Cinch Diet By Cynthia Sass

The Cinch diet is an interesting idea that follows the no-starvation rule and keeps you satisfied within the framework of your meal plan.

This diet focuses on what is important for the body to keep it satiated and is healthy which most other diets fail to achieve.

Cinch Diet For Weight Loss

In today’s day and age, obesity is a huge problem since most of us have adopted the quick and easy meal attitude which does not necessarily provide our bodies with the essential nutrients that it requires.

A fast paced lifestyle with no time to plan healthy meals takes its toll after a while leading to obesity and other related problems.

Cinch Diet First 5 Days

The first 5 days of the Cinch Diet are extremely important and can serve as a motivational factor for the rest of the plan.

In this phase you have access to 5 foods – raspberries, spinach, eggs, yogurt and almonds.

These foods are chosen specifically because they have the ability to keep a person satiated and at the same time not be responsible for a high calorie intake.

Every person has a unique body with a different metabolism and system structure. Therefore weight loss differs but it is said that in the first 5 days of the Cinch Diet you may be able to shed up to 7 pounds.

Another very important aspect of this first phase is the detoxification that your body will go through.

Toxins hamper the normal functioning of the body and make it difficult for it to reach its optimal weight.

The first 5 days of detoxification rid the body of unwanted substances so that an internal balance is achieved.

The Cinch Diet – Phase 2

After the first 5 days of the Cinch Diet, you will have to launch into the second phase.

The ground rules of Phase 2 are based on increasing the daily intake of foods that help increase the metabolic rate of the body and help burn fat faster.

In this phase, the food that you will consume will be a good mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat which will help you lose weight without feeling starved.

The few important things associated with the diet at this stage is to lose weight consistently, feel full throughout the day and avoid hunger pangs by keeping blood sugar levels stable.

The Cinch Diet leaves nothing to chance by providing an excellent variety of recipes for you to refer to, so that you never get bored of eating the same thing cooked again and again in the same old boring way.

The Cinch Diet Pros

The most important advantage of the Cinch diet is that it is nutritive and satisfying which means that you never go to bed hungry. Very few diet plans can boast of this.

The Cinch Diet is super easy to follow and completely eliminates the cumbersome process of keeping a tab on calories.

Another big advantage of the Cinch Diet is that it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

For chocolate lovers, this is the perfect diet as a certain amount of dark chocolate can be incorporated into the diet at any time of the day.

Research shows that a lot of obese people eat when they are not hungry because of some kind of emotional deficit in their lives.

The Cinch Diet is an excellent option for such people because problems of emotional eating are dealt with in this plan.

The Cinch Diet Cons

Like most other diets, there is a chance that you may regain all your weight if you don’t make significant changes in your lifestyle.

The Cinch Diet may allow chocolate and will help you to feel full, but there will be no results if a strict plan is not followed.

A lot of people have a problem functioning within a strict framework and for them this diet may not work.

Some effort has to be put into preparing meals which a lot of people find difficult to do either because they have no time or simply don’t have the inclination to cook.

The Cinch Diet can fall through if there are too many meals at a restaurant because no matter how well you explain your needs to the waiter, unhealthy foods have a way of sneaking into your meals.

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