Make Your Own Fat Burning Diet At Home

There are many diets you can choose from, all promising quick weight loss with minimum effort. No fat, low fat, all fats, low carb, high carb, and the list can go on.

By the time you stop gathering information on the best diets, you will be confused and you will realize that you do not really need so many restrictions. Well, this is not far from the truth.

You probably know the fact that you need to eat moderately to lose weight healthily. You also know that you need to eat healthy food, because your fat burning diet has to be both healthy and balanced.

Fat Burning Diet At Home

There are so many ingredients you can use to put together your own fat burning diet at home.

You don’t have to buy expensive foods and keep rigorous schedules and plans of what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat. You can burn fat by making your own delicious and satisfying diet.

Start With a Healthy Breakfast

The overnight dip in blood sugar might make you crave sweet and fat foods. Try to eat fiber-rich oatmeal, which will also stay in your stomach for about 3-4 hours, keeping you away from the need of a quick, unhealthy snack before lunch.

Stay Away From Processed Foods

Believe it or not, you can eat fruits, vegetables and meats as much as you want, as long as they are home cooked. Processed foods are the ones that lead to weight gain.

Foods To Eat On A Fat Burning Diet At Home

Most people, when they talk about weight loss methods, have no idea that there are fat burning foods that speed up metabolism as well. They only think of exercises, diet, and they consider food as the main enemy.

Little do they know that some fat burning foods can actually lend a helping hand to those who want to burn that extra fat and stay healthy.


Recent studies have revealed the fact that apples aren’t just healthy, but they can help reduce extra pounds as well.

One of the main advantages of apples is that they contain high levels of pectin, a compound which binds with water, resulting in decreased fat absorption by the body’s cells.

Since apples are also rich in fiber, they offer the feeling of satiety, helping people to feel full with less food.

In addition to that, apples are also rich in antioxidants, which prevent or reduce both high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.


You already know that vegetables are amazing for your health, but little did you know about beans. It seems that they are packed with fiber and protein and they can help you lose weight and tone up.


Although eggs have long had a reputation of being unhealthy, recent studies have returned their reputation.

Eggs are one of the best animal protein source while having reduced amounts of fat, and they represent the perfect start of the day, along with or replacing cereals or other foods rich in carbohydrates.

Eggs For Fat Burning Diet

It has been shown that people who eat eggs can lose twice as much weight compared to those who eat just carbohydrate-based breakfast.

Eggs are rich in vitamin B12, which helps your body metabolize fat.

Get an energy bang with a delicious omelet or add some eggs to your salad, and you will see those flabs getting smaller by the day.

Fish and Turkey

Tuna and salmon are rich in omega 3, which prevents stress chemicals and promotes fat loss. Turkey is also a good option, as this is the leanest meat you could possibly find.


The calcium in dairy products not only helps the body break down fat, but it also prevents fat from forming.

Of course, we are talking about full fat dairy, because healthy fats are your dieting friends.


While cinnamon isn’t a real food, it is a spice that has long been appreciated around the globe.

Scientists have conducted studies which have shown that cinnamon speeds up the metabolism, helping the body to metabolize sugars more effectively.

People who eat at least ¼ teaspoons of cinnamon have been found to have decreased cholesterol and blood sugar levels by 10 to 25%.

Green Tea

The antioxidants in green tea speed up your metabolism, enabling you to burn fats faster. Make your own tea and serve it hot or with ice cubes during the hot summer days.

Green Tea Dried

Learn more about health benefits of green tea.

Cayenne pepper

While people in Mexico and Africa have appreciated this spicy pepper for a long time, the super fat burning effects of cayenne pepper have just been recently discovered.

Cayenne peppers contain high levels of capsaicin, a component which speeds up the metabolism by inducing thermogenesis.

Capsicum for weight loss

It raises the body’s temperature while also stimulating blood circulation and nutrient delivery , making the fat burning process more effective.


Garlic may be used to ward off vampires, but it can apparently ward off fat as well. Garlic contains high concentrations of allicin.

It is a compound which enhances the fat burning metabolism while also lowering blood sugar levels.

Garlic also makes foods taste delicious, making it a must have ingredient in any kitchen.

So if you want help your body fight off those extra pounds, take advantage of these great fat burning foods that speed up metabolism and shape your body.


You can make your own green smoothie. Rich in fiber, low in fat and loaded with nutrients, green smoothies are easy to make.

You can mix anything from fruits and vegetables to nuts and seeds.

Try Some Protein Powder

No, this is not just for athletes or gym addicts. The amino acids in the protein powder help you burn fat and also build muscle.

Add two teaspoons to a glass of milk or water, sweeten it with some honey, and you got yourself a fat-burning drink.

Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises For Men And Women

While there is a lot of emphasis on diets and supplements when trying to shed extra pounds, most people are unaware of the fact that another important component in the weight losing process is doing fat burning exercises for men and women.

Most of these are cheap and, combined with a healthy and balanced food and good sleep, can provide unexpected results.

Check out these top 5 exercises that will help you burn fat, shape your muscles and feel good at the same time.


Walking is the cheapest and simplest form of exercise, and it will help you burn those extra calories. Anyone should be able to do it. Just go outside and walk around the park, go shopping on foot, anything will do.

There are countless studies which show that even 20 minute walks every day can result in significant weight loss, in addition to many other health benefits. Walking can also be done with friends, increasing the appeal of this simple exercise.


If walking is not enough for you, then you can speed up a bit. Start walking rapidly, and then increase the rhythm to a jog, eventually running for as much as you can.

Running may be the best calorie burning exercise you could ever do, and it will also help you build up your muscles.

Running will also help you sleep better, improving your mood and your metabolism’s efficiency. The best part about running is that all you need is just a decent pair of running shoes.

Bicycle riding

Among all the cardio workouts, bicycle riding may be one of the best. Not only does it burn fat like nothing else, but it also has practical benefits as well.

You can save up on gas by going to work on your bike, exercising and avoiding traffic jam at the same time.

Fat Burning Diet Tips

Since cycling is a competitive sport as well, it could provide you with just the motivation to help you push on and increase your performance and your fitness levels.


Swimming is considered one of the best full body exercises. It uses all your muscle groups and helps you burn fat without exposing your knees and ankles to pressure.

By swimming, you won’t just have a great time, but you will also shape your body and get slim. If you have ever seen how a professional swimmer looks like, then you know why swimming could be the exercise you’re looking for.

Weight training

While not everyone might be tempted to go to a gym to lift weights, this intensive exercise will help you build your muscles while also burning fat.

The best part is that after weight lifting, your body will keep burning fat for the next 48 hours. The misconception that women shouldn’t lift weights in order to avoid looking bulky has no fundament in reality, as a little effort is important in any comprehensive weight losing program.

So try one or more of these great fat burning exercises for men and women and lose that fat while building a physique worthy of envy.

Fat Burning Diet Tips

The best results, the ones that last, are those obtained in time, through a healthy and steady combination of the right diet and adequate exercise.

Here are the main reasons why you should not go for the quick and drastic measures.

Avoid the Yo-Yo Effect

After you have drastically deprived your body of all comfort food and you got that flat stomach you wanted, you feel like rewarding yourself. It is just human nature.

It starts with a cookie and continues to a bag of chips and a soda pop…until you realize that your stomach is no longer flat, and you have actually gained more weight than you lost.

Be Kind to Yourself

A steady, long-term healthy diet blends nutritious food with some of your favorite snacks (minus the absolutely unhealthy ones).

You can enjoy a steak, a slice of Camembert cheese and a slice of birthday cake without feeling guilty about cheating on your diet – because it is not an excessively restrictive diet.

At the same time, you experience a steady weight loss, reach the ideal weight and maintain it, because you do not start giving in to various cravings.

Avoid Getting Swamped in Exercise Routines

It is good for you to remember that just eating healthy will not make you lose those extra pounds. You have to sweat and work out, so get to the gym at least 3 times a week.

Treadmill, elliptic bicycle, crunches and push-ups? Or maybe Pilates and Kangoo jumps? When you are lost between several exercising routines and try to pick the best of each of them for quick, maximum results, you will end up doing nothing properly.

You will shed your last drop of sweat on the treadmill and be exhausted by the time you were supposed to start doing crunches.

Instead, pick a fitness regime that is suitable for your current abilities to sustain effort and gradually increase the duration and difficulty of the exercises. Most importantly, choose a routine that you like.

If you enjoy swimming, then incorporate it into your fitness schedule as much as possible. The secret is to do something fun, which seems effortless and you can do for a long time without getting bored or annoyed.

Avoid Developing a Negative Perception of Yourself

When trying a drastic approach to weight loss, every time you fail to reach a milestone, you will feel disappointed.

Miss a few milestones in a row and you will develop a negative view of your abilities to stick to a diet or exercise schedule.

You are not supposed to be a super hero of weight loss and prove anything to anyone. All you need is to find a long lasting routine that is both effective and within your abilities to keep up with.

Find Your Way and Keep It

Long-term healthy weight loss routines will turn into an everlasting healthy lifestyle.

You will not feel tempted to abandon your diet or the physical activities you are doing right now because you love them, they make you look good and feel good.

This is how you get to achieve and keep that perfect body you were dreaming of.

There are so many options for you to choose when creating your own fat burning diets at home, and the best thing about doing so is that you do not have to starve yourself to lose weight.

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