly processed, low in nutrients, and high in calories.

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17 Day Diet Results

If you are looking for proof that the 17 Day Diet really works, then you can definitely read a lot of leaner, happier people who have gone through it.

In addition to the original 17 Day Diet book, there is also an accompanying workbook, a book with 80 recipes. And also several books that cover the recipes that you might want to follow for each of the cycles of the diet.

As far as what you should expect in terms of reacting to the diet, most people find the first few days a little rough, primarily because you will be eating a lot less than normal. But once you are through those days, it is pretty easy.

The second phase of the diet is actually quite fun because you will need to put a lot of work into sticking exactly to the carbohydrate requirements and it is great for people who are imaginative in the kitchen.

Overall, you should expect to lose anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds during the first 17 day cycle, and about half that during each additional 17 day cycle.

The best thing about this diet is that not only will you lose weight quickly, but it will help to re-set your metabolism so you will be able to eat more normal again without gaining weight.

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