Cohen Diet

One of the best options available today for people seeking a healthy and sustainable way to lose weight is the Cohen diet.

Developed by Dr. R Cohen, the Cohen diet has helped many people to safely lose weight and achieve a healthier life style.

For many people who are overweight the question of how to lose and maintain a healthy body weight is a difficult one to answer.

Cohen Diet

There are a seemingly endless number of diets, weight loss drugs, and various other programs that promise to help you lose weight. With so many choices finding the right one can be very difficult.

Extreme diets that emphasize a drastic reduction in calories are unsustainable, and weight loss drugs can have undesirable side effects.

With those two options taken out of the equation the problem now becomes finding something that will work and will do so without any negative side effects.

Cohen Diet Is Individually Tailored

What makes the Cohen diet unique is that it is tailored for each individual using a small blood sample.

By treating each person as an individual and developing a diet plan that is specific for them, the Cohen diet is able to achieve remarkable results in short periods of time.

The problem that most diet programs have is that their requirements are difficult too, which ultimately leads to failure in most cases.

Drastic reductions in calorie intake will lead to weight loss. Unfortunately this is not only an unhealthy way to lose weight, but once normal eating habits are restored the person on this type of diet will regain the weight they have lost.

There are also diets that emphasize a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. The problems here are that eating such an unbalanced diet can lead to the body not receiving the proper nutrition.

The higher consumption of fats associated with this type of diet can also have a negative impact on cholesterol.

No Drastic Calorie Restriction

With the Cohen diet there is no need to drastically reduce your calorie intake or cut out carbohydrates. The Cohen diet emphasizes a healthy, well balanced diet that is uniquely tailored for each individual.

Best of all there is no need to purchase expensive or exotic foods. The foods needed for the Cohen diet are the everyday foods that can be purchased at any grocery store.

By eating a healthy and well balanced diet the hunger and other undesirable side effects of other diets are eliminated.

Weight loss drugs are another option that many people who are overweight consider. While these drugs may be effective they may also cause undesirable side effects.

There are also various types of surgical options that many people consider. However all surgeries pose significant risks.

Any time that a patient undergoes general anesthesia there is a risk. In addition you have to consider the risks of infection, and the recovery time involved.

With the Cohen diet there are no drugs or injections or any type of drugs involved. There is no risk of infection, there is no recovery time.

Cohen Diet Side Effects

The Cohen diet has no side effects or risks, it has only positive effects upon people. With the risks and side effects involved with other weight loss options it should be clear that they are poor choices.

Instead why not choose a weight loss program that is proven and that has no negative side effects? Why not choose the highly effective and safe option, the Cohen diet?

The Cohen diet has helped people to safely and effectively lose weight. Starting with a small blood sample Dr. Cohen personally oversees each diet plan helping to ensure that each participant has the best chance of reaching their weight loss goals.

There are no risky medical procedures involved. Instead there is a diet that is specific for each person that is designed to help them quickly lose weight.

By attaining a healthier body weight many patients see a significant overall improvement in their health.

It’s common for people on the Cohen diet to report lower blood pressure, more energy, a reduction in cholesterol, and a reduction in cellulite.

With a proven track record of helping people to achieve a healthier body weight, the Cohen diet is a great choice for anyone looking to lose weight.

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