Ways To Lose Face Fat And Double Chin

There are some people who always look great when their picture is taken and then there are those of us who always look like we have a fat face.

Much of the reason for this is genetics of course, but there are ways that you can actually slim down your face so that you can look at photographs of yourself again.

It is important to remember that when you gain weight, you really do gain weight everywhere on your body though you may only think it is in your stomach or your thighs.

Sub-cutaneous fat is the fat that sits right under your skin and that helps to protect your bones and organs from injury.

When you put on a few pounds, most of that fat is equally distributed throughout your body, and yes, that even includes your face.

So, one of the reasons why your face may look a little puffy is because you have put on weight.

Here are some exercises to lose face fat without undergoing dangerous and expensive cosmetic surgery.

Exercises To Lose Face Fat

Lose Face Fat And Chin For A Chiseled Jawline

If there is one part of your face that will make you look fatter than you really are, it is your jaw line or your “jowls” and your chin.

We have all seen people who are fat or obese with more than one chin and it certainly isn’t a good look for anyone.

When it comes to losing weight along your jaw line, one thing that you can do is use hand pressure to gently pull that skin up and towards your ears.

lose face fat workout

You can do this by placing your fingers and the palms of your hands on your jaw line and then gently move them up and back.

You can do this for a minute or so every day and then you will start to notice that your skin is more prone to staying in that position.

Eliminating fat from your chin (or double chin!) can be done by actually exercising your neck and beneath your chin.

You can do this by opening your mouth, tilting your head back, and then closing your mouth gently while your head is still tilted back.

That will help to increase the muscle tone in that area of your body. You can also use the technique mentioned for the jawline by smoothing down the skin beneath your chin and pulling it down and back.

Lips and Mouth Exercises

If you have heard that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, then there is your secret to eliminating fat and creating muscle tone in this part of your face.

Studies show that happier people (i.e. those who smile a lot) have slimmer, more toned faces.

It therefore is a good idea to do various facial exercises involving your mouth. You can pucker your lips, do a big wide smile, and then make a big circle with your lips.

Another technique that a lot of people use that also helps with the chin is sticking the tongue out and attempting to touch the nose with it.

Obviously, you can’t do these techniques for long periods of time, but by making them a part of your daily routine, you will start to notice that your face gradually does change.

Eyes and Brows

Most of us start to get bags under eyes or fatty deposits above or to the side of our eyes and there are several things that you can do for that.

First of all, you need to do all you can to take care of the skin in this area since it is extremely thin.

Make sure that you moisturize and use some kind of anti-aging or firming cream, lotion, or serum in order to keep the skin as tight as possible.

You can start to eliminate the fat all around your eyes by giving yourself a “pretend facelift”.

If you have ever imagined what you would look like after a facelift and put your hands on the side of your face and pulled up and back, then this is actually the exercise that you would do.

This helps to loosen up the fat and also to tighten the skin. You might look a little crazy doing it, but it works.


When you smile, not only are you exercising the muscles around your mouth, but you are creating a chemical reaction within your body that will help to reduce fat and slim down your face.

When you are smile genuinely, you are releasing more endorphins throughout your body that help to fight disease, burn fat, and increase your overall state of health.

Smile To Lose Face Fat

If you can find reasons to smile or laugh on a regular basis, then you will notice that your face really does tone up and slim down.

Whether you do this playing with your children, watching a funny movies, or just talking with friends, it will help.

Lose Body Fat

The primary reason why you have chubby cheeks is because you are carrying around too much body fat.

Although you might like to think that it is all around your waist, it is in your face as well, so every pound that you lose will affect your face.

Some people will lose weight in their face first when they lose weight, while for others it may be the very last place they lose weight. It is all up to you, your body, and the kind of metabolism that you have.

When you lose body fat, it is also likely that you will lose water weight (which can change during the course of any month). Therefore, you should expect to see more cheekbones and fewer chins when you lose a few pounds.

PhenGold is a natural fat burner created to work in sync with your diet and exercise efforts to help you lose weight and experience faster results.

This is possible because it will suppress your appetite, increase your energy levels and help you burn stubborn fat.

In addition to these tips, you can also experiment with your make-up, finding ways to make your face appear thinner while you are working on really making changes to its structure.

There are also certain types and colors of clothing that will give the illusion of a smaller or thinner face and these can help. In the meantime, keep working on your exercises and watching your diet.

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