Weight Loss For Teenagers

Adolescent obesity rates have tripled since the 1980s and it has become a main concern in many households across the world as parents try to find solutions for their overweight children.

At the moment, around 17% of US children have a problem with obesity.

The U.S. saw an emergence of weight loss summer camps that aim to the address the problem of teenage obesity.

Studies have shown that attendees to these summer-long weight loss programs have actually lowered their body mass index and improved their blood pressure, not to mention self-esteem.

Weight Loss For Teenagers

If your child has a weight problem then this could be a good idea.

Being a parent of an overweight child you must be able to convey the correct message to your child regarding their body image and their health and fitness.

Teenagers should learn about destructive methods to lose weight to be able to avoid them.

Many teenagers fall prey to eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. You want to instill in them the importance of being fit by introducing them to safer and healthier alternatives for losing weight.

Unless they are 18 or unless recommended by a licensed physician, teenagers are not advised to take any diet supplements.

Many reviews highlight this fact and even the one of the best fat burners like Phengold is unfit for teenagers.

When they grow older and are still struggling with weight issues then they can consider this option.

How Can An Obese Teenager Lose Weight Fast

No one wants to be overweight or become obese. This is particularly true about teenagers and young people.

But their youth makes temptation all the more difficult to avoid and you need to be there for them to help them make the right decision.

They need to be aware that losing weight is hard work and requires their total commitment. Your role is to ensure they stay on track in their weight loss program.

Dealing with teenage obesity can be trying for parents so many of them seek professional health.

If you are uncertain that you can guide your child towards fitness, seeking the help of physicians or dieticians and nutritionists may be a sound idea.

This way you and your child are assured that the approach to weight loss is safe and healthy.

The help of a counselor or therapist will also be valuable to address the emotional and mental issues that obese teenagers have to contend with.

This will also be able to bring the root issues of the obesity to the fore and address them one by one.

Your physician can set a health baseline for your child to determine what weight loss plan is appropriate.

If your teen should insist on staying on a strict diet or exercising too much even if they are not overweight then you may want to have them consult a counselor.

Eating Healthy

A good weight loss program is the same for all ages. It involves a balanced, nutritious diet and a daily exercise program.

Eating healthy is very important especially for the younger set as they still have a lot of growing up to do.

You can consult a nutritionist if you want an individualized diet program for your child but there are some good resources online as well that have been created by certified dieticians and nutritionists.

Your teenager should fully grasp the concept of eating healthy so that they will be more open to the idea of maintaining good health because they know they are doing it for themselves.

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It is ideal for teenagers to get about an hour of physical activity daily. It does not have to be done all in one time and they could spread it out throughout their day.

Getting them involved in sports is a perfect way for them to be active.

If they are not the athletic type, you should encourage them to try other ways of engaging in physical activity like dancing, roller blading or cycling.

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Formal Weight Loss Programs For Teens

If your teen has been diagnosed as an obese, he or she might benefit from a formal weight loss program.

It is important though that your child is totally sold on the idea and would want to do it as much as you want them to do it.

There are many options for a sound weight loss for teenagers both from health clinics and fitness centers.

The process of weight loss for teenagers is similar to losing weight in adults. However, there are some important differences.

Since teenagers are still growing, it is especially important to lose weight solely through exercise and proper nutrition, while any form of extreme dieting should be avoided.

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